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Level up by Walking chapter 6

06 Fondle fondle

Aria’s room is on the 5th floor of a 5 story apartment.
Wherever you see it putting a bed in the entrance is a no-no, so I will trespass it from the veranda.
Although it may be uncommon for a bed a person in each room, this bed and I are already one body one soul.

Don’t even think to get us separated.

「There’s nothing in this room but, please, relax in here.」

Just as Aria says, in the room, there are only an old looking bed, a closet, and a pair of a small desk and chair.
It is a girl’s room, after all, it should be showier here……she must have had her hands full of her debt, and had no time to play huh.

「Are(huh)!? Although there’s nothing in this room, from where did this luxurious bed come from !」

「Sorry……am I a hindrance?」

「no no(iya iya)! What I said before was just a stupid line(boke) so, thrust(tsukkome) something at it! A, iya my stupid line, really was hard to comprehend wasn’t it! I’m sorry!」

「No, me as well……」

What a vigorous child.

「By the way Tetsuya-san for how long do you want to stay atop the bed?」

「E……Because walking is troublesome, so I want to stay in this bed for as long as possible……」

「…………It must be a deep enough reason that I don’t understand it」

「No. really, I just want to lazy around」

「E……uーn……wait for a minute. Now, I’m trying to understand the word!」

Aria began to fold her arms in distress.

「It’s not like you must understand it you know」

「ie ie(no no). Because Tetsuya-san is the benefactor of my life. That’s why I must understand it!」

「I’m not that happy so, please stop that」

「So that’s it(sodesuka)! I am tired myself so I’ll stop! Truthfully, I want to know too why didn’t you move from you bed!」

Aria was saying something that pierced my heart.
This is a real shock, isn’t it.
a person that from before just say awwright(yoisho) suddenly slammed mon.
Uwannn, rolling rolling (goro goro).

「go, gomennasai(sorry) Tetsuya-san! Don’t cry please! Aa, there-there (Yoshi Yoshi). It’s alright to stay atop the bed as much as you likeー」

When I’m in my half crying state, Aria hugged me tightly.
My face was filled with boobs!
Furthermore, I got patted on the head!
ogyaーogyaー. (TLN: baby’s cry?… -_- this MC… I like him!)
kuu, I’m in high!

「Thank you Aria……I will roll atop the bed until I get better!」

「……a, yes. Do your best」

It just my imagination that she change her expression isn’t it?

「But Tetsuya-san. Talking about it really, if you always atop your bed, you’ll get a lack of fitness you know. I, could not overlook strong person like Tetsuya-san to became lack of fitness!」

Even if you say that na.
This is a dream so, lack of fitness will not happen.
After all when morning come, even if I reject it I will wake up.

「That’s right Tetsuya-san. If you could walk until here……I’ll let you touch my breast!」

Aria was saying that while standing at the edge of the room.

「(Really)Majide!? I really could touch it? If you say that to me……sawaru tte iuka momu yo(left aside touching I’ll fondle it you know) ?I’ll fondle it until I’m satisfied!」

「It’s alright desu! While we fly on the way before being fondled by Tatsuya-san is comfortable so……rather I hope it desu!」

「Lewd girl! This girl need a punishment doesn’t it!」

「Yes! Please punish this lewd Aria!」

I left out from the bed, and jumping to Aria.

【You have become level 137】
【You have learned Status Appraisal】

Fondle fondle fondle fondle fondle fondle fondle.
fondle fondle fondle fondle fondle fondle fondle fondle fondle fondle fondle fondle.
Fondle fondle dlefon dlefon!(T/n: it’s not wrong he’s fucking crazy here)

「A, wait Tetsuya-san……That’s a little……hyan! That kind of precise rubbing will make me……wa-a……lose my strength……」

When I finished my rubbing, Aria’s face fal in ecstasy and, bam she’s fall.

「a, Are you alright Aria!, Sorry It was too much!」

「fuee……it’s alright desu……cause it feels good」

What a girl for saying such a pleasant word.
but she’s losing her strength and start to drop.
Since there’s no choice, I’ll carry her to my bed.

【You have become level 141】

「By the way Aria. How old are you ?」

「e? I’m 14 years old but……is there’s something wrong?」

I, am I fondling a 14 years old kid and, fill my face in her.
It feels like I’m in the best Arena.
I’m glad this is a dream!

「It’s alright desu. Saving me from a dragon Tetsuya-san is the best desu. That chivalrous spirit and strength could cancel out all the negatives. I No matter how lazy Tetsuya-san, and no matter how lolicon he is I will accept him! Tetsuya-san already gyutto held my heart!」

「That much? I, am already grabbing Aria’s heart that much?」

「That’s right. There’s no girl that’s okay to let a person they don’t love to do something like that. So please be careful Tetsuya-san. You should not fall in love with another girl beside me! Aa, but leaving a girl in pinch alone is absolutely no good too. Save her with a not too cool looking alright.」

What an unreasonable girl.
Well, let’s follow the order.

more importantly, lying Aria atop the bed.
I too will lie beside her.

「umm Tetsuya-san. I am pretty exhausted because the rubbing before, so today……」

「It’s alright. I won’t do anything today. I’m just lying in here」

「I’m saved that Tetsuya-san is a gentleman! Aa, however, if you can’t hold it in please say it okay. I’ll do my best!」

that’s a good girl.

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