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Level up by Walking chapter 15

15 It’s a good hot water

「Iya-, as expected Hot spring is the best」

I soak in the Hot spring with a towel around my waist.

Honestly, I’m alright even nude.

Is what I think but, if I try to enter it naked, Aria will scream *kyakya*, and Mimily will stare at me like some filthy, so I reluctantly use it.

Those girls properly hid their body with a bath towel.

Aria aside, is it even needed for Mimily to hide anything—if I say something like that, I feel I’ll get a beat so let’s stay silent.

「It’s my first time entering a bath without a roof! Is this the rumored open air bath!」

「That’s right. The feeling of openness is delightful right」

「Yes, it’s the best」

Aria murmured in a toron kind of face. (T/N: トロンとした顔 Toron face)

Beaten by the charm of hot spring, and became likely to melt.

I don’t want to think about perverted thought just, for now, I want to relax.

「Tetsuya. I heard that Hotspring have a good effect on the body. Is that true?」

「It seems so. I don’t know what’s the component inside this hot spring but, basically, Hotspring has a good effect on your body」

「Then, it can stretch my height, and make my breast bigger? 」

Mimily looks at me with eyes filled with expectation.

「……It will be great if that happen」

「I want to become big. I’ll immerse in it until I’ve wrinkle」

Though I never heard anything about getting bigger soaking in a hot spring but…… Having a hope is a good thing.

「Do your best Mimily」

「N. I’ll do my best」

Mimily soaking in a hot water until her mouth, and making a *bubbly bubbly* sound of breath.

「Even so Tetsuya-san. You’ve managed to let out an amazing force to make a hot water out!it even reached ten times of my height!」

Says Aria While raising her neck.

At the tip of her line of sight, there is a water fountain.

It really has an amazing amount.

The splashed water dropping like a rain, even a rainbow come out.

It might be profitable to make a hot spring in here huh.

While thinking so, someone besides the three of us, a voice of an unknown person leak out.


When turning back, there stood a 13 years old boy, peeking at the hot spring.

Well. In this middle of the wilderness, what did he wanna do huh?

「Yes, is there anything you need」

I’m answering him normally but, the two girls screamed. (T/N: It’s a normal reaction… -_- I mean… meh~)

「Kya–, a pervert ! it’s a wilderness pervert!」

「ecchi, ecchi!」(T/N: (*////____/////*) imagining mimily’s naked body… … … … ah… crap… should have imagining aria’s body… orz)

Aria and Mimily were splashing the hot water to the boy.

「wa ,wa! What did you do, a, no it’s my bad. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m not some kind of a pervert desu. I just thought of somehow would you want to share this hot spring with our village」

The boy’s covering his face with his arms and run away from the hot water.

However, the two didn’t subside, in rage.

「Hey Aria, Mimily, this guy seems to not a bad guy so let’s hear his story first 」

「mumu……If Tetsuya-san say so……」

「It’s time for explanation」

Receiving an approval from the girls, the boy gave his complete explanation.

「My village is near this place but……in about this 6 month, there’s almost no rain. The wells are also empty, as the river’s water became thinner, and the crops withered, on the contrary, we’ve been troubled with the scarce drinking water. Then, we can see a fountain comes out here from the village. I don’t know how you guys able to dig up this fountain but, is it alright for our village to use this hot water?」

「Wa~ha, so that’s the circumstance. We will not here often so please use it as you like. From the component of the hot water in the hot spring there doesn’t a thing that is dangerous so, I think it’s alright to use it in daily life」

「I, Is that so……No, Thank you very much. With this, the village will be saved!」

The boy is *peko peko*(like a chicken pecking) lowering his head.

After that, we were enjoying the hot spring, when it’s about evening, we’ve returned to the town, riding the bed.

The time when we hear a certain poor village near the vicinity springing up a hot spring, and became a prosperous village is, a story of a near future.

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