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Level up by Walking chapter 2

02 I had become level 106

Gyuun!, Gyuun!

Amazing, this bed!
It accelerates according to my wish, and it moved freely.
Even if it’s a dream because it is scary I don’t really go absurd but, it will be comfortable if it has the same speed as a train, there’s no sign of life in about 100 meters.

However, it’s pretty big forest huh.
I can’t see the other side of the horizon.
No, when I squint my eyes, far away there is a city…. maybe?
It’s too small so I don’t really know.

Let’s try flying to the city — at that time I’m thinking about it.
A roar can be heard from the forest.

「Wh, what?!」

When I see the direction of the sound, somehow a dragon that looks like it came out from a painting, it’s head peeking between the trees


It’s a terrible cry.
When he found me out he spits out a fire.
It’s not good I think it’s better to hide, I descend the bed little by little until it grazed the ground.

Fu. With this, I’ll not be found out.
Still, I want to look at the dragon a little more.
After all, this is just a dream.
Even if I’m getting stomped it’s should be alright.

So is, I move the bed slowly and quietly to move closer.
And then surprisingly, a girl battled against the dragon. (T/N: heroine!! Detta!!!)
The long red hair waving, and the sword trying to slash.
However for a lone human to try defeat a dragon, whichever way you look it’s unreasonable.
Sure enough, the slash was repelled by the hard scale.
thus the dragon exhaling the fire breath.
The girl avoided it by a slight, but if it continues she will be killed.

I mean, I’m being caught up and can’t be running away too.

But, leaving a girl alone and run is, not a job for a man.
I’m scared but…… this is a dream!
It’s could even make a bed fly.

Me beating a dragon is not strange…… is what I think!


I fly out using a pajama and ran to the dragon.
Iya, even as you say that Dragon is big.
It’s maybe as big as a 3 story house.
As I though, it’s good if it stops right now doesn’t it?

And, from a little while ago a characters been pikopiko displayed in my vision.

【You have become level 52】
【You have become level 53】
【You have become level 54】
【You have learned Flare phalanx】

The numbers increased with each step.
I don’t really know it but, now the dragon takes the first priority.
O dream world, Give me the power!
For saving the girl, it’s an ultimate punch! (T/N: should I say he’s bald man wearing a cape and having cyborg as a student?…)

【You have become level 100】
【You have learned Space cracking punch】

My fist hit the dragon.
At that moment, Bham kind of sound rang, the dragon’s fly away, it went rolling around while beating up the tree.
Aa, as expected of a dream.
Me that lack in training has no way of hitting a strong punch like this, there’s really no piece of reality here.
Even so, what is this level huh?
certainly from bed to here is 100 steps but…….

It’s somehow displayed something like game status.


hmm, I wonder is it my strength?
even if you say it is my dream, I don’t really get it.
a, leaving that aside is the girl alright?

「You, alright?」

I walk to the girl that sit down on the ground and was still holding her sword.

【You have become level 105】

As expected it leveled up with every step.
If this is a game this must be a cheat.
the cheating type that makes it amusing at first but then gets really boring fast.

「U, Um……Thank you for saving me! Who would expect to defeat a dragon with a single punch……!」

The girl that I look at, had eyes full of respect.
or rather, hella cute!
Being surprised make me step back.

【You have become level 106】
【You have learned resurrection magic】

Even this makes me level up huh…….


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