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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 95: The event that astonished everyone –

E Chapter 95: The event that astonished everyone



Basherant Principality, Rozenberg.

It’s been a year since Rudeus parted with Eris. He’s always down because of his trauma with Eris and still has erectile dysfunction.

Rudeus sees this as a tragedy and blames Eris; however, he does not entirely blame Eris. he knew it was his own stupidity that caused this catastrophe.

For someone with troubles in their past life, he tried to divert his thinking and fully focus on his search for Zenith.

On his journey as an adventurer, he eventually became known as Rudeus the Quagmire and parted with parties that had taken quests along with him several times.

In between, he had a romance within the journey. Thankfully, his erectile dysfunction stopped him from Paul’s experience. He’s becoming more loyal to his love interest because of this sickness.

Thus, his journey changed from searching for Zenith to curing his sickness…

Even now, Rudeus is still heartbroken over Eris’s sudden departure. He was already aware of what Eris wanted to do, but he refused to think about it in more depth.

While he was in this kind of trouble, he heard some news that took him in the gut.

“Arbalest went bankrupt, and the Cloud King was defeated!”

That single bit of news feels like a slap to him.

The person that was always ahead of him was defeated, and even his lifelong work was gone like a puff of smoke.

At that time, Rudeus suddenly remembered what Claude had been talking to him about.

“That’s right, information gathering… I need to search for the nearest information branch here,” Rudeus said, slapping his cheeks several times. Rudeus is always close to Claude, unlike the others. He sees Claude as someone to look up to, someone with a desirable personality who can work hard and stay confident.

In this situation, his first reaction is to seek information regarding Claude and his wellbeing. Knowing well about Claude, Rudeus will never believe that he can be defeated easily.

For someone that always thinks several steps ahead, there must be a reason why he disbanded Arbalest and made his defeat known to the outside world without anyone knowing who was the one to defeat him.

In the first place, “How can he be defeated just like that… I won’t believe this…”

Meanwhile, in another place.


Ars, Asura Kingdom, Royal Castle Hall.

Eugene stood there with the other Royal Knights and the division leader.

As the one that had a match with Claude in the past, so he’s the best person to know Claude’s strength.

“What do you think about the rumors about Arbalest nowadays?” The one sitting on the throne asked about Eugene’s opinion.

The others focused their gaze on Eugene. His defeat to Claude at that time created a joke in the circle. But, as one of the strongest royal knights, he had the power to suppress them.

Eugene relaxed his expression and said, “I suspect the culprit would be a God-ranked individual, and knowing his good relationship with the current Water God, I refuse to believe that the Water God and Sword God will be the culprits of the Cloud King’s defeat…”

The king was interested in what Eugene had said. “Hoo, which means, the only god that can defeat him based on the information of his last whereabouts will be Kalman huh…”

“Yes, my king. I suspect that the North God is the culprit. While the reason for Cloud King’s being there might be to expand his Arbalest, I can see this decision firing back on him. creating more debt than we can ever expect,” Eugene said, although he’s weaker than Claude. Eugene was never someone that led with prowess, but his wisdom as the division leader was shown on this occasion.

To be a leader, one doesn’t simply need power. They also need to have the wit to control the soldiers and defeat the enemies they hide.

One of the reasons why he suddenly appeared at Mike’s inauguration and tried to be a Head Knight was to control Arbalest and inspect the inner workings of the young organization.

But, is that really necessary in the first place?

No, but it’s easier to do it from the inside. Rather than from the outside, well, the Duel itself already tells him about Claude being the real leader of the said organization.

The King said dejectedly, “We failed to gobble the organization from the inside, huh.”

“Indeed, we’re being outrun by someone we never expected to enter the equation.” Eugene said, although he’s disappointed, he somehow looked quite amused by the sudden situation.

“What’s the last information from the intel we gathered about Arbalest. Is their army really that scary? ” The king once again asked, but this time the one he asked wasn’t Eugene. However, there is another person in the room.

Her name is Euclid Whitespider, and she is one of the nobles that has been serving the Asura Kingdom since the age of darkness. She has the same rank as Eugene Bluehorse, as their standing is close to his.

However, unlike the War Division Leaders such as Eugene, Euclid focused on the shadows. She knows everything in the Asura Kingdom, and her network can gather everything the royal clan wishes to know.

One of her tasks this time is to gather any information she can from the saved people from years ago, such as the people that were helped by Claude and refused Claude’s invitation to enter Arbalest.

“Based on our investigation, that child has done his vigilante work since 10 years ago. At the age of 6, he’s already capable of dealing with slavers and killing them. Based on this information alone, we can already suspect he’s either a genius, or someone with a hidden power,” Euclid said, reading the report in her hand.

“Which means, a Miko is born in our Kingdom”  Euclid adds, looking straight at the King while conveying her opinion about the matter.

“Hey, hey, hey, isn’t a Miko too far off as an opinion in the first place?” Another Division leader interjected, his name is Garren Yellowsnake. As the leader of Security division, he knows quite well about Miko.

“What do you want to say, Snake?” Euclid snarks at Garren’s sudden intrusion and feels offended by it.

“Chill out a bit, spider… I’m saying that a genius or two suddenly appearing isn’t that weird, and knowing that they are surfing on their savior persona, it’s easy to say that they’re a bunch of hero wannabes” Garren answered.

“Indeed, I can’t deny what you said. As the prime minister, we know that there’s a budget for natural disasters. Having them lend their hands to the other people and save our citizens is an act of goodwill. I can’t help but want to squeeze them dry. ” The current prime minister, Rigit Silvertoad, suddenly said, letting out his greed towards the people in the room.

Even though he saw his subordinates’ vileness, the King just sat on his throne, not caring even a bit about Rigit’s tendency to hoard as much profit as he wanted.

While Eugene shows his disgust in his expression, he didn’t say anything. Euclid just stared at Rigit, while Garren laughed out loud. “Indeed! I wish we could squeeze them dry. Alas, they self-destructed before we could even start to do so!”

“So, we failed to fatten our livestock. I never expected they would get killed by another wolf before we could slaughter them in the first place” The King said dejectedly, sighing on his throne.

While Garren and Rigit were busy kissing the king’s arse, Euclid and Eugene made eye contact with each other.

They knew what they wanted to say, and they took a step back at that time.


Meanwhile, at the Armored Dragon King’s Sky Castle, [Chaos Breaker].

“It seems that we are late in helping them, Almanfi…” Perugius Dola said, while staring at the kingdom beneath him.

The flying fortress was currently hovering atop the Milshion Kingdom. Following the trajectory, it should be moving back to the central continent by now. However, there’s another path that he had yet to find in this situation.

“Have you found out the real reason behind Kalman III’s sudden assault?” Perugius asked, turning his body around as his cape fluttered as he walked further away from the scenery he’d seen before.

Almanfi followed Perugius in his walk, and answered, “Currently, Kalman is suffering from a grievous injury. We’ve yet to find the reason why the immortal race like him can be wounded that much. And the person himself refused to answer our question. ”

“Hoo, to think that Kalman was defeated. There’s something that we don’t know. What is it about the Cloud King? Have you met with him yet?”

“I’ve failed to find his whereabouts, my lord…”

“That’s indeed interesting, to think that a Light Spirit like you failed to find someone in this world.”

“Yes, I assume Cloud King has left Arbalest HQ in all parts of the city and started a journey incognito. As I’m not clear on what his aura is like, I can’t find him without any lead…”

“That’s interesting. I’ll allow you to continue to investigate the situation further. Please do well. ”

“I understand, my liege,” as Almanfi said, and so he disappeared from the sky castle.




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