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Level up by Walking chapter 3

03 Resurrecting the dead dragon and kill it again

「My name is Aria Astley. If it alright, could I know thou(anatasama) name?」

The blonde girl that called herself as Aria stood, looked at me with sparkling eyes.
Her age is about 14 years. Her height is one head lower than me a normal Japanese.
She had a long ponytailed hair, with the impression of an active person.
However, no matter how active you are, battling against a dragon is too tomboy.(T/N: duh… it’s not a tomboy class anymore)
If this is a game, then something like an adventurer might be.

「Etto…… My name is Yamada Tetsuya」

「Yamada Tetsuya-sama! From what I see you are from east but, Tetsuya is the name, and Yamada is the family name?」

「Un, That’s right. Then do you get it if I called myself as Tetsuya yamada?」

「I don’t care whichever it is but, it’s better to have the name first, it will lessen the chance of misunderstanding!」

Aria is weirdly trying to make a conversation with a hardworking face.
Kawai (cute).

「By the way why did Aria-san, fight against the dragon in this forest?」

「Yes. I actually, even if I look like this I am an adventurer! Thus I received the Dragon subjugation quest but……」

「No matter how you look at it, it’s not something you could grasp eh」

「Uu……I already know that but……to pay my debt I had no choice」


「Yes. My parents had a general store business but, the business failed, and made a large amount of debt…… and to pay it they worked too much, and they both died 2 years ago. I must pay the debt that they left behind but, aside from a kind of job that needs a strong body, others are worthless. There I am taking a job as an adventurer but……from the quest, there are, the best I can do is paying the interest……」

「Aimed at a one-shot revival, and tried to hunt a dragon kind of things huh」

「Yes……It’s not a good thing I say so myself but, it became an act of desperation…… I nearly did it to suicide but, as expected, when I stood in front of the dragon I became scared of death myself」

I see.
Certainly the way Aria battle is like expecting death but.
It’s not a move of a person that wants to live.
It’s not like Aria wants a to die herself. It’s because the debt she had been too much that made her not knowing what to do.
Then, we must return the debt as fast as possible.

「By the way, the dragon was defeated by me accidentally. If it possible the quest is done with this?」

「No. If the person did not get the last hit kill, it means that is not something they achieved」

「hm. So how did they check that out?」

「The person who has registered in adventurer guild has the emblem engraved in their hand. Every information about the monster that they defeated, is archived in there. I had not heard of anyone that has success in counterfeiting it」

Aria showed me the back of her left hand.
Then a pattern with a light shine emerged.
This is a crest.
Just look like a tattoo but, it could possibly hide or seen.

「Then, you still can’t repay the debt huh……」

「It really is……However, if I’m alive, someday I will!」

Aria with the spirit she renewed her determination.
What a respectable child she is.
Though I don’t want to go to the company and want to roll around myself.
I want to help this child.

「A, that’s right. Just a while ago I learned resurrection magic. I’ll sing that to revive the dragon then, Aria-san just needs to get the last attack, then doesn’t that mean the quest is complete?」

「Resurrection?! Using a magic for something like that is……Tetsuya-san, who you really are! A, me, why did I get like a close friend to Tetsuya-san……I’m sorry Yamada-san!」

Aria is pekopeko bowing her head.

「No, it’s alright to call me Tetsuya」

Being called with my name by this cute girl, without a doubt is a reward.

「For real?! Then I’ll accept the word. Tetsuya-san can call me with Aria too without using honorific」

「Really? Then Aria. You could also call me Tetsuya……」

「No. As expected to call an older person with the name only kinda awkward……」

aa, un. It might be so.
Then Tetsuya-san is alright.

「Yosh. Then, I will revive the dragon with revival magic (resurrection), then I will attack it until it is half dead」


I run to the dragon’s corpse.

【You have become level 121】

etto, How should I use revival magic (resurrection) again?
I wonder is it okay to choose it from the game like menu screen?
When I remember it randomly, a transparent window displayed in front of me.
There displayed about a dozen skills.
I chose resurrection magic from the window, and put my hand on the dragon’s corpse.


The dragon’s corpse became wrapped in light.

Then in the next moment, roared gyaoon and stood up.
Yosh. While he is being resurrected, let’s try the skill.


From the palm of my hand, a ball of fire flew and hit the dragon. Exploded.
The smell of scorched fire permeating.
However, as expected one shot won’t kill it. It’s because the level I learned it was low.

「Then next is Ice Arrow!」

This time an icicle flew, and penetrate the gouged dragon’s body from the fireball.

「Ugyaooo!」(T/N: isn’t this animal violence? :v)(EDN:Someone call Peta!!)

The dragon screamed, and its body convulsed.
It looks like even if it was left alone it will die.

「Aria Now!」


Aria is running and gave the dragon a splendid thrust to its head.
And that became the finishing attack, thus the dragon died. (EDN:..again)

「I did it! With this, the quest is complete desu! Tetsuya-san, thank you very!」

While saying that she’s hopping up and down and Aria’s backhand shine.
So that means the quest was completed huh.
Yokatta yokatta (thanks god).
I am happy to be helpful to a cute girl.


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