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level up by walking Chapter 1

01 I’m sure This is a dream!


Today is my birthday.
So as to say, as a reward for myself, I bought a king size bed.
After all, I love to sleep.
There is a connection with bedding.
It’s my dream to roll around in my bed.

Now then let’s sleep.
goro goro (rolling roling).
Aa, However.
Tomorrow morning, I still need to go to work.
Because today is my birthday, I took 2 weeks of vacation…… when will I get vacation next time?
Iyadayo (I don’t want it).
I don’t want to go to the company anymore.
Working from the first train to the last train isn’t something humans do.
Why do I who is still 23 years old need to work like a slave in the company.
goro goro.

Anyway, there’s no point in thinking like that.
The more I stay up to not sleep, the harder it will make tomorrow.
Let’s sleep quickly.
Fortunately sleeping is my forte.
While turning off the breaker my consciousness dropping.
This is my specialty!. (T/N: wait… did he get shock?…)


When I awoke, the place is a forest.
E, no, wait a minute.
O~kay. It’s confirmed.
Firstly I’m asleep atop of my newly bought bed.
Fluffy mattress and futon are alive and well.
Pillow and pajama still in one piece.

Still, there’s no ceiling. There’s no wall.
Instead of that the area itself became a forest.
From the angle of a shadow of the leaf, now is morning?
aa, I don’t need to go to company!
tte! It’s not that kind of situation.
Umu, what kind of situation is it?
When I think it normally it’s impossible…….
Aaa, so that’s it.
It’s a dream!.(T/N: yep… he’s not shocked…his brain already crispy fried)
While thinking like that all the explanation connected.
Because I don’t want to go to the company, I got this kind of dream.
I see.
Then, let’s enjoy the dream for a while.
After all, this is a dream. Let’s enjoy this time suitably.
Fortunately I, when the clock starts ringing will wake up.
The possibility to oversleeping is…… well, I don’t think there are.

It should be going just like I want because this is a dream.
Fly Bed!
Fly while carrying me!

Tte, even if I say it is a dream it will not go that convenience huh……so, I though.
The bed that I was lying in, emerged casually.
This dream is awesome.
Lucid Dream, the best!
Let’s stay like this and adventure through the forest!
And go flying bed.

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