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Level up by Walking chapter 5

05 Walking around the town while riding flying bed is a little embarrassing

「Hai, Everyone, I’m sorry. Let me pass here」

The bed that Aria and I rode advanced in the town(From what Aria says, the city name is Boulevard).

If I increase the altitude I wouldn’t need to care about the people but, cause I want to see these people closely, thus we are flying at low altitude.

「Te, Tetsuya-san……this is kinda embarrassing desuyo」

It must be her first time going to the city using a flying bed.
Aria became red and tattle me.
Well, it’s my first time too you know!

「It’s alright, it’s alright. Just think of it as something like carriage」

「It’s a little different I think……」

By the way, the town’s scenery was like medieval Europe.
From what I see from this dream’s genre, might be fantasy.
Well, I had guessed it from the time I see adventurer and dragon.

Thus guided by Aria, we’ve come in front of the adventurer guild.
Once we go inside there are hundreds of tough men.
But sometimes there are also girls like Aria.
Apparently for a girl to became an adventurer is, unusual in here.

Aria goes to the receptionist and declared that she’s had defeated the dragon.

「E! Aria-san has defeated the dragon!? I thought you ran away from it!」

Receptionist girls became startled by hearing that.

「fufu, have you changed your impression of me! Is what I want to say but, I got help from Tetsuya-san there!」

While saying that Aria pointed her finger to me.
By the way, I entered the adventurer guild with my bed.
I’m saved that the door is large.
After all rolling on the bed is a blessed time.
I don’t want to get off from the bed as much as possible.

「Tetsuya-san……? Who is it? Coming inside of a building with a flying bed itself will make you know that he isn’t a normal person but……」

As expected, I look like a freak.

「I’m just a passing person. Please don’t trouble yourself (okini nasarazu)」

「I’m curious. After all, the one who gave it the final blow is Aria but, the one who battled it was you wasn’t it? If you still don’t register with the adventurer guild, please register. After you registered when you defeat a dragon, you’ll get a 『Dragon slayer』title you know? Even as a first rank adventurer, you’ll be reckoned everywhere.」

Registration seems to be free.
It doesn’t like it will waste my money, so I decide to register myself.
Putting my left hand to a crystal ball for 3 seconds then registration is done. (TLN: instant registration?… not noodles? Even noodles take 3 minutes dang it!)
A guild mark like Aria appeared.
it’s a little fashionable.

And, for registering I walk for a while then I had leveled up again.

【You have become level 135】

How much is other people’s level huh?
Even before that, had anyone known the thing called Level aside from me?
Let’s ask Aria later.

「fufu. With this I can pay my debt! Tetsuya-san, thank you very much. I don’t know how must I thank you enough……」

「Thanks huh…… you don’t need to thank me particularly. It’s not that big of problem you know」

Really. Just by walking itself I’ve level up, above all, I’m not doing any hard work.
I’m just attacking and using skill randomly.
If it’s hard work, then Aria had done more than me.

「No. For not thanking you after all this, it’ll dishonor Aria Astley name! Please think anything that you want me to do!」

U-n. Even if you said that after I opened my eyes it will be goodbye.

「What huh……o, oppaimomihodai(fondling boobs as much as you want) is alright too you know!?」

That’s good!
Think it carefully!

For now, we ride the bed and go to pay off the debt.
After knocking the door someone that looks like yakuza comes out.
Sca, Scary.

「Oi Aria! Did you come here to pay this month interest huh!」

「fufun, let alone the interest I’ll pay it all. Because I have 100 gold coin here you know!」

Aria proudly letting out the leather bag that packed full with gold from adventurer guild before.
Then, yakuza like person snatched the leather bag away.

「Wa! What did you do, give it back!」

「an? What did you say. You come here to return the money right」

「My debt including the interest is 50 gold! Half of it was mine!」

「It’s a fee for us waiting this long. You should be grateful it’s just 100 gold after this. Hora, go back, go back」

This is terrible.
Wherever I see it’s mortifying.
Thus I hit the yakuza like a person with the bed.


「Gebushi! What did you want to do!」

「Would you give back Aria’s 50 gold?」

「Don’t kid with me kora!」

My sincerity wasn’t transmitted.
There’s no other choice, let’s use the skill.

「Flare Arrow」

A flame arrow positioned in front of the yakuza like person’s throat.
If it advanced even 1 more cm, it will pierce his throat. Whoa, it’s hot!

「wha, what is this! Magic huh……yo, you who the hell are you!」

「Just a passing novice adventurer. Because I am a novice, if it continues it will burn you so, give back the gold fast」

「Shit……Aria, you little, for you to hire this kind of bodyguard!Even searching for magician!」

While saying something, he gave out 50 gold coin.
yokatta yokatta (it’s good).

「Alright, Aria. I’ll accompany you home so go ride the bed」

「yes. By the way, Tetsuya-san, do you have a place to stay? If you don’t have a place right now……please sleep over in my house!」

That’s sort of thing. I think it’s bad for a girl to easily let a boy enter her house.
But, this is my dream so. Ma iika (oh well)!
Fly Flying bed.
Let’s go to the girl’s room!

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