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Level up by Walking chapter 14

14 The onsen is being ejected!

Because I fondling Aria and Mimily’s『Breast』and『The place that seems to be the breast』, I’ve been neglecting the bed’s control.

It seems that I just circling the same place, and don’t even reach the destination at all.

Since the 2 been sleeping, I’m seriously controlling the bed.

Thus the place that we’ve arrived is a pretty dry place.

It was once a lush green place but, now dead grass spreading all over.

It’s been a long time since rain come down to this place.

「Tetsuya-san. Is there really a hot spring in this place?」

Even though her breast wasn’t getting larger, Mimily came out of the bed.

「There should be. My hot spring pulse detection magic reacted right below us!」

Since a while in my head “ping ping” kind of sound is reverberated.

「If Tetsuya-san is the one who says it then there’ll be no problem! Except the part of his perverted side Tetsuya-san is perfect!No, even that part of his became somehow wonderful!」

I’ve had a Believer!

And, I don’t think that I’m neither hentai (pervert) nor ecchi (Pervert)!

It’s just because you guys were too cute that my libido getting out of control!

「Now then. What skill should I use to digging a hot spring with ease?」

Because I’ve learned 1 skill after another that I couldn’t even remember them.

Beside my status became Incredible.








Even my HP became hundred times stronger than Aria. When changing it to a unit it’s 200 Aria! (TN: he means that 1 tetsuya = 200 Aria )

……There’s no such unit.

Anyway, it’s amazing.

If I walk normally, I wonder will I reach Level 20 thousand already?

Even now I’m already peerless, there’s no need to level up too much, well the truth is that I only too lazy to walk around.

When something became dangerous, I’ll use the bed as the stepping to increase my level!

Uwaa, Even if I was the one who says it myself, it’s terrible.

I feel that I am a Blasphemy for the other who tried seriously.

However, if I ever need it I will not hesitated!

「Space severing sword  (時空断裂剣)……Severing everything even space itself ……alright, it looks good」

It’s a skill that I learned at level 100.

In the explanation, there’s written that if I miss in Adjustment of the output it will even sever the planet itself but it should be alright. Maybe.

「Appear before me, Sword of nothingness. Obey my order and severe the world――Space severing sword!」

To make me feel psyched I say something randomly and, a black sword appeared on my hand.

I leaned on the bed, face down, and extend the blade.

Just like a needle that piercing a tofu, without any response, it’s diving smoothly.

「Tetsuya-san, what is the words before!?」

「I muttered it because I think it’s cool but……」

「Awesome sense desu!」

Everything I do will get complimented by Aria.

I feel glad that you stand beside me.

「a, Tetsuya-san look! Water is, the water is surging from the hole! No because it has a steam so it’s a hot water desu! Hot spring desu!」

Just like Aria said, a fountain of hot water coming out from the ground.

It’s an artificial geyser.

Yosh, then to save up the hot water let’s make a basin.

I’m using the Space severing sword to gouge the earth.

There are only three people but, let’s make a basin big enough like the school’s pool.


「Amazing……Just in a minute a hot spring is done」

Mimily says with a surprised face of the perfectly round eyes.

Because she’s cute let’s pat her.

pat pat.


Mimily holding her ear and diving to futon again.

「Mimily-san. It’s not the time to hiding. The hot spring already did so. Want to go in?」

When Aria says that,

「Want to enter」

Mimily comes out with a  delighted face.

Being honest is good.

「If that then, I’ll drop the altitude. Iya~ it’s been a while after I entering a Bath. So I’m looking forward to it 」

even without girls to enter with a hot spring is really an exciting thing.

In the heart of a Japanese.

Because a bishoujo is included there, it will be invincible.

「a. I don’t bring a bath towel」

When standing atop the ground Mimily is, while her ears were twitching and murmured.

However, there’s no problem.

In this bed’s space, there’s a bath towel already.

「Jaja—n (Voila)」

and when I say that, I take out 3 pieces of the bath towel.

「As expected of Tetsuya-san desu! Sasutetsu!」

「I have to admit it. Sasutetsu」 (Sasuettsu = sasuga tetsuya or as expected of tetsuya)

I’ve received 2 sasutetsu!

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