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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 100: Labyrinth (2)

E Chapter 100: Labyrinth (2)



“Hit the head!”

“Now the chest, then the leg!”

“Continue until Claude can’t stand up anymore!”

“Yes, sir!”

The sparring team continued to hit Claude according to what Alex told them to, but as Claude also heard the instruction, he evaded every attack directed at him.

There’s occasionally a surprise attack from D that succeeds in hitting Claude, because he was forbidden from blocking, Claude can only receive the attack. A strong hit on the back of his head, and Claude is struck and gets his face kissed by the ground.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, the other attacks and stomps on him incessantly.

In the end, Claude was beaten black and blue.

“Alright! Stop the assault! ”

Fred instructed them, although reluctantly, they stopped their attack.

“Argh, damn it! You guys sure don’t hold back at all! ” Claude said, covering the bleeding on his body.

“The word holding back is never there in our training regime,” D said nonchalantly, reminiscing the day when he was beaten by a kid 6 years younger than him in the past.

Claude could only glare at him and sighed.

It’s a habit. It’s never in his character to grumble about his annoyance.

Claude is tenacious; he can do anything once he puts his mind into it.

He is a strict person and always acts within the rules.

Everything needed to be done systematically and in order. That’s what he thought and that’s why he couldn’t be as flexible as he wanted to be.

“You’re too strict on yourself, Claude! think of your purpose in gaining strength!”

Those words stopped him from moving altogether.

‘That’s right, what’s my purpose for gaining strength in the first place?’

While Claude was thinking so, Alex stopped his charade and told the 50 people of Division D to enter the ring and circle it.

Claude is standing in the middle of the ring, still feeling the epiphany and turbulence of his goal. What kind of goal did he want to achieve? Did he want to save the world?

If possible, then yes.

But, how could he save the world?

Does he need to be strong to achieve that?

Definitely no, a man’s fist can’t cover the whole world. This is not an Eastern novel where you can nonchalantly use a heaven-defying artifact and become the strongest in the universe.

Although mana is a magical energy, it’s not something that an extra like him has to deal with.

His puzzled mindscapes were stopped suddenly as 50 people started to attack him from all sides.

“Evade! Evade with all your existence. Different from my world, this world had a concept of aura and mana. You just need to use a bit of them to see the trajectory of the attack, and evade! ”

Alex shouted, while looking at Claude, who was nimbly evading each attack.

The cooperation of 50 people is no joke.

With the weakest being a Saint-ranked expert, 20 people can attack at the same time from all angles. It was impossible for Claude to evade them, so he used the force of his enemy to redirect another person’s attack.


Even D was astonished by the thing he saw, while Alex trembled in excitement. If only he had eyes in his current form, his eyes would be bloodshot from seeing the queer movement.

He was tearing up the space and controlling his body down to the smallest detail.

He never knew something like this was possible.

“Hahaha! Now, everyone! Unleash your Mana and Aura, fight with your full power! ”

Hearing the order, 51 people on the ring let out their energy. The interweaving force is so scary that everyone in the maze city of Rapan, even the monsters outside, can feel the wave of energy. Making a scene in front of the citizens.

Amazement filled Isolte’s eyes, and even Bloody Kant was surprised by the sight she saw.

“What kind of resonance is this?” Bloody Kant, R01, muttered as she felt the pressure of the breaking Saints.

As they reached the King’s realm, a whole new world of aura and mana utilization methods entered their brains. What was formerly impossible is becoming possible now.

Cloud style has an advantage of defeating those in higher rank while having a lower rank. This is an advantage everyone is envious of.

However, for one to train in the cloud style, They needed to understand all 3 styles and the magic utilization method like a wizard.

Doing four things at once is something a commoner can’t do. Even the elite will feel the pressure. Which is the sole reason why Claude is the only King’s realm expert in the style.

Nonetheless, another 30 kings were born in the deserted continent.

Along with Claude that has reach the Emperor’s realm, what kind of future will the world faced…


“What is this pressure?”

On another side of the city, Roxy can feel the pressure that is unknown to her.

As a Water King Wizard, she had already developed her mana sensitivity. Thus, feeling the incredible pressure of more than a dozen kings like herself and a stronger one than that is incomprehensible for her.

Meanwhile, Talhand, the dwarf that accompanied her, stares widely at the source of unrest.

“What kind of monster just awakened? This is bad. Was there a dungeon outbreak?”

“This is not a dungeon outbreak, stupid dwarf. The spirits are filled with unrest. There might be a disaster that will come from that place…” Elinalize, the elf stated.

“No, I might not be a Saint ranked user but, I can also feel the Aura coalescent onto that location. What kind of monstrosity is awakened to let me, an advanced rank, even feel the aura? ”

“Not only Aura, the Mana turbulence… I can feel that more than a dozen king-ranked wizards just appeared in that place so suddenly. ”

“Yes, the Spirit can feel the myriad of elements gathering in that place. Is this a common event on this continent? ”

“Are you crazy? Just look at the others on the street. They are more astonished than us! This is definitely a rare occurrence. We need to investigate it. ”

The cog of fate once again moved towards an unknown destination. The world has entered a new stage…



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