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Level up by Walking chapter 13

13 Big oppai, No oppai

The flying bed went over the city’s border without us even noticing, and arrived at the plain.

There, I activated the 『Hot Spring Detection Pulse Magic』.

Then, a beep sound rang inside of my head.

「It’s there, maybe!」

「Tetsuya-san. Really? You’re not saying something randomly?」

「Believe me! It’s okay!」

Maybe, okay. (TLN: how dependable…)

「I believe in Tetsuya-san you know!」

Aria always believes in my word, Good girl.

I’ll become a worthless human if I’m always beside you…….

But, spoil me more!

Yo—sh. I’ll do my best to become a worthless person!(TLN: do your best!)

「Still, the 『Hot Spring Detection Pulse Magic』’s  reaction seems pretty far huh. I’ll raise the speed a bit more」

「Wait! Tetsuya-san. If you go too fast then there’ll be something that’ll be thrown out. Like the futon or the pillow. Like me or Mimily-san」

That’ll trouble me.

The Futon and the Pillow are my favorite.

While Aria and Mimily is a much more of my favorite.

In other words, we were two hundred meters above the ground and if someone fell they’ll die!

「A, that’s right. Isn’t there some skill that’s named『Wind Barrier』or something like that……let’s try it」

While I think about it in my mind, a semi-transparent window starts spreading in my sight.

In there I choose Wind barrier and activated it.

While I’m thinking that it’ll be good if the size covered the entire bed, we started being wrapped by the same size of it.

「Tetsuya-san is amazing! It’s become calmer now!」

「Comfortable. Good Job (say it in english)」

Aria and Mimily were pleased by it.

Especially Aria that has long hair, it’s been trouble since before.

However, I’ll be flying faster without minding the wind pressure.

For now, Let’s lower the altitude yo about 50 meters above the ground.


「Wa! Even if it safer now isn’t it too fast?!」


Since I increased the speed, the two girls started clinging onto me.

Aria’s boobs were pressing my arm!

Mimily’s ears were tickling my nose!

Amazing! Let’s increase the speed more!


「hawawa……Tetsuya-san, why did you accelerate it this much?!」

「Aria, Cling to me more if you’re being scared! Press the oppai to me more!」

「Ye, Yes……what do you mean by that! If you want it, just play with my breast as much as you like later, so please decelerate it! It’s really scary you know~!」


Both of their eyes are watery.

I think I’m was little too much on bullying them.

「Alright, alright. Let’s do it more leisurely.」

After all, I had exceeded the speed of sound huh. (TN: what the… EDT:…)

Aside from a plane, if it’s a bed, even if you can’t feel the wind pressure it’s still scary.

The truth is, I too am scared! (TN: pfft… it’s should be thrilling~ not like I want to try it though~ :D)

「Fu……With this, I feel more assured」

「Now then, Aria. Let me fondle your boobs」


「Wasn’t it you who said I can fondle them as much as I like it!Was that a lie?」

「No, it’s not a lie but …… must it be right now, right here!? Even though Mimily-san is here!?」

Aria said hastily.

「……I’d prefer it if you don’t but, isn’t it okay to just do what you guys want?」

Mimily’s murmured, in a cold tone.

Being seen just like a trash by a little kid is somehow……thrilling!(CZ: *palmface* new fetish being discovered… our MC’s…)

It’ll become a habit you know!

「Mimily has given her approval, so come!」

「Uu……it’s embarrassing but, please treat me well!」

While looking embarrassed, Aria in her perfect seiza form brings her breast out like「please(dozo)」 kind of feeling.

Doing some pervert like behavior while having a full red face is somehow irresistible.

I fondle it while being indulged by my desire.

Then around 10 minutes later, Aria look exhausted, and when I wanted to stop,

Mimily’s *kuikui* pulling my sleeves. (TN: * * = sfx )

「……want to fondle mine too?」

「Eh. What’s wrong  Mimily, suddenly?」

「I fully understood that Tetsuya is a person that likes breasts. Because of that, I’ll let you fondle mine, so be thankful for that」

The usually expressionless Mimily is, saying that while having a little blush.

What is this!

「A, I understood. Because of seeing Aria that is being fondled by me and looking delightful, you became interested in it right?」

「I, It’s not like that but……」

Mimily looked away.

「Lying is not good. For the bad girls who are lying, I will not fondle her breast」

「Sorry. I want to be fondled too desu」

I was pleased that you’re being honest.

Now then, I’ll fondle it!

「tte, arere?」(Being confused)

I’ve let my hand fly to fondle Mimily’s chest but……where should I fondle it again?

「Umm, Mimily. Your breast is……where?」 (TN: *rotfl*)

It’s too flat that I don’t know where is it!

「It’s my first time to receive this kind of insult」

Mimily is puffing her cheeks, and tears accumulating in her eyes.

She became really angry!

「So, Sorry……It’s my wrong! I’ll fondle it now!」

However, no matter how much I am fondling it, I can’t fondle something that isn’t there.

Without a choice, I’m patting Mimily’s chest.

「……It’s not pleasant. Disappointed」

Dispirited Mimily dived into the bed, and hid only until her head is shown.

「O—i, Mimily. Feel better already」

「I’ll stay bad mood until my chest grow bigger」

「Eee! Doesn’t that mean forever!?」

That word became the last attack and made Mimily become a turtle that withdrew herself to her shell.

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