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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 97: Thank God

E Chapter 97: Thank God




Sky Castle, [Chaos Breaker].

Sitting on his throne, Perugius is practicing his mana control by steering the castle. He also fortified every part necessary and advanced his knowledge of barriers.

In the past, Claude was greatly amazed by Rudeus. The barrier magic that Claude thought was a novel creation is actually something that has been developed since the past, and there’s a God title holder of the said study.

That’s right, Perugius Dola was the person who held the titles of Barrier God and Summoning God. Inside his castle, there were spirits he summoned. Almost all of them had the strength of a king grade or above.

In addition, the one that fought Ghislaine on par on the day metastasis appeared, Almanfi of the Bright, was one of Perugius’s summoned spirits.

“I’ve returned, my lord…” Almanfi said, as he appeared in the throne room.

Opening his closed eyes, Perugius didn’t answer him. That gaze alone is confirmation enough to allow Almanfi to talk.

“I’ve found out about what happened to Arbalest. Based on the investigation, the reason it was disbanded seems to be Alexander Ryback, the current Kalman…” Almansi said, while still on his knees.

“That’s pretty puzzling. What’s his reason for doing that?”

Perugius already knew of the current Kalman as the descendant of his comrade. Kalman III is someone that he knows very well as a believer in justice and a person aspiring to be a hero. His act of creating trouble for the people of a just organization is somehow weird to him.

“I can’t give you any response about this, but there’s also the corpse of Furk, the Underworld leader of Millis continent in the suspected location. I suspected that place was the one where Cloud King was attacked by Kalman. There were also several magic tools I suspect Arbalest had near the corpse and a ransacked carriage near the location”

“I see, based on your estimation. How great the battle was?” Perugius asked, intrigued by the scale of the battle.

When Furk was called, he was once a notorious figure in the world. He’s the Bandit King terrorizing the merchants, and his estimated power is close to God’s rank.

One can even say that he’s the undisputed leader of the underworld organization. Even so, he can’t control everyone, and it seems that his death wasn’t known yet.

“There’s a remnant of his elite group in the area, most of them had already eaten by the surrounding monster but. Based on their remnants, it is estimated that all the higher officers he had were there, and no one is alive. Based on the estimation, after several months, the underworld will run amok again. It will start to be a lawless area once again. ”

“That’s troubling indeed, but Milshion should be the one solving the problem. Since they don’t have anything to do in the first place, this event might be an opportunity to solve their racism” Perugius said while stroking his chin.

After thinking for a while, Perugius asked again. “So, how many people were there in Arbalest?”


Ars, Asura’s royal castle.

“Are you kidding me? 5000 Upper Advanced ranks, 1000 Peak Advanced ranks, and 10,000 Intermediate Advanced and lower ranks! That’s the amount even our kingdom doesn’t have, and you said a merchant-like organization had that amount of power under their banner! ” Ariel Anemoi Asura yelled at Euclid Whitespider.

As one of the heirs, she’s the one being pushed to take the throne and as one of her followers. Euclid show her loyalty by convening the number she got from the investigation on Arbalest.

Besides Euclid Whitespider, there’s also Eugene Bluehorse and Luke Notos Greyrat. In the opposite direction, the newly hired white-haired Fits stood beside the royal.

“Thank God they self-destructed before my father and the goons commenced the plan. Otherwise, the Kingdom will once again be in a war… ” Ariel sighed with relief at the enlightenment.

“You’re exaggerating things, princess. I don’t think we won’t be able to defeat a meagre 17000 people at most. This amount should be nothing to Asura Kingdom… ” Luke said, judging his master’s point of view.

“What do you mean, 17 thousand? Everyone in Fittoa is his people. Who do you think will save them? It’s not the royals of the Asura Kingdom nor the nobles. With a word from the Cloud King, the survivor of the Mana calamity and those he freed from slavery on the way will act with zeal! That’s how crazy Arbalest is. Now do you think I’m having a wrong judgement? ” Ariel retorted.

Neither Euclid nor Eugene deny her statement. The contribution Arbalest had to world peace is larger than they even know. The deeper they dig, the more they uncover.

“Water God dojo is also cooperating with them, even we don’t know how many practitioners will join the fray if there were war with Arbalest in the first place. But, even if we win the war, the casualties wouldn’t be something we can bear. ” Euclid adds.

Hearing them, Luke couldn’t help but gulp. He’s having a cold sweat just by thinking about the situation. A war where the flying drake can burn them from above and soldiers using magic tools send a barrage of attack from the opposite field.

He can’t help but despair at the situation.

“You must know that, knowing his prowess. Cloud King can kill me easily, while I might not be the strongest. I can say that the Cloud King can assassinate anyone in the castle without us realizing it… that alone should make us realize how scary that person is,” Eugene said, trying to convey what he thought about Claude.

“And that person was attacked by the North God, with his whereabouts being unknown.” Ariel questioned the War Division leader, looking quite puzzled by the situation.

“I don’t think a God title can make him cower in fear and disband the group. What’s his reason for doing this? ” Ariel adds, looking at his subordinate. She wanted to know what kind of situation made the one who held such power to suddenly run away.

No one can answer her, as they don’t know about Hitogami.

Claude and the others choose this option to disrupt Hitogami’s assassination plan, allowing the other members of Arbalest to survive any kind of assassination.

There’s no way that Hitogami had the measure to kill everyone if they were scattered all over the continent, but if the situation called for them to gather in one place, Sending Kalman alone is enough to kill everyone in that place.

To solve this, he can only dissolve the organization and make himself stronger. So that Hitogami will focus on assassinating him alone, without injuring any of his subordinates.

As she was unable to answer this, Ariel could only glance at Fits. One of the survivors from the Mana Calamity and the childhood friend of the Cloud King.

She’s the half elf that once had green hair, like a superdian, and the one hired after being saved by Ariel.

Even now, Sylphy couldn’t believe all the feats she had accomplished in just several years. Even after all of this, she had no intention of meeting with Claude because she knew her parent was one of the Mana Calamity’s victims.

Sensing the glance, Sylphy can only shake her head, implying her lack of understanding of the situation.

“Ugh… you guys need to treat lesser noble Mike better, don’t make any assassin from remnant of Arbalest to suddenly appeared and took a head or two in this castle” Ariel sighed as she ordered both Euclid and Eugene to left the room.

After sensing that both of them had left the room, Ariel sighed again and stared at Fitts.

“It seems that we need to have a good conversation with less noble Mike, fitts…” Ariel called out to Sylphy, and stared at Luke.

“I will try my best to stop any aggression of my family towards the Boreas clan,” Luke said, understanding what Ariel’s stare meant.

Hearing that, Ariel sighed again and murmured, “Sigh…” I guess I can only thank God for this development… ”




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