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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 84: Battle Formation

Chapter 84: Battle Formation


[Claude POV]


“Emperor, this isn’t a mere title in this world.

To receive the title, one would need to train and face trials of many kinds. As a person that has reached the upper stage of King rank, I know how hard it is to achieve the rank.

Aura or Touki, which one we use, it’s actually the same words. This energy is different from Mana, which is used outside of one’s body.

Once you reach Saint Rank, the energy can be felt easily. But, how much of that energy can you handle?

This is the threshold of the rank.

The higher you rank, the more aura you can use.

The best of them is what you called the Emperor.

Even the Emperors were ranked, with the strongest being what we called God.

Different from the rank, a title is something one uses after they can dominate an entire Emperor ranked individual. It doesn’t mean you are on a different rank than the Emperor.

The only people that can achieve the real ‘God’ rank as of now are the demon God Laplace and Technique God. No one knows how to achieve this rank, so, to fill the emptiness, the title of God was introduced.

Once again, those in the Emperor Rank were divided by title. As of now, there are 3 titles; Normal Emperor, God’s Title Candidate, and God’s Title Holder.

To make it simple, I differentiate between God’s candidate and God’s with the Upper Emperor and Perfect Emperor.

As of now, the only way we can achieve the rank of Perfect Emperor is to defeat the previous God’s title holder. For the Water and Sword God style, that’s the requirement. However, it’s different for the North God style user, as they can be God’s whenever they have the ability to do so.

Thus, facing a hidden North God style user is actually a bit dangerous for us, Arbalest.

Most of the North God style users were filled with monsters. Do you know why the God’s title would be held by whomever?

Before answering that, I need to explain more about the current god title holder.

The first would be Kalman 1. He’s the first ever human that can defeat a Demon Lord of the Demon Continent, the immortal Race Atofe. He’s also one of the three heroes defeating Demod God Laplace, along with Perugius Dola.

Then, the second would be Alex C. Ryback, or the successor of Kalman 1, Kalman 2. He’s a half-human coming from the lineage of Kalman 1 and the immortal Demon Lord Atofe.

Then comes Kalman 3, Aleksander Ryback, the current North God.

Do you see where the weird aspect is?

Yes, there are only 3 North Gods ever seen, even with their laid-back requirements. Which means, leaving aside the first North God, there are currently 2 North Gods on this continent, living. If we don’t forget Kalman 1’s wife, Atofe, who should still be alive, which should be a North God ranked also.

We’d have three long-lived powers hiding behind the scene.

I said so, explaining the danger to Arbalest’s members, sitting below the podium. While I explain the necessary knowledge to continue our planning, there’s a necessity to have a briefing on the style of our enemy’s held.

Thus, some historical learning is needed.

“Knowing fully well, the enemy might be an immortal.” Or even some half demon, please be careful in fighting against the enemy. Since I can’t always help you, heck, I don’t even know if I can defeat him or not. In any case, we need to be careful. Move according to the battle formations I explained to you before, and be ready to write your will. ”

As I said, I concluded the briefing and once again started our training.

Based on the memory I had of Alex, I gathered all the necessary information on his war tactics. After compiling and writing all the necessary knowledge, I tried to implant it for our next battle. Thus, creating several combat situations to deal with someone that might be stronger than the Upper Emperor, Emporio.

Although I never beat Emporio, I won’t say I don’t know how to deal with someone as strong as, if not stronger than, him.

If our opponent is weaker, then it’s good to overwhelm him.

I’m not going to place my bet on that opinion though, so we need to prepare more. Preparation will bear you some fruit, even if it becomes a waste in the end. All the necessary point need to be dealt with successfully, so there won’t be any regret.

Either way, I continue to give my instructions to the trainee.

“Hold the formation, start to trigger the crossbow in your hand!”

I’ve created some automatic crossbows for the members and imbued an enchantment within to help them create a mana-filled arrow. It’s as strong as an advanced offense spell, so it’s not bad.

“Don’t forget your mana and imbue the arrow with it! Now, shoot! ”

“Yes, sir!”



The mana-infused arrows sent by the 700 intermediate-ranked members have beautifully broken the concrete wall, creating a honeycomb pattern on it.

This should be a good enough battle formation to teach them in 5 days. Tomorrow, we will be starting on our assault towards the North Emperor…

After yelling at them for several more hours, I told them to rest and prepare for tomorrow’s battle.

Then, I continue to train myself.


“Lord Claude, the preparation has been done…” C said as he showed me the merchandise report we were going to send.

“Alright, prepare the arrows and crossbows. “I said, reminding them to check again if any enchantments break, or if there’s anything weird on their equipment” I said, reminding them.

“Everything is checked, and we are ready to go, Sir!” said one of the escort leaders.

“Alright! Let’s depart! ” I said, after hearing the confirmation.

These caravans are filled with many things that can’t be held by the spatial item I created. Which is why the bandits are eying them with an additional resentment of the spatial item, which makes them have a harder time doing their business.

The majority of the bandits were looking at Arbalest and wanted to deal with us. They’ve called their hidden boss to deal with us. Never would we expect an Emperor to be ranked there though.

The caravan before this was hijacked and almost everyone was killed, so in this caravan we prepared more escort and weapons to deal with the bandits.

Thankfully, I’ve received the report from the surviving member, and I’m heading here immediately. If we waited more time, the monetary loss Arbalest would have incurred would have been enormous enough to send us into debt and halt our growth.

After several days of travelling, there’s nothing that’s troubling us on the way.

We began to unwind on our journey. But, suddenly, an attack comes from the surrounding area…

It’s a surprise attack, but we can still deal with it and react immediately.

Unknowingly, we’ve been surrounded by

“Well, well, well… I never expected to see you come here again. The treasure you gave us before was good, but we expect more in this caravan,” said a bandit who appeared to be the leader based on the aura surrounding his body. It seems that the North Emperor from the report is this person…

“To see a North Emperor gathering a bunch of small fry and playing Kingdom, what a sight…” I said, moving slowly towards the North Emperor while preparing my mana in the hand that is holding my sword.

“Hahaha, if it isn’t the Cloud King! I never expected to see you here. I have never met with you, but the rumor regarding your might has reached my ears. Shall we dance? ” He appeared to be filled with openings, but all the openings he showed were traps.

From what he said, he already knew about me. Which means, this bandit group has an intelligent network that can’t be underestimated.

“Prepare for the formation!” I shouted, as I ran towards the North Emperor. I attacked him using my sword, imbued with aura.



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