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Level up by Walking chapter 12

12 Let’s go Digging some Hot Spring

It’s been 3 days since I’ve come to this world.

「I, Want to get in an ofuro (bath google it if you don’t know)」

Because I am a Japanese, I always enter it every day.

However, there’s none in Aria’s room. Not even a shower.

As expected of a medieval-like world.

Somehow, even without entering it, Aria and Mimily have some good scents coming from them, the normal, human me, has become smelly.

「Then, Do you want to go to Public Bath (terumae)」

Aria while still lying in the bed, says that.

By the way, it’s been lunch time but, were still lazing around atop of the bed without leaving the room.

Apparently, my lazy nature has infected those girls.

Even Mimily is still sleeping.

「Does the Public bath (terumae) have a different gender place?」

「That is an of course」

Aria answered with a face that is saying that is an of course.

「There’s no mixed bath」

「Te, Tetsuya-san is ecchi! In front of me and Mimily-san, to say that you want to see another women’s skin, its terrible desu!」

Aria is hitting me with a pokapoka (sfx) sound.


Thus, even with this much of noise Mimily that’s not waking up is cute too.

「Suya~a」(breathing noise?)

Let’s mofumofu the one that likes to sleep.


「a, it’s a foul that only Tetsuya-san doing it. I’ll do it too. Mofumofuー」

and, with some mofumofu, I’m able to solve the misunderstanding.

「When I say mixed bathing is not like I want to see another woman’s skin or something like that. It’s because I want to enter it with Aria and Mimily」

「E, so that’s it huh……for, for me too conclude it myself……I’m sorry!」

「No, It’s all right. It’s because I  am thinking something ecchi. I want to see Aria and Mimili’s bareback」

「Tet, Tetsuya-san ttara……mouu! It’s not good to say something like that to another woman okay! Normally you’ll get arrested!」

Indeed, normally I’ll get arrested.

「That’s why I and Mimily-san will accept that perverted side of Tetsuya-san! For the sake of the world peace!」

My Perverted side is a crisis to the world!?

I don’t think like that though.

A, but the power side is enough to destroy the world.

I might be some dangerous person huh.

「Hey, Mimily-san. Wake up, please. For the sake of peace」

「Uーn……What’s wrong?」

Mimily that has been waking up by Aria with some shoulder shake, is looking at us with sleepy eyes.

「Tetsuya-san want to see me and Mimily-san’s bareback. Let’s get nude」

「Don’t want」

Immediately refused!

「Wh, Why? Tetsuya-san has said it you know!?」

「Normally embarrassed」

「That kind of! Even after being mofumofued that much, it’s too late to get embarrassed, just getting naked is all right you know!」

「That and this are a different thing is what I think.」

Mimily calmly refuted it.

Whatever it is, I think Mimily’s opinion sounds more right than Arias.

「Does Mimily-san hate Tetsuya-san!?」

「I don’t hate him. Rather, after seeing his fighting style I think he is cool.  But, even so, I’m not thinking of letting him see my naked body」

「Why desuka! I want to show him, and I want to let him touch it you know!」

Oo, Aria. Hang in there. Convince Mimily with that pace.

「……Aria’s head is weird」

「E?」 (TLN: aaa…. she says it…)

「No matter how much you like him, usually, you will not say that you wanted to let the other person see your naked figure with a loud voice. Because you are a girl, I think it’s better to have more modesty」

「Tetsuya-san Help me please! Her rebuttal is right and it’s likely my loss! With this I look like a pervert desu!」

You might be a pervert.

No, I think you are a pervert.

「It’s all right, Aria. Even if you are a pervert I won’t hate you, you know」

「Thank you very much! I’m relieved!」

「Don’t be relieved Aria. As a woman, there are many things wrong. In addition, Tetsuya too, doesn’t straightly say that you want to see a girl naked figure. You’ve got no delicacy. I, even though I’ve to think that Tetsuya is cool, will come to hate you, you know 」

Mimily’s each and every word were stabbing into me.

I thought that she is a mysterious-Chan but, it seems that she was the person that has the most common sense around us!


「Uuu……I understand. I’ll give up on getting in bath together with you guys……let’s go to public bath (terumae) normally……」

「Tetsuya-san, I’m also disappointed……」

I and Aria crying boo-hoo-boo-hoo.

By the way, Mimily is tilting her head, and looking at us curiously.

「I didn’t say that I would hate to enter a bath together you know?」


「If you put on a bath towel, we will not become naked so it’s all right」

I see. With that Mimily also gives an OK isn’t it!

However, it’s  trouble whether there’s a mixed bath or not.

Is there a skill for searching for a bath huh?

And there might be a skill that I could learn which satisfies my desire …….. Let’s walk around the room a little.

I might be able to learn it with luck.

Tekuteku. (Walking sfx)

【You’ve become level 261】

【you’ve learned hot spring pulse detection magic】


With this, I could dig a hot spring, couldn’t it!?

Of course, it’s a charter with a hot spring that I dug myself.

I won’t hear a complaint even if I make a mixed bathing there too.

On top of that, it’s free!

「Yoshi, Aria. Mimily. Let’s take off to start a search for our own hot spring!」

「e, what does that mean? Is finding a hot spring is that easy?」

「Leave it to me! Now, Board to the flying bed!」

The 3 of us boarded to the bed and leaving the room through the veranda.

For now, let’s try to use hot spring pulse detection magic around the town!

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