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The Legendary youngest son of the marquis MTL


After getting revenge on the Thulcaan Empire, Jack Valantier took his last breath. But just when he thinks it’s all over, he finds himself transported back to when he was 14! From his negligent and wicked family to his loyal servant and caring sister, it’s all just as he had remembered. But this time, Jack…

In This Life, The Greatest Star In The Universe RAW novel


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Level up by Walking chapter 17

17 Choosing a Swimsuit

It’s kinda too late but, in this world a year is 365 days, while a day is 24 hours.

Exactly the same as earth.

「Is that a really surprising thing? I mean don’t you know about it?」

Aria the one who told me, inclined her neck after seeing my reaction.

「Aa, no. Of course, I know it but, I thought that there’ll be a difference between east and here. But it the same calendar」

「Naruhodo, so that’s why huh. Speaking of that, it seems that in the past they use a different calendar. Because of it inaccurate, the four season and the calendar gradually not match.」

「He……Aria sure is knowledgeable huh」

「fufun. Do you review it!」(TN: 見直しましたか!)

Aria says while sitting on the bed, and having a smug face.

By the way, the reason I suddenly talking about the calendar is, that of a quest we’ll go to the south.

It’s still mid-May(winter), but it seems that area can be used to swim already.

Right.『Now is mid-May』hearing that word, I’ve got interested in remembering this world’s calendar.

It’s easy to understand that it is the same as earth’.

However, I wonder that isn’t it too convenient for me.

As expected, is this a dream?

Well, there’s no problem whichever it is. (TN: … I really change my mindset of him by this word… I mean… he’s… really an adult huh…)

「Now then, Tetsuya-san, Mimily-san. Because there’s a sea village in south before we go there, let’s search for swimsuit! It’s my first time to go to the sea, so I’m really excited about it!」

「I’ve already experienced swimming in a lake, but it’s my first time in a sea」

The two girls seems very happy.

Even though it’s not going to vacation to the sea but, a serious job to exterminating a giant squid……Still, I’m looking forward to both of their mizugi appearance!

「Yoshi, we’ll make the departure tomorrow, for now, let’s search for a swimsuit. Aria, guide us to the store that sells a swimsuit」


We were taking off on the bed from the veranda like always.

Then we say「Konnichiwa (good day/ hello)」to the person next door.

The nearby resident became used to these completely.

Now. Guided by Aria we’ve arrived at a clothes store but……it’s not that big so, the bed can’t enter it.

Since there’s no other way, I park the bed in front of the store and walk normally.

Just by walking normally *piko piko* displayed on the edge of my field of vision, it’s annoying.

【You’ve become level 436】

【You’ve become level 437】

【You’ve become level 438】

【Until the other side of the horizon absolute zero (Horizon Absolute Zero) has been learned】(地平の(ホライゾン・)彼方まで絶対零度(アブソリュート・ゼロ)を習得しました)

Look. I somehow learned an amazing skill too.

It’s an annoying skill based on its name.

「Tetsuya-san, Tetsuya-san. Here and here, which do you thnk better for me?」

Aria holding two pieces of swimsuit and standing in front of me.

One is a purple string one like a micro bikini.

While the other one is a cute-ish frilly, 2 piece bikini.

「Uーn, I think the white one look better」

「Is that so!Because Tetsuya-san is a pervert I though you will choose the micro bikini one!」

「Aria. The higher the exposure doesn’t mean the better you know」

「What a deep meaning desu!」

Aria is somehow being impressed, and go to the fitting room.

Then, after a few minutes, a white swimsuited Aria appear from the opened fitting room.

Her blond hair and the white colored swimsuited, make her look like an angel.

「What do you think, Tetsuya-san!」

「Amazingーit’s perfect!」

I point out my thumb and shout ‘good job’.

Aria that being praised is *pyon pyon* hopping.

「By the way, Where did Mimily gone to?」

And, at the same time, I say that the fitting room beside Aria opened.

In there stood, a fox-eared girl that using a deep blue school swimsuit.

tte, school suit!?

「There’s a school suit in this world huh!」

「What is that school suit is? I’m just picking the plainest and less exposure swimsuit 」

Judging from Mimily’s word, it seems that in this world it’s just seeing as one piece kind of swimsuit.

Is it just a coincidence that it’s just the same as my world’s school suit.

Iya~a, even so, it has the same form.

And it’s perfectly matched with the infant sized Mimily.

「Mimily good job!」

「Praised. Banzai」

Mimily doing a banzai while expressionless.

However, her face gets a little red, it seems that she’s happy that I praised her.


「Yoshi, you two has decided your swimsuit right. Let’s purchase it, and rest for tomorrow」

「Are? What about Tetsuya-san’s swimsuit?」

「A, That’s right huh」

My swimsuit huh, honestly whichever is okay but.

I shouldn’t let myself bareback huh.

Let’s choose it randomly.

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