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Level up by Walking chapter 10

10 It’s time to hunt for Goblin

Edited by: TheNo1Fan, Nacchan, CZ ~

They say that Goblins were trolling the field in the middle of the night.

That’s why Aria and me, not to forget Mimily, were standing by under the light of the moon, in the field.

「Ne, Nevertheless, this little kid has a higher level than me…… I’m losing my confidence!」

Aria says while raising her lips in frustration.

About that, Mimily was silent.

Just *jiiiii* staring at us.

「ta, taciturn huh, Mimily-san」

Taciturn is taciturn.

We still have not heard Mimily’s voice.

I’ve begun to think that, I want to hear something from her.

「Good evening」

Suddenly Mimily opened her mouth.

Even so, after several hours seeing face to face, her first word is「Good evening」huh.

「go, good evening……U umm, why were you stay silent until now?」

「I was nervous」

giving feedback to Aria’s question, Mimily was answering with something simple.

Naruhodo (so that’s it), Nervous huh.

If that so then there’s no help…….

「tte, how shy were you!」

「Even if you say so……the 1st human is scary. At last, I’ve got to understand that you were not a bad human」

While says so mimily’s tail and ears were pikopiko moving.

Da, dangerously cute!

「hauu! I seem to want to touch her desu!」

Aria is trembling while her eyes were swimming.


「Not good. Mofumofu-ing will be after Goblin subjugation so as the promise were」


Aria began to cry.

I too want to cry. Rather I’ll cry.

「do, don’t cry. It’s okay if it just a little……」

Mimily were seeing us who shed tears began flustered and pointed her head.

What a nice child.

Sacrificing her ears for us.



「sawasawa(touch touch)」

Aria and I Keep our world and being a spree patting Mimily’s ear.

Ooo, What a wonderful texture.

「Ti, ticklish……」

Mimily’s cheek reddened, and start fidgeting.

Ka, Kawayuii (Cute).

Tteka (I mean), aren’t we the worst?

「Aria. Let’s keep it at this. Seeing it objectively, it’s better than dying」

「Ha~tsu! I just noticed it now!」

When Aria came back from her own world, she pulled away from her hand from Mimily’s head hurriedly.

I too am in a dangerous place.

I wonder if there was a magic in Mimily’s ear?

No, I don’t think so.

She might be simply just cute.

「Sorry, Mimily. We’ve touched a little too much」

「n. Because I am the one who offered it so, there’s no problem. But, next time please refrain a little.」

while saying that, she put her hand on her ears and start taking defense position.

Uoooooooooo Cute!

「By the way Mimily-san. Why did you join us to subjugate the Goblins? Even though you’re this small……」

Aria is asking that question.

Thus Mimily said a shocking fact.

「Even if I looked small. I am 15 years old」

E, eeeeeeeeee?

Even though she’s 143 cm!?


「dohyaaa! Older than me desuka !?」

「It’s all right to call me Oneechan(big sis) you know?」

Mimily were saying those lines.

「O, Oneechan……I, I’m sorry. It’s impossible」

「I knew that. My chest is somewhat small」

Mimily is saying that while looking a bit sullen, and patting her own chest.

Umu. (Mhm)

Certainly, that part is small.

「Umm sorry but……It’s not about chest, nor height……Everything is very small you know!」

Aria is somewhat saying a cruel word!

Mimily’s not changing her facial expression but, her ears and tail dropped.

She received a huge shock.

「Oi Aria. Apologize properly!」

「a, I’m sorry Mimily-san! Accidentally I said the truth……」

「The truth」

「A, no, umm……」

「It’s all right. I know. Even though I’m 15 years old but I’m little. It’s my bad to turn away from that truth」

Cute and little are good words――is what I think, but let’s not say it again because the person itself doesn’t like it.

This topic is better to not touch carelessly.

Because it will be like Aria who stepped on the landmines.

「By, by the way, Mimily. Why did you choose to subjugate the goblins? You’re not an adventurer, are you?」

「I’m not. But, somehow my level increased easily since the past. It might be because my father and mother were once adventurers in the past. For now, the strongest one in the village is me」

Naruhodo. So that’s why she was chosen to fight alongside with us.

「But, isn’t your father and mother strong? What happen to those 2?」

「Last year, they went on a quest and never came back. Maybe, they went to conquer some dungeon somewhere. Those 2 had such character」

「Is that so……Do you feel lonely?」

「Just a bit」

Mimily muttered so.

However, that must not be a little.

For this little kid who can’t see her parent……a, no, even if she’s little she is 15 years old!

Even so, she must feel lonely.

「A, Tetsuya-san, Mimily-san! The goblins has come!」

Cry Aria.

When I see it, a pack of goblin equipped with a club, are walking here.

There’s no choice.

First, let’s beat them up.

The talk of Mimily can come after that.

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