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Level up by Walking chapter 16



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It’s a frightening 3000+ word chapter… wish me luck guys… [done! just pretty tired to post it faster include the earlier chapter]


16 Raising Level

「Hey, Aria. Mimily. Should we go to raising level」

I proposed the next morning after our day in the hot spring.

After all, aria’s level is 18. While Mimily is 19.

Even if it’s not weak considering this world standard, it’s still undependable comparing it to mine. (T/N: duh… should you even say that? You bug cheat!)

「Raising Level! At last, Tetsuya-san will tell me his ougi (secret technique / secret)!」

Aria is looking at me with a gaze that full of expectation.

Ah, if I’m not wrong, isn’t this girl say that she want to be my apprentice.

However, it’s a pity but I don’t have an ougi you know.

「I’ve been saying this before but, there’s no shortcut to became strong! You ought to be steadily trained to become strong. But, as long as I’m here, I think I could help you」

「If it Tetsuya-san then it will be meant as 100 people. Let’s go immediately. Hora, mimily-san wake-up please」


Mimily is sleeping in the bed.

It’s somehow pitiable to forcibly wake her up, so let’s let her as it is.

After all, we’ll move together with the bed.

It’s no problem even if she’s asleep.

That’s why, Aria and Mimily and me, fly in the sky, with the bed today. (T/N: isn’t it ‘Everyday’ *palm face*)

「By the way Tetsuya-san. Where were we going to? 」

「I don’t particularly decide it yet but. Let’s search a monster that Aria and Mimily could barely beat. I think practically it will be an intensive training 」

「I see. The sound of ‘barely’ is somehow frightening but……if Tetsuya-san is with us then its relieving!」

「Un. I’ll immediately save you when it became dangerous」

「sasutetsu desu!」(T/N: it’s the last time [Sasuga tetsuya-san – as expected of tetsuya ] )

Aria is hugging *gyutto* , while her breast is *munitto* pressing against me.

「Uwaa I, how bold, Aria」

「Eee. It’s a thank for Tetsuya-san because I always indebted to him. Since this is the only thing I could give!」(T/N: shame on you tetsuya! Give her 18+ rated moves already!  *lol* )


While I’m tasting a great delight, the bed is flying towards a rocky mountain.

Somehow, I got a feeling that there is a monster there.

I mean, Wherever I go, whichever monster did I met.

The problem is, strength of the monster, is it good enough to become those two’s enemy or not.

「Yosh. Let’s search it around here」

I lower the bed in the rugged side in the middle of a rocky mountain.

There’s not even on the tree, there’s just a sparse amount of grass it’s a dreary place.

「Mimily-san, wake up already, it’s the time to raising level you know. Just how long do you want to use that pyjama」


There’s no sign of waking up.

「Aria. Let’s just change her clothes by ourselves without permission」

I’m taking out Mimily’s clothes from the storage space.

「That’s right huh. yoishotto」

Thus Aria rouses Mimily’s body, taking off her pajama without permission and dress her.

Then finally Mimily opens her eyes and letting out a big yawn.

「Good morning……Are, Me, Since when did I change my clothes……?」

「Since you’re not wake up, I kinda did it」

「hmm……but there are also Tetsuya here. By any chance did you see?」

Mimily is staring at me.

「Un. I’ve seen it」

I answer her honestly.


「It’s been a long time since you know that I’m a pervy, isn’t it? For letting herself being unprotected in front of the pervy me, how careless Mimily」

「I’m defeated in an argument. I can’t even refute it」

Mimily is admitting her defeat.


「Because I’m in shock that I was defeated in Argument I’ll sleep」

「hey hey」

I lift Mimily’s body and let her down off the bed.

Then she looks at me enviously, and I let her stand on her own feet.

After that, Aria and Mimily are lined up.

「Are? Is Tetsuya-san won’t get down?」

「Uーn…… It’s because I don’t want to walk around」

「You’ve surprisingly a useless human more than expected! Since we’ve come here let’s lap around, for now, right, Mimily-san!」 (Tn: Should we call him MADAO from now on?)

「Aria. Don’t you feel bitter to say that yourself?」

Mimily has a sharp tongue.

「…………Not even a little!It’s because I’m a chairman of pampering Tetsuya-san!」

「There’s a little time interval there」

「It, it’s just your imagination desu!」

Pampering chairman and fox-eared girl start to walking side by side in the rocky mountain.

While I’m following them behind atop the bed.

And soon, from the shadow of the rock one monster jumped out.

It’s a little big. Have a size of a wagon.


It’s an organism that has an upper body of an eagle, while it’s lower body of a lion.

In other words, it’s a gryphon.

「st, it look so strong desu!」

Aria says aloud while being frightened, and draw her sword from her waist.

Mimily too, gripping her sword and taking her posture.

while I’m looking at the gryphon and use status appraisal skill.









It’s a right status.

To became Aria and Mimily’s opponent, just barely.

「The enemy level is 35. Adding up you two’s level is 37 so, you can win!」

I cheer them atop the bed.

「I don’t think it’s something easy like that but……I’ll do my best!」

「naseba naru (if you have a mind to do something, you can do it)」

Aria and Mimily are kicking the ground at the same time and charging the gryphon from the side.

The gryphon bashing her wings, stir up a gust of wind.

The two people can’t withstand the wind and get their speed dropped.

At that gap, the gryphon flies to the sky.

「Naive desu!」

Aria is using her amazing jumping ability to shorten her gap with the gryphon, and brandishing her sword to the gryphon’s wings.

It’s just damaged the feather a little but, gryphon’s form is destroyed.

At that time, Mimily’s magic attacking.

「Lightning Arrow」

Gave a direct hit to the Gryphon.

and Destroyed a piece of the Gryphon’s wings.

Moreover, because of the intense flash gave the Gryphon’s dizziness, even rob the Gryphon’s view.

Fall to the ground, can’t even get up.

「eyes can’t see!」

Then the one who besides the Gryphon Aria also being deprived of her sight, and pratfall on the ground.


Mimily apologizing while *poro pori* with her head.

「Tell me when you shoot it next time, mou!」

and, Aria rises while ranting.

It seems that at last, she can see again.

In other words, the gryphon also recovered.


Letting out a roar of anger, the Gryphon is raising its body.

Even if it can no longer fly it had its big body.

There’s no change that it is a formidable enemy.

「Mimily-san dangerous!」

The gryphon is charging towards Mimily.

However, Mimily is avoiding that by a hair difference calmly.

Then, Giving the Gryphon flank a powerful punch.

「Next desu!」

Without a break, Aria gives it a powerful slash to its whole body.

Fresh blood’s splattering from Gryphon’s skin.

But, the Gryphon isn’t daunting just to that extent.

It rotates its body, and flick Aria and Mimily that chasing.

「gununu……I won’t lose!Mimily-san, intense attack to its head!」


The two that being thrown were become full of scratch, even so, the two matching their timing, at the same time hitting Gryphon’s head.

Mimily’s fist crushed the skull, while Aria’s sword pierced the eyehole.


the Gryphon rang it death throes.

「Wo, Won! I’ve managed to win without borrowing Tetsuya-san’s power!」


The two girls in a big joy.

In fact, it’s a really good fighting scene.

「both of you really greatー」

I approach them skip the bed, and pat them.

「eeeー、thank you very much」

「I’m being mofued under the confusion」

Then I’m going to the fallen Gryphon, and activated the skill.

「Resuscitation Magic (Ressurection)!」

「Eeetsu? After at last being able to defeat it, why did you revive it desu!?」

Under the background of Aria’s scream, the formidable enemy Gryphon stood「Gyaiーn」and roared.

「With this you can fight it again once more. Now it’s time for the training!」

「Bu, But, We’ve already exhausted yoo!」

「If you can manage to win in a tougher situation than before, you will be able to grow more. Now go Aria, Mimily!」

「Tetsuya is a Demon. Wretch」

Even though those two complaining, the gryphon won’t wait.

And I won’t help.

The only choice is to fight!

――thus the two killed the gryphon 10 times, and happily became level 25.

They’ve got an injury in the middle of a fight but, at that time I gave them my recovery magic (Heal) and both of them restored.

The Gryphon that being companion in training at the end, I leave it alive just like before properly.

「Uu……It’s my first time that I’m this exhausted in my life……Tetsuya-san is doing this kind of thing to become strong huh」

「……I, Respect Tetsuya from the depth of my heart」(TN: noooo don’t be fooled by him!)

In the way return, Aria and Mimily lay in the bed, and praise me with a weak voice.

Though I never do training ne~.

If I’m being told to fight a Griffon in a low level, I’ll definitely reject that!

Iyaaa, both of you really were a hard worker-san!

By the way.

A notorious being that likes to chase human, a gryphon in a certain rocky mountain, there’s a rumor floating, that it’s  unknown why, but when it saw a human the gryphon will run out at a full speed.

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