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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 103: It’s been a while

E Chapter 103: It’s been a while



“Can you see what happened there?” Talhand asked as he squinted his eyes from another building beside the guild house.

Besides him, Elinalize and Roxy do the same.

The barrier that blanketed the guild house did nothing to stop eyes from seeing what happened inside. However, clouds of dust stopped them from seeing what was happening inside the training hall.

Even if the destruction to the surroundings had stopped, they could still feel a slight tremor now and then, and it had only recently stopped.

As they continued to peer on the ground to see what had happened, the cloud of dust thinned and they witnessed something that astounded them.

“What the hell is wrong with those groaning guys on the ground?” Talhand muttered as he stared at the scene.

“Their injuries, I think they’re not lightly injured. What the hell’s happened there?” Roxy stared hard at that, and Elinalize just licked her lips.

The fighting was stagnating after seeing that Claude was still surrounded by eight people from all sides. Even though the blade in his hand was quivering, he stared at his enemy with extreme focus.

On the other hand, his enemies’ weapons are trembling heavily, but their focus is pointed towards Claude.

“What kind of battle is this? Look they moved again!” Talhand shouted as the people continued their bout.

A slash towards Claude’s head, 3 towards his back, and 4 other stabs at his surroundings. locking him in the place without letting him have any place to escape.

“Wha… what kind of magic is that person using?” Roxy shouted at the new usage of magic she had never seen.

Claude instantly created a magic circle below him, creating a barrier spell to protect him from any attack targeting him.

Blocking the attack using the bit of mana left in him can’t be done, but the attack can be deflected successfully.

Using that simple time gap after they had exhausted more of their stamina from his Time Square, Claude took another 3 down with a simple roundhouse and a slash to his back.

Though he does get slashed by another person, he still succeeded in reducing the enemy number to 5.

“This is insane… Why’d they fight with their life on the line?” Roxy asked, inquiring about the battle she just saw.

I don’t know, what’d you expect from me? They are someone higher than me in expertise. ” Talhand was astounded by what he saw. Their dire will was to reach an even higher ranking in expertise, something that Talhand had already stopped trying to reach.

Suddenly, Elinalize said, “This is quite a sight. I never expected to see this kind of event happen again. I’ve only seen this a couple of times and none of them happened in this kind of sinister environment. Currently, they are in an enlightened state, an extremely focused situation where they will deal with what happened to them until the other is either down on the ground or dead. ”

Talhand couldn’t help but gulp at the wound that suddenly closed on Claude’s body.

The gaping wound of the slash can heal that fast; it’s something he’d never heard of.

“That blade is imbued with aura, right? How can it heal so fast, is he an immortal?” Talhand said as he pointed at Claude, clearly ignoring Elinalize’s explanation.

Roxy tried her best to judge the young man. She had plenty of experience to differentiate between human and demon. As he had traveled around the world for years, she could see that the young man was not a demon.

“No, he’s a human. He might have had some power regarding this, and the surrounding magic circle he created had a tint of spirit power like the one Elinalize used. ”

“Now that you mention it… I can see the spirit in the surrounding barrier blanketing the guild house also, but it’s somewhat different from the spirit I know of. ” Elinalize said as she continues to understand what kind of spirit exactly is in the environment.

Talhand just ignores them as he sees the fight from a distance. From their bout, he can feel his blood boiling in excitement. The combination of unknown technique and survival instinct is like a drug to him.

His left hand, that is usually used to hold the weapon, is dancing. Talhand can’t help but tap his feet and have an excited look on his face.

Breathing heavily, he goggled at the fight.

“I can’t help to feel the excitement. I also wanted to be included in that fight!” Talhand said excitedly.

“Are you insane? You want to die that badly?” Elinalize mocked, as she pointed to the other groaning people on the ground.

Not long after, a person suddenly appeared to bring the lost people to safety and treat them.

“Sensei! Why is she here? ” Roxy is astonished by the person she sees. She never expected her teacher to be inside of the building.




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