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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 99: Labyrinth

E Chapter 99: Labyrinth


[Claude POV]


Different from a dungeon, a labyrinth is another matter altogether. While a dungeon had a definite amount of size, like floors, or monsters inside.

A labyrinth is everchanging and has an ability to grow. It’s still unknown how it’s grown, though…

“D, have you found the change in the labyrinth?”

“The research division and even R01 have come to study the matter surrounding the labyrinth. However, we’ve yet to find anything regarding the growth of the labyrinth.”

I see, not even Division R knew about the situation.

It’s been 4 years since they headed towards this continent, after the metastasis started, as one of the personnel researching the mystery of the world. R01 held the most information about this world, although she’s from the second-generation Arbalest. She had the most information about this continent…

“Currently, this report shows us all we’ve found about this continent.”

I received the report from D. As the leader of the Division Dungeon, D had more information about this.

Based on the report, it seems that there’s nothing on this barren continent.

How could a continent this big be this empty?

There are only cities on the continent; there is no country.

Even those that conquered the land and created cities didn’t leave this continent. They left their legends but stopped dealing on the continent when they’d enough of it.

“So, we can make this place our base, right?” While I’m already positive about it, I still need my mentor’s opinion.

“There are a few things that need to be taken care of first, so we can’t do that just yet.”

I can see that D is astonished by the talking ember, although he’d read the report. Seeing it by himself would still be shocking, even if he already saw several wonders of this world within the dungeon. Seeing a flying ember that can talk will definitely be intriguing…

Fred’s flame won’t harm, but it’ll heal.

As an elemental Miko, it seems his ability can make him control the flame according to his will.

As of now, Fred can control his flame better than I do.

“You need more practice on this matter, but since Alex will train you on the day, I’ll do it after he’s done with your training. So, while we are on the subject, Let’s start to deal with that old cork’s training. Your Division D should already be on standby outside”

Right, this might not be Arbalest HQ, but it’s a building to accommodate the Dungeon Division. Although they only had 50 people inside this building, including 5 from the research division, it had a basement training center.

However, we didn’t train in the basement. Since there’s nothing to hide, we do it on the ground outside.

I can already see that Isolte has started her own training. It’s kind of bizarre to see a girl being surrounded by brawny men. In addition, I can also see that the flying needle, which is Kuro, is grabbed by R01.

“Ah, don’t touch it there… stahp… ”

“This is intriguing. What kind of entity are you? It’s my first time seeing this” the researcher, who is named Bloody Kant, a former popular author, writing about the myriad races of the hexahedral world around the continent, busily poking Kuro everywhere.

Leaving them aside, as soon as I let out my presence. The surrounding people started to fix their gaze on me, letting Isolte rest for a while.

“What took you so long?” Alex said, pointing to Isolte to have a break.

I ignored his question and asked, “What’s on the menu?”

“I’ve picked 20 people from the division, including the one standing beside you.” Alex pointed at D, and the person moved towards the other 19 in the stadium.

All you need to do is simply evade. Evade from their attack without using any sword style moves, aura, or mana. I want you to train your instinct. ”

Nodding, I can see that these guys are looking down on me.

And as expected…

That day, I was beaten black and blue by the guys…



While Claude had some training on his own, Isolte also had

Unlike Claude, who lacked the fundamentals, Isolte lacked everything.

As of now, since Isolte was told to have a spar with the other people from the division, The target she had to hit for a day was to beat at least 20 people with a higher mastery than her.

Those in division D are the elite of the other divisions in terms of their swordsmanship.

Each of them is Saint ranked. While D might be strongest with peak Saint, even D might not be able to defeat a basic Saint ranked player in division D without enough preparation.

They live inside the labyrinth, a treacherous place where monsters might appear everywhere. Even the maze city of Rapan isn’t safe enough for them to lessen their vigilance.

They knew the danger of this continent, and never stop training themselves.

“Aura and Mana isn’t something like an eastern novel’s cultivation! The higher your rank doesn’t mean you’re stronger. Only by administering the proper technique in any situation can you call yourself strong! “Now, start to unleash all the methods I’ve told you,” Alex instructed, pointing out the mistake Isolte made in her usage of technique.

Before training, Isolte could barely use flow to counter attack by now. She can already run around the arena while using Flow within a minute.

Each time she moves, the opponent will follow her up and attack from another side.

In this training, Isolte and Claude aren’t the only ones improving.

Everyone did.

Their understanding of cloud style increased by leaps and bounds, and by now, the weakest of them can already deal with a named king ranked opponent, while the strongest can be on par with a named king ranked opponent while still under King ranked.

They should be able to call themselves king-ranked practitioners right now, but their auras are still the same, making them unworthy of the rank.

Well, leaving the ranking aside,

Within 2 months, they’ve gotten stronger.


“Fuck! “These guys are getting stronger by beating me up!”

Claude was mad, because even though the others had gotten stronger, he was still stagnating…




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