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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 101: Path



The spell of water, earth, wind, and fire continuously attacked Claude from all directions. While Claude keeps evading them, he can’t help but feel pressured by the coming assault from all directions.

Each spell has the intensity of a saint or higher grade whenever they touch the ground. Their fight had already left the ground tattered.

Even the ring was gone, they were nothing but pebbles on the ground by now, slowly grinded to become sand by another barrage of spells.

“Come, come, come, attack him from all directions! Don’t stop even once, corner him!”

Alex shouted from the side, while R01 was already running away to a safer location.

Meanwhile, the others from R division can’t help but quiver in fear from the tremor they felt every time the spell hit the ground.


Sadogashima Kuro, as the most normal out of the three, can’t help but be scared at Alex’s insane direction.

‘They have already had a breakthrough. Can’t you just stop?!’ Kuro said in his mind, as he didn’t dare utter the complaint.

As the barrage continued, Claude put his brain to work.

Although he’s already had a breakthrough and reached the Emperor realm, he’s still injured from all the beatings he received from before.

Using all the focus he can muster, he dodges every spell.

Counting on the spell, it should be stopped after another minute. There’s no way they can continue to hit him with a spell after another without affecting their mana pool.

Nonetheless, a spell struck him.

That simple opening makes the other 50 people use them.

Another reason why the Cloud style is dangerous is because they can attack from all distances; magic for the long range and weapons for the close range.

As a hammer almost hit him in the head, Claude activated Time Square. As a result, he succeeded in countering the attack, which allowed him to move faster to evade the attack.

One down, forty-nine to go.

Unknowingly, a smile crept out of his face.

‘This is fun’ he thought, and received another spell on his shoulder.

However, this time, he used the force from the spell to propel him.

With a simple spin, he took two swords from his storage space. He held a sword on each hand and slashed towards another Saint-ranked expert, sending them flying to the wall.


Besides the unconscious couple, there’s a researcher from Division R, feeling scared by the flying humans.

“Strike Three! You’re out! ” Kuro yelled from the side, trying to joke about the situation. but was plainly ignored.

The other 47 didn’t care about the fallen allies, and Claude looked like a monster to them.

He was already on his last breath. Each time he opened his mouth, he let out a deep breath.

His body was already in tatters, and wounds filled them.

Even so, his appearance right now is the scariest they have ever felt.

Whenever Claude trained them, he always shouted and acted like a chatterbox. Seeing a different version of him, it brings them back to when they first met with him.



He used the beastman’s magic to stun the people. Even the bystanders were afflicted by the stun.

And, in that slight opening, He ran towards the strongest member, D, to attack him.


Both of his swords reached D’s body. As the edge was blunt, a simple slash broke his ribs and sent him to another side of the building.

Coughing out blood, D tried to stand up.

His leg was trembling, and blood continued to pour out of his mouth. Like a newly born fawn, he tried to take a step but failed and fell on the floor.

Seeing that, the other person in the building tried his best to bring him to a safe place to heal him.

“Isn’t this becoming too much?” Kuro brings forth his courage and asks Alex.

“It is, but don’t you see how fun this is?” Alex is excited and feels the excitement as he does so. He materializes his sword form.

He went to D047, the weakest of the bunch, and let his power control the person.

Although Alex can’t control 47, he can have deep instruction towards the person and let him experience the techniques.

“Now, forty-seven! Go and hack Claude to pieces!”

“Yes, sir!”

The stun duration has already stopped, and as Claude was targeting the stronger one first.

The current number of people within the area is 30.

Can Claude defeat them with the addition of Alex?


Ranoa University, Ranoa Kingdom.


“Crap! The artefact was destroyed!”

“Call the higher one up! We need to deal with the situation as soon as possible! ”

“Save what can be saved!”

As the situation started to be more hectic, the people within the laboratory were injured by the explosion of the device.

Knowing this, the headmaster of the university went there and dealt with the necessary procedure.

“How many were dead?” asked the headmaster as he walked through the corridor as fast as he could.

“We’re unable to count them yet, sir. However, there are still 12 people trapped within the burning building.”

“sigh… Have the research notes been secured? ”

“We failed to secure a quarter of them, sir.” His assistant is depressed and has a disappointed expression.

As he heard the report, he couldn’t help but feel dejected.

Who’d think that the item they wished for, after doing so much planning, would be destroyed so suddenly like that?

The Alliance kingdom had schemed to take Arbalest down, and steal their knowledge about the enchantment within their grasp.

Using their ties with the underworld King, Furk, They succeeded in bringing the group to bankruptcy, even though they lost a hand in Millis, with the spatial item knowledge in their hand. It won’t be hard to restore the money they spent to deal with Arbalest.

Not to mention the fact that they will have a monopoly on the said item. It’d be easier for them to make a fortune using the knowledge from researching the spatial magic circle and create more innovation, thus raising their alliance as the greatest in the hexahedral world.

Moreover, they gain something more important than the spatial magic circle.

‘It’ll usher in the era of autonomous industrialization when they succeed in learning that knowledge! As expected of an ancient magic circle!’

Now that he received that he lost the item, he only succeeds in learning about the spatial knowledge without being able to learn how to learn the industrialization magic circle to autonomously create an item.

“We should just be thankful we can learn about the spatial magic circle, since we already understood the idea. We can research about the industrialization magic from now on.”

His assistant just nodded at what he said as they watched the building burning in the distance.

“How about the recent investigation into Cloud King?”

“We failed to find his whereabouts, sir. He seems to have vanished into thin air…”

“Hmm, there’re 3 possibilities on his whereabout right now… since, I believe we aren’t the only one searching for him, if he is in the Central continent, then, we should hear about his information sooner than later. However, right now, I believe he is out of this continent, and I doubt he is in Millis… “said the headmaster as he stroked his beard while deducing Claude’s whereabouts.

Dotting on his judgement, Claude will probably be either in the other 3 continents or even hiding in a dungeon somewhere, no matter how many times he thinks he can’t understand Claude’s way of thinking.

The headmaster understood that the Cloud King was a genius that was acknowledged by the Asura Royalty, so much so that he received the title of Cloud King at the age of 16.

The world’s youngest king-grade swordsman and the only King-ranked Dual.

Not counting hidden experts like Orsted, the only people who learn how to use Mana and Aura at the same time are the people of Arbalest. No one can copy that achievement.

Not even the current God ranked, since Aura and Mana need to be in equilibrium if one wants to achieve what the cloud style did.

For a normal person, it’s impossible to grow their mana and aura at the same time. Since the energy devours each other, trying to keep them tame is an act of insanity.

“Thankfully, there is only one Cloud King; I can’t help but wonder how many kingdoms will fall if there are more than a dozen Cloud Kings,” the headmaster said as he walked away from the burning building and back to his office.





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