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Level up by Walking chapter 9

09 Fox-Eared Village

I’ve received a little weird Quest from the Adventurer Guild.

The content is Goblin Subjugation. The number is 30.
Until now everything is normal whether, it’s in my game sense, or in Aria’s common sense.
However, the reward seems too cheap.
1 gold Coin.
If you compare it to Dragon subjugation that has the reward of 100 gold, certainly it’s cheap.
Then, as I see, if you convert 1 gold coin to Japanese Yen, it has the value between 10.000 to 20.000 Yen.
It means if you defeat 30 Goblin you’ll receive 10.000 Yen. (88.5$)
Moreover, the place seems to pretty far from this Beirubia city.
It will take 3 days by walking.
In other words, it is work that doesn’t pay well.

But, after looking at the paper in the guild’s bulletin board, I and Aria decided to receive it.
The client is a『獣人 (Beast man / human (人) Beast (獣)) 』.
Aria says that Beast men were basically poor.

After all Human unconsciously avoided everything that has a different characteristic from them.
Therefore Beast men were prone to be neglected by human society.
That’s why their entire race is poor. Moreover, their race had little numbers, so it’s hard to rise in the world.

「Let’s take it! Fortunately I am not in dire need of money. Let’s take the quest and save the beast men!」

「Yosh. I’ll help too」

「Moreover beast man-san tails and ears feels nice, so let’s mofumofu (touch/fluffy T/N: pretty ambiguous word) it!」

Are. Is that the real purpose?
Iya, but I too am looking forward to mofumofu it.

So, let’s aboard to the Flying bed.
we arrived at the Beast man village instantly.

「aa, Are you guys(anatatachi) the adventurers? I (washi) am this Village Chief Desu」

The one who greeted us was a 60 years old male. (TLN: HAH! Too bad it’s not a bishoujo~ *smirk*)
However, atop his arse grew a fox tail; while in his head were fox ears.

Even though he’s a gramps he cute! (TLN: …)

「Actually half a month ago goblins made their village near the vicinity ……Since then, we’ve been troubled because they attack our field. Could you please somehow exterminate them……tte, why are you staring at my ears!?」

We’re invited to enter the Village Chief’s house and got the explanation of the situation but, it can’t be helped that we were interested in his ears.

「Nope. Please don’t mind it. It’s not like we’ve want to mofumofu it」

「Yes. I’m not thinking of that at all!」

「ha……Instead of mofumofu-ing my old ears, how about mofumofu-ing young’un’s ears?」

「「Do you let us mofumofu it!?」」

My and Aria’s voice sang in harmony.
Village Chief said「After all you wanted to mofumofu it huh」in a little voice.

Still, It would be of course.
We want to mofu it that much.
Aria’s and my reaction is natural.

Rather the one who avoided beast men were the weird one is what I think.

「After you’ve completed the Goblin Subjugation, I’ll let you touch wonderful ears and tail as much as you want. In the substitute of the low prize, that was the service!」

It looks like a shady shop.
But, I’ll look forward to the wonderful ears and tail.

「To make you motivated, I’ll let you see the owner of the wonderful ears and tail. O—i, Mimily. Come here!」

Mimily!?(mimiryi ミミリィ)[TLN : Mimi = ears in Japanese ] It’s a name that looks like it was born for me to mofumofu it!

Thus the one who came from the house was, silver bob hair style girl.
Her height is approximately 143 cm.
Aria is small but, she’s even smaller.
Of course, she had the fox ears. And there are the tails too!

「i, It’s alright to mofumofu this right!?」

「Just as I told you before but, it’s after the Goblin’s subjugation」

「Wha, What should we do Tetsuya-san! I, I maybe can’t hold it!」

「Me too! Village Chief, please hide this child. If you don’t do that, we might go nuts!」

Aria and I were drooling while looking at the girls. (TLN: Perverted old man?)

If we don’t mobilize our mental strength, we might attack her already.

「I couldn’t do that. After all, Mimily too will be helping you guys exterminate the goblins」

Village Chief says a surprising line.
This small child will fight together with us!?
Well, I’ve become level 200 too so I think I could defeat them with 1 hit but……reversely because of that she might getting involved with the effect! (TLN: maybe level up when he go to the Village Chief’s house, parking his bed *lol*)
I’m already full with taking care of Aria.
Moreover, isn’t Mimily a kid.
Instead of Goblin subjugation, I feel like a teacher on a picnic with his student…….

No, however, this kind of kid is unexpectedly strong isn’t it.
Let’s have a little sneak with her status.


Oo, It isn’t unbelievably strong but, it’s the right amount of status in the Adventurer Guild.

「Village Chief. Why must this cute little child fight! It’s enough with just me and Tetsuya-san!」

「However, we’re just paying you with 1 gold, letting you guys fight without any help from anyone in the village is a little……」

「But, Why must it be this little child!」

Aria is quarreling with the Village Chief.
I beckon to Aria, took her to the edge of the room, and whispered in a low voice.

「Aria. Listen to me calmly……」

「What is it Tetsuya-san. For you to be so formal」

「I took a peek at that girl status but…… she’s level 19. Stronger than you Aria」

「Do, Dohya!」

Aria was surprised and exaggeratedly jump.
This girl, every time she’s surprised always say「Dohya」.

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