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Only Me – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Additional a lifetime life [2]


10 years, it’s the time they need to live through while being a brave, which is not summoned but reincarnated as a newborn baby. It’s the time they need to live through until they regain their memory as an earthling. While the summoned heroes need not wait, they had already had their memory of their late adventures, however, their times counted slower than the human on this planet, Riezet.

“Hey! Grim! Let’s play, it’s boring to stay like this all the time…” utter the boy that looks like a 7 years old.

“Non! I like this, I want to stay at home!” return the boy who looks even younger than the 7 years old boy.

“Eeh! Boring! Let’s play! You already 5 years old after all, let’s look for the summoned! I hear that they’re strong enough to kill an ogre by their selves!”

“… No! *sob* I want to stay here and read the book!”

“wa.. Wait! Don’t cry! Alright! We’ll stay at home so don’t cry!”


The late destructor of the planet, Grim Sherlock… born as one of the Brave, live his life as a child again, and be pampered by his surrounding people. All of the people which surround him never see him as a savior, as there are many of them.

Furthermore, the weed like summoned already enough for them. They don’t need to put their child in the frontline, as there are already too many of the summoned heroes. So the Braves that born were all seen as a little more special than normal children.

The world Riezet is a wonderful planet. A planet which seeks equality in the form of the wonderful way that is neither too arrogant nor too bothersome.

Do you want to be richer? Then work as an official! And manage the lives of others without complaint. Of course, you already know that official work has many things to do, and the paperwork, the counting, and others are too bothersome for some people.

Do you want to live a relaxed life? Then work as a farmer, and bring the harvest to the country! Then, you can be paid for it…

Do you want to be more useful? Then be soldiers! And kill the monsters so you can have a more peaceful life…

You don’t want to work? Okay… go there, and be eaten by the monsters in the outside world!

The life in the world that full of monsters is not an easy life… each day you can have a peaceful life, but not the real peace, at least here in the country of life… You will be protected by the Divine Protection of the one who rules; as long as you had a pure mindset… you can live a peaceful life and still be protected…

If you have a wicked mind, you will be purified and be poured with kindness by the residence, as long as you still have the evil that can be tolerated that is…

The country might be peaceful, but the world behind the scene of the official isn’t so peaceful, as the citizen already resigned their life to the ‘one who rules’. They believe whatever ‘the one who rules’ choose is the best for them…

However, once they choose the other, the one who chooses won’t stop them and let them feel the setback of their choice… learning and compassion, they all have withstood many setbacks, and ‘the one who rule’ always support them.

Their resignation isn’t in a way they’re hopeless in fact, all of the citizens were too smart that they already realize the outcome of the choice ‘the one who rule’ is better than they though. At the same time, they never stop to think. Every choice ‘the one who rule’ choose for them, they all think about it, and if ‘the one who rule’ choose the wrong choice, they will all inform him.

Thus, the coexistence between the two was never stopped; in fact, their bonds grew stronger. Although the humans’ life is short their generation after generation continue to coexist, they all realize that no being in this world was perfect. The quote was all planted in their mind, even to their descendant mind…

Thus, the summoned were never once left to dust or being slaved. They’re all equally being taken care of, no matter how spoiled they are, they are all once again treated with kindness, kindness was not all soft, sometimes a hard way of kindness too was being implemented…

This dream-like country could happen because the size isn’t that big, moreover, the thing could happen because the country were all intelligent species.

But please understand. The summoned were all the normal people with the average or lower some are above average power that is counted as a normal combatant in the world of Karma, Razor.

Then what about the stronger one? Yes, they’re all reincarnated as the brave. This is information you should know first before we continued.

A child is a blank paper, rather than make them believe that this world is a peaceful place it will be easier to make them see that the world is a peaceful place with more information behind the scene.

So, by the time they regain their memory, it will make them easier to change their way of thinking. In other word, changing their way of thinking as an adult is harder, so to make it simpler let’s just make them a child again for some time, then get their memory back so they can have an easier time to digest the way of thinking of the people in this world, and let them see that there are this kind of world…

So, let’s get back a little for a while.

You know that the summoned were not all a nice people, so how could they make the summoned, which is not a nice people changed to a nice people?

[Name] [Specification] [History of their life] [Their trauma]

That was the people of this world’s appraisal ability’s content… it’s not let them see what kind of skill they have, as long as the target approve it, they will be able to access their target’s back story, which let them see and understand each other.

“That guy! Yes, he is so pitiful to let’s make them feel better”

“That child! He’s so pitiful, let’s pat him and bring him a candy”

“That person! he is a criminal! Let them feel his victims feeling!”

“That woman! She’s so pitiful… let’s share a story with her…”

Those kinds of thing happen here and there for 10 years, although not all, most of them had a change of heart and see the world in a brighter light.

You could guess what kind of conversation they have, what kind of story that happens in the 10 years, and what kind of dialogue each and every person in the country have while dealing with the summoned.

If we talk about it then, the story will get too long that will make the story become a boring life advice kind of story, so please pardon me from that.

Meanwhile, on the library of the void…

“Were you really going to do that?”

“Of course, if I’m not they’ll stay there as long as they live…”

“Sigh… I really am looking forward to their future development….”

“ I bet you do! Even though it is from a parallel world, it’s still the earth I came from after all…”

“This planet sure is full of a surprise huh~”

“No doubt it is… the thread of destiny converges there after all…”

“The only place where no one could touch…”

“A place where protected, and tempered, while caged…”

“fufufu, it really will be fun once the pieces of puzzle start to gather…”

“Sure it is, hahaha… I will see what kind of face those ‘gods’ will make when they see the development of the humans that they though only as a fodder…”

“Bah! Those pricks only see something as stupid as that, that’s why they don’t have any threat to me. Furthermore, this vacation of ours will soon end you know?”

“Sigh… it really will huh, the cogwheels are put together in the place after all…”

“And the initiator also has shown himself…”

Looking at the projection in front of them, they feel joy, as well as tiredness coming from their hearts. The happiness the earthlings feels in Riezet were all could happen with the help of the spectator… However, this happiness and bliss they felt will soon… End…

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