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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 85: Battle

[Claude POV]

In a battle, there’d be several parts that needed to be done in.

If you know your enemy and yourself, you can win any kind of battle. That’s what a certain person said was written in a strategy book that Alexander Cromwell once read.

However, no matter how much we dig into the enemy’s past and information, Arbalest was unable to find anything on the North Emperor we’ll face, or the bandit group size.

This would mean that the people hidden in the group either thoroughly conceal their information or are part of a band that was newly created.

As of now, based on what we were informed.

At the past event, the people who ambushed our group should have been around 400, and were led by the unidentified North Emperor.

Knowing this, we’ve prepared about 1500 people of intermediate and above combat mastery for this escort mission alone.

However, it seems that we’re still being deceived and losing in terms of our numbers.

“We have 400 people upfront and 1150 hidden in our surroundings… Damn, how can you hide that many people? ” I said, while counting on the expert on the opposite side based on their aura using my mana eyes.

The North Emperor seemed surprised that I could see the hidden member, and laughed out loud after a while, “Hahahaha! Hey guys, you are being found out by the Cloud King! Better come out now, or you’d get injured by the “Stray” spell he’d sent your way! ”

I am surprised. I would really do that if he still wanted to let his member hide. Either way, it’s better to fight with more enemies than a hidden enemy.

“3 Kings, 10 Saints, and the rest were filled with intermediate and lower expert gathered? What kind of army is this? Are you sure you aren’t some Kingdom’s or Nobles’ soldier? ” I questioned the man while looking at my back. My members filled every gap in the formation, and were ready to attack at any time.

Whistling, the man’s eyes look more serious than before. He prepared his stance and unsheathed his scimitar.

“It seems that the title of genius that you had was lacking. Not only were you a genius enchanter and weapon master, you’re also a genius scout, huh? “That’s scary,” he said warily towards me.

“Well, it’s an occupational disease.” I need to at least be able to do this, to lead a group of armed soldiers myself, “I said, continuing our conversation while opening my storage magic that held all the knives inside and slowly letting one out.


As soon as I grabbed the knife, I threw it towards the North Emperor. propelled by the combination of Mana and Aura, along with the enchantment imbued in the handle. The knife let out a sonic boom, surprising the North Emperor.

He easily avoids it, as one would expect from someone of his rank.But he forgot about the people in his back yard who got the knife and were slaughtered by the missile-like knife. penetrate them like a knife through butter.


As the knife reached the ground, it exploded from the enchantment that I implanted within the handle. Those that survived the explosion were hit by the shrapnel of the knife, receiving the damage that stopped them from standing.

The sound of their groaning filled the area, and fury was expressed in the face of the Nort Emperor.

“You bastard!”

In a second after the aftermath of the knife bomb was seen, the North Emperor already arrived beside me and attacked me using his scimitar.

I am imbued with aura. I can feel the pressure he released as we clashed with our weapons.

This man is dangerous. That’s what I already knew once I saw him, but I needed to increase his danger level to another notch since he had the pressure of an Upper Emperor like Emporio.

“What kind of knight attacks using a hidden weapon?” He said while swinging the scimitar at me and my surroundings, making the wind slash at the area of our conflict.

“That’s a funny thing to say, for a bandit leader,” I mocked him, while gritting my teeth at the heavy attack.

Even I, a bandit leader, can’t cause 200-person damage with a knife throw! Damn it! ” He was mortified by the more than 200 casualties I inflicted on him. I was fumbling around trying my best to create a gap so I could have more time to attack my opponent.

But, as if he can read what I want to do, He continued to stick at me. He refused to create a zone and direct his group.

His attack stops him from commanding my group, but, even without my command, they can deal with the people easily. Though the 10 Saints and 3 Kings that are attacking the group are becoming a bigger obstruction than I’m aware of.

“Die!” He saw that I wasn’t paying attention to our fight, so he took advantage of that and let out a bigger aura from his scimitar.When the North Emperor succeeded in throwing me for several meters, he smiled.

However, that smile soon disappeared as another knife was launched towards him.

“Fuck! How dare you try another trick of yours? ” He was mad at my aggression, knowing that if he dodged the attack, his subordinate would receive the brunt of the attack and be decimated like before. But, if he received it, he’d be the one injured.

In that kind of dilemma, he chooses to grab the knife and send it to my group. It astonishes me so much that I’m frozen there, unable to say anything.

“Now, what’d you do?” He smirked at me and threw his scimitar at me while trying to distract me.

“Duh, of course, I won’t ignite the bomb…” I’m not so stupid to allow a bomb of that magnitude to explode upon contact. Without knowing that I needed to trigger the enchantment to let it explode, he just sent the bomb towards the middle of the battle formation.

Once my group realized it, they grabbed it and threw it at the enemies.

It is only then that I ignite the bomb.


That explosion creates more casualties for the enemy, stopping the North Emperor in his tracks.

“See, the title Genius Enchanter wasn’t there just as a title…” I said, winking at him.



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