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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 96: From the scratch

E Chapter 96: From the scratch


[Claude POV]

The Begaritt Continent is one of the places where adventurers wish to reach. As one of the places where there’s almost nothing we know, this is a place filled with mystery.

There are tons of dungeons and labyrinths hidden throughout the continent because of their danger and high mana density. There’s no country on this continent, but there are plenty of towns where the ex-adventurers lived in though.

Begaritt is the second most dangerous continent, and is filled with adventurers and a variety of races.

“I understand there is romance in adventure, but should you really lock my Aura and Mana? This place is filled with danger, you know?” I complained to my companions, the iron stick, thin staff, and needle.

As of now, we are still in the dessert area of the Begaritt Continent. After several trials and errors, Fred succeeded in activating another type of power from my ability.

We call it incarnate.

The effect is the same as how Alex once controlled my body. However, we change the target to another object that was related to us.

The energy used for this power is Soul Energy. It’s an energy that regenerates automatically whether my incarnation is inside or outside of my body. Though being outside will lessen the regeneration, they will return in a dormant state within my body if there’s a situation where they empty their soul energy.

Before, we tried a miniature sword to incarnate Alex in. It succeeded but failed for the others. There’s also a bad energy use for Alex to incarnate within a mini sword.

Using that as a basis, we know that the bigger the incarnation object, the more energy will be used.

For a non-living object, they can last as long as there’s soul energy within them. A 1-meter object will drain their energy within 1 hour, and only with a 5cm can they stay indefinitely.

Meanwhile, the only living object they can enter is Claude. They can only last for 5 minutes inside Claude; any more and Claude’s lifeforce will be drained.

Which is what happened to Claude when Alex battled against Kalman III previously.

It’s impossible for one to regenerate their lifeforce, and when one’s lifeforce is depleted, they’d definitely die slowly like an aged person.

However, because Claude had eaten the Ancient Troll, Trolly, and had the blood of it, His lifeforce can be replenished slowly, and it’s getting better after he consumed the blood.

A normal troll won’t do, as the Ancient Troll was something that lived in the six-faced world. It’s an ancient monster that’s sealed inside the dungeon. Even Laplace can’t defeat it when it’s outside, eating the sun or any source of light while fighting.

Well, that’s something I read from one of the books I found in the dungeon. I don’t know whether it’s true or not.

Hearing me complaining, the needle suddenly vibrated and shouted, “Of course it’s necessary! With great power comes great responsibility! It means, if you want to shoulder those responsibilities, you need to have great power! Being dependent on your power will make you grow weaker. That’s why you need to train your guts before training your power! ”

“That’s right, what Kuro said is true. I don’t really like Spi*derman. But Uncle Ben’s words are correct. Although I don’t agree that you can’t use that power for your own needs and be greedy. Thinking about other when you’re weak is stupidity, while thinking to save another even if you’re powerful is pride” the Iron stick agreed with what the needle said.

You might already have realized it by now, but the Needle is my 3rd incarnation, Kuro Sadogashima, the Miko of Time.

The Iron stick is my 1st incarnation, Alex Cromwell, and the thin staff is my 2nd incarnation, Fred Alphonse.

Their inanimate object was close to what their power held, and it’d be best for them to use that object to have a conversation with me.

“Mister Needle is passionate like always,” Isolte said, while chuckling at my side.

“Is it really alright for you to follow me here? Don’t you have training in Sword Sanctuary?” I asked Isolte about it. After all, when she heard that I would travel around the world after disbanding Arbalest, she wished to follow me to take care of me in case anything happened.

“What I do in the sword sanctuary is training. Following you is also a training. What’s so bad about it? ” Isolte smiled at me while saying so. I don’t know why, but the oldies get attached to her.

One of the reasons they wanted to appeared indefinitely is because they can converse with her better, when I asked them the reason, they answered me with.

“Being with her makes me remember my daughter. I kind of miss her. But some bastard took her away from me and left me when they got married. ” Kuro said, gnashing his teeth.

“My disciple for me, she got herself killed when following me as a mercenary in the past. So I wish to train her. I don’t want another girl to die near me, especially one my disciple took a liking in” Alex reason is to train her, he wanted my wife to get stronger so she wouldn’t trip me in the future and make me mopey like Rudeus right now.

I don’t know Fred’s reason though; he refused to answer me.

“Khahaha! That’s right, training under me will make you better than those newbs! ” Alex laughed, smugly implying those in the sword sanctuary were under him.

“I know that you’re strong, but don’t get conceited, old sword. There are still monsters like that Dragon God and other unknown entities we’d yet to know about, if only a certain someone read the book carefully. ” Fred warned, and blamed their lack of information on Kuro.

“Hey! I’m too old to read mopey and drama-filled MCs like Mushoku Tensei! If I knew I’d be here after my death, I’d definitely slap the author in his own house to interrogate all the necessary information about the series! ” Kuro shouted, trying to justify himself.

“Alright, alright, there’s no need to quarrel about this again. At least Kuro still read the wiki and remembered them, you do know that information is already better than nothing,” I said, trying to pacify them.

I don’t know why these old people always fight with each other. Every Kuro doesn’t like Fred. Especially this one, the representative of the other 345 Kuro that lie dormant in my soul.

As expected, having 345 people chattering like there’s no end is hard for me. It’s taxing, so my power automatically lets them sleep after having a discussion of who’s the best one to represent them.

This Kuro is the first one that died after entering the dungeon. He didn’t know any information about the dungeon, because he was dead as soon as he opened his eyes.

He wasn’t one of the insane Kuro that were filled with traumatic memories of being murdered by Vorpal rabbits, so he was elected as their representative.

While having a Kuro that succeeded in dealing with every monster in the dungeon and died after finding Trolly’s weakness might be the best, in our opinion, that Kuro actually became NEET and refused to come out.

Well, putting the matter of the NEET Kuro aside,

I asked, “So, where’s our destination?”



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