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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 102: Insanity

E Chapter 102: Insanity



“The tremors come from this place. What’s this place?” asked the dwarf.

“Why’d the people stop approaching this place? Is there something’s wrong with it?” The blue-haired migurd is puzzled by the surrounding people. Why did they act like this was nothing and forsake this place?

“It appears this place is the headquarters of the strongest adventurer’s team in the town. There are plenty of smiths inside the guild house, and a bit of shaking is to be expected. However, you’re already aware of the surrounding merchant that is eyeing this place, right? ” Elinalize explained the situation while waving at the smitten pedestrian.

“What a bitch, though the guy is to my liking.” Diss the dwarf.

“I can’t help but be disgusted by that last part,” the elf mocks.

Before they continued their quarrel, a crack in the wall of the guild house appeared. Astonished not only the group of 3, but also the other pedestrians and adventurers on standby in the surrounding area,

They held their weapons, fearing a monster would come out of the guild house.

However, before they even prepared their stance, a white light appeared below the massive guild house. The surrounding mana particles are blanketing them with light.

“What is this massive magic circle doing below the guild house?” asks the demon Wizard King, astonished by the size of the invoked magic circle and its effectivity.

Not only was it repairing the wall, it also stopped all the tremors coming from the guild house.

“This is barrier magic. It’s my first time seeing it being evoked by a magic circle. ” Elinalize said, as the oldest of the bunch. She had the most experience with Millis continent’s original magic and had seen more of the said magic cast while she stayed on Millis continent.

“Does the barrier magic have a repair function included?”

“Of course not.”

They aren’t the only ones shocked by the queer sight. The other within the maze city of Rapan also did.

Crossbow is the strongest adventurer in the area, with 50 people venturing both into the dungeon and the wilderness. They also had a support team that occasionally opened their doors to free adventurers in Begaritt, where even the adventurer guild envied the living conditions of the group.

different from the other crossbow, albeit registered with the Adventurer’s guild as a party. They frequently do a personal request rather than take it from them. While Crossbow sold most of the unneeded parts to the Adventurer’s guild, the majority of the things they hunted were dealt with by their guild house’s support team.

Thankfully, crossbows have a good alignment and always have strict guidelines that are known to the people of the maze city. They mostly do good and eradicate evil.

They did a better job than the soldiers of the maze city.

It can be said, if the current reign isn’t there. Crossbow will be the leader of the city…

The Adventurers of the Maze City dream of entering Crossbow. Tragically, they never let outsiders enter their guild. Even their support comes from a place they don’t know about.

“This is absurd.” Roxy was speechless at what she saw.

“We need to look into this crossbow further,” Talhand says, excited by what he sees.

“You can leave that to me. I am also intrigued by this…” Elinalize licked her lips, imagining the strong people inside the guild house.


Meanwhile, inside the guild house,

“These guys went nuts…” Fred is exasperated by the destruction these people caused as they continued to fight.

He finally unleashed the enchantments on the ground that he had worked on for more than a week, in anticipation of the destruction coming from his failed research.

He’d never expected the destruction to come from light sparring.

Those 21 people in the arena are already out of mana by now, unleashing a barrage of Saint-ranked attack spells one after another. Even Claude is already on his last breath. gasping every time he dodges the attack.

It’s already a miracle that he can defeat another 10 people after Alex entered the fray. However, that seems to be coming close to an end.

“huff, huff, huff…” Claude was gasping heavily while pointing the blade towards the other 20 people. Although he had the mana to continue his attack, his stamina couldn’t keep up with his movement. Furthermore, his injuries drained his stamina as they continued to recover.

“You can’t expect to beat him by injuring him; beat him by a battle of attrition!” Alex yelled, as he continued to use a formation to continuously attack Claude in batches.

Five will attack him from five different angles, while 10 will take a rest, and the other five in the back will attack Claude using long ranged attacks, whether they be magic or physical.

Alex expected Claude to lose already, but still, the boy stands up.

“His tenacity is really amazing…” Fred murmured from this spectacle: this isn’t something a teenager can do, no, not even him.

“This is insane,” Kuro said, as he looked at Alex and 47 who continued to attack Claude using all they had. The man possessed by Alex was already pale. Normally, he would have fainted because of the extreme fatigue.

His hand is trembling, and he can’t let go of any aura or mana anymore.

The bout is too much for them.

“it’s already 5 hours, if you didn’t erect the barrier, the guild house will definitely be destroyed. How can Claude still have mana and aura even?”

“This is why you should let the other Kuro come out. You’re too stupid to understand what you see.”

“You act like you know everything in this world. Just explain it to me if you’re already aware of something.”

“Hah, stupid needle. It’s because Claude and the others are in the zone”

“What zone? You think we are in animation or something? Oh, right, we did… Heck! We aren’t in sports anime! ”

“You and your small brain… The Zone is a state of enlightenment when one approaches this state. They will continue to focus everything on what they targeted. In this case, Claude and the other Division D members wanted to beat each other down. So, until they defeat the person in front of them, they will continue to focus on the target. ”

” Even so, it’s impossible to last this long.”

“Well, what would you expect from a world filled with magic?”

“You just don’t know how to explain this, right? To use magic as an argument… haha ”

Leaving aside the squabbling ember and needle

As the bout progressed, Claude’s injuries got worse.

At the same time, 3 people were falling out of exhaustion. Seeing as there were 17 people left, using his meager amount of mana, he used Time Square towards the other 17.

“Huh? Why’d he use Time Square for another?”

“Hah! Even the great ember can’t grasp this simple logic?It’s exhausted them, of course!”

“I see, Time Square isn’t that mana-consuming. However, it’s more stamina consuming, since the magic didn’t actually use time as the basis, but instead increased the body’s metabolism. ”

“Er… yeah! That’s what I meant. ”

As they move faster, the others on the ground attack Claude like a bullet. Even if they are already aware that their stamina will deplete faster, they can’t miss this chance since the increasing metabolism means that they can attack Claude faster.

This move is a double-edged sword as, while Claude might be able to let his opponent consume more stamina, it’d also make him more vulnerable to the attack.

And, as expected, Claude is stabbed with five swords on his body, scratching each of his limbs.

Even so, he didn’t fall.

Claude continues to endure, even if his body is filled with holes and blood flows like a river from his body.

“How can he still stand from all those wounds?” Isolte said, while gasping in awe at the sight.

“It’s because of the blood of the troll he ate in the nightmare dungeon…” Fred answered.

“Was Troll’s blood that potent?” Kuro nonchalantly asked, and got slapped by Fred.

“You fucking dimwit, that troll isn’t a normal Troll. I don’t know what’s the race, but, it’s something that ate light. One of your incarnations found out about this after several deaths already! ”

“Hey, chill man! They are all NEET right now. It’s not like I know about that!”

“Anyway, what does this mean. The mutated Troll can extend his stamina and increase his recovery speed.” Isolte inquired as she continued to watch Claude evade the slash.

“Probably, but I guess it’s his state that makes him forget the exhaustion and pain right now.”

“How can he forget about the pain and exhaustion?” Isolte, admiring the sight of the man with the will of steel, continued to take down his enemies one after another, plastering the ground with his blood.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.” Girl, you don’t use common sense on Claude. He’s an insane brat, filled with insanity.”

“You actually say that now? Don’t you realize who made him like that?”

“Obviously, it’s you and Alex!”




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