Level up by Walking chapter 17

17 Choosing a Swimsuit It’s kinda too late but, in this world a year is 365 days, while a day is 24 hours. Exactly the same as earth. 「Is that a really surprising thing? I mean don’t you know about it?」 Aria the one who told me, inclined her neck after seeing my reaction. 「Aa, […]

Level up by Walking chapter 16

16/43 __________________________________________________________________ Help the author by opening the link below http://ncode.syosetu.com/n1860dd/17/ It’s a frightening 3000+ word chapter… wish me luck guys… [done! just pretty tired to post it faster include the earlier chapter] __________________________________________________________________ 16 Raising Level 「Hey, Aria. Mimily. Should we go to raising level」 I proposed the next morning after our day in […]

Level up by Walking chapter 15

15 It’s a good hot water 「Iya-, as expected Hot spring is the best」 I soak in the Hot spring with a towel around my waist. Honestly, I’m alright even nude. Is what I think but, if I try to enter it naked, Aria will scream *kyakya*, and Mimily will stare at me like some […]

Level up by Walking chapter 14

14 The onsen is being ejected! Because I fondling Aria and Mimily’s『Breast』and『The place that seems to be the breast』, I’ve been neglecting the bed’s control. It seems that I just circling the same place, and don’t even reach the destination at all. Since the 2 been sleeping, I’m seriously controlling the bed. Thus the place […]

Level up by Walking chapter 13

13 Big oppai, No oppai The flying bed went over the city’s border without us even noticing, and arrived at the plain. There, I activated the 『Hot Spring Detection Pulse Magic』. Then, a beep sound rang inside of my head. 「It’s there, maybe!」 「Tetsuya-san. Really? You’re not saying something randomly?」 「Believe me! It’s okay!」 Maybe, […]

Level up by Walking chapter 12

12 Let’s go Digging some Hot Spring It’s been 3 days since I’ve come to this world. 「I, Want to get in an ofuro (bath google it if you don’t know)」 Because I am a Japanese, I always enter it every day. However, there’s none in Aria’s room. Not even a shower. As expected of a […]

Level up by Walking chapter 11

11 Fox-Eared Girl’s getto daze 「Rise the curtain(開幕). Flare Phalanx!」 When I activated the skill, more than 30  flames of Spears appeared before my eyes. Thus fire. It pierced the flocking goblins, and they evaporated in an instant. 「Done, huh」 「As expected of Tetsuya-san(Sasuga Tetsuya-san). Sasutetsu! (さすテツ)」 Aria is jumping in delight. However, Mimily is […]

Level up by Walking chapter 10

10 It’s time to hunt for Goblin Edited by: TheNo1Fan, Nacchan, CZ ~ They say that Goblins were trolling the field in the middle of the night. That’s why Aria and me, not to forget Mimily, were standing by under the light of the moon, in the field. 「Ne, Nevertheless, this little kid has a […]

Level up by Walking chapter 9

09 Fox-Eared Village Well. I’ve received a little weird Quest from the Adventurer Guild. The content is Goblin Subjugation. The number is 30. Until now everything is normal whether, it’s in my game sense, or in Aria’s common sense. However, the reward seems too cheap. 1 gold Coin. If you compare it to Dragon subjugation […]

Level up by Walking chapter 8

08 I, put an effort to use a triumphant look daily 「I’ve opened my eyes but, I still in a dream, you say……?」 Weird. Even if you say it is a dream that has a poor experience time, sleep and waking up but still in a dream is. This, possibly, is not a dream……? I […]

Level up by Walking chapter 7

07 It seems that level 20 is deemed as a 1st class but I am level 141 By the way just a while ago I got『Status Appraisal』. After reading the description in the window, it seems like a skill that read a target’s status. Let’s use it immediately. Pochittona (click). Name: Aria Astley Level:18 HP:103 […]

Level up by Walking chapter 6

06 Fondle fondle Aria’s room is on the 5th floor of a 5 story apartment. Wherever you see it putting a bed in the entrance is a no-no, so I will trespass it from the veranda. Although it may be uncommon for a bed a person in each room, this bed and I are already one body […]

Level up by Walking chapter 5

05 Walking around the town while riding flying bed is a little embarrassing 「Hai, Everyone, I’m sorry. Let me pass here」 The bed that Aria and I rode advanced in the town(From what Aria says, the city name is Boulevard). If I increase the altitude I wouldn’t need to care about the people but, cause I want to […]

Level up by Walking chapter 4

  04 Go to bed with a girl 「By the way Tetsuya-san. Why are you here in this place? Furthermore……wearing pajamas」 「aa, As expected you want to know about the pajama?」 「No, that’s out of the question! Surely Tetsuya-san had circumstances that are unimaginable for me!」 「Iya (no), I was just sleeping a little while ago.」 […]

Level up by Walking chapter 3

03 Resurrecting the dead dragon and kill it again 「My name is Aria Astley. If it alright, could I know thou(anatasama) name?」 The blonde girl that called herself as Aria stood, looked at me with sparkling eyes. Her age is about 14 years. Her height is one head lower than me a normal Japanese. She had a […]