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Only Me – Chapter 11

 Chapter 11: Goodbye [1]


“No! Richard!!”

“Damn it! Anton, go back! Fortify the defense!”

“Lynn! He’s not otherworlder like us! Why can you so nonchalant like that!”

“You were all the same! No matter otherworlder or not! Live is equal! Don’t hinder us, Anton! Go and fortify the defense so as to let the living stay alive!”


The man named Anton has his face distorted, while the man named Lynn stay the same. Their eyes interlocking each other in the gaze that tries to talk to each other, thus, not long after the man named Anton saw the fist that Lynn clench so hard that the blood overflowing.

The drip by drip of the blood is filled with resentment, and sadness that he understands very well, thus he looks to Lynn and without saying anything. He left the ground…

That event only happens for a while, amidst the blood and gore that happens here and there, the war between humanity on Riezet between the monsters… the stage has begun…

“Lynn! How the situation?!”

“Bad! Our northern wall cracked! Grim, go there and give them a backup!”


“Lynn… “


“Don’t die…”


Riezet… 20 years after their transmigration here, the summoned and the Braves has come to understanding, that they’re here to be trained not to have transmigration. However, they all feel the same… Although the summoned not feel the closeness as deep as the Brave that being raised as a normal citizen in the planet of Riezet, they feel compassion for their companion and best friends in Riezet…

They all have the same thought…

Of course, what I’m saying is only to the mass, there are a little of them that have a different feeling than others, however, overall feel the same.

Live for more than 20 years, under the roof of the planet named Riezet. However, suddenly…

“The hordes of monsters attack us! Prepare for the defensive war!”

The General, the one who states that have a shame-filled expression. Unable to defend the country, and seeking help to the citizen, for him it is a shame that will never be able to wash. Now, all the man that can’t do crafting or blacksmithing stay in the vanguard, while the woman and children stay in and help the logistic.

The braves that have regained their memory stand in front as the soldier that will protect their second country, their second home, and their parent that lives here…

The summoned and the braves are stronger than the normal soldiers, even stronger than most of the veteran, still, they aren’t all strong enough to defend the whole country that is too big after all the country could accommodate all of the more than 11 billion transmigrate.

Let’s say that there are 5 persons that deemed as the strongest in Riezet, thus 3 of them are all transmigrate and the 2 are these entire world people. Although there’s only 2, this 2’s power isn’t equal, it’s overpowering the 3 transmigrate.

“Lynn! The south wall has been breached! The communication there has already disconnected!”

“Damn! Order all of the others to retreat! I alone am enough to defend this wall!”

“Don’t be reckless! You’re not an otherworlder!”

“Shut up! and retreat!”

The overpowering aura of Lynn makes the man scared, he then ordered a retreat to the other in the western wall.

“Lynn! Be sure to come back!”

“… I will… I will come back!”

“Don’t break those words of yours!”

The man ran holding back his tears, the armies that hold the monsters retreating, in that time lapse, in order to protect the retreating soldier Lynn stood in the sea of the monsters. He let his dual swords out, the surface of the dual swords are all being covered by the glowing light.

The man named Lynn, the strongest of Riezet. The man who wasn’t recognized by the Akashic records and linked by the Grimoire… however, strong enough to make the transmigrate to fell down in submission.

Lynn slashed his dual sword to his surrounding, then the light on to blade expands and devour the monsters that surround him, like a ripple, the surrounding monsters all devoured and left only Lynn alone in the middle of the blood and gore.

In perspiration, he tries to not puke, and stay strong, looking towards the upcoming 3rd order of monsters, he stood firmly and planted his sword, thus letting another swords out of his storage ring, if the ‘gods’ see the swords that planted in the ground are all graded as  ‘Extra rare’.

A sword that only those angels that already achieve 7th order are able to use, and a grade that deemed as 5th strongest after; ultra-rare, Epic, Legendary, Myth, and Divine,

“Now come! You shitty beasts!”

That word of his became a chime of the slaughter he commences towards the wave after wave of monster, after unknown time the waves of the beast stopped. Lynn stood alone with the broken blades in his hand, the sword that left was only the blade in his hands. While all the others were all either broken or blunt.

“Sigh… Look at you, my friend… already so haggard after defeating only those of the 4th order and below…”

“Haah, haahm haah… shut it, Grim… or I’ll beat you again like the other day…”

“Hahaha, pardon me from that…”

“Fuuuh… So… how’s the progress of the inner wall?”

“Sigh… We lost Lynn… all of them are all…”


Lynn astonished, then he looks at the man who was called as the strongest transmigrate in front of him, then he realizes that the man that stood in front of him has a pale complexion, not like the brightness he always has…

“Which order?”

“4th… we’re all destroyed by the waves of the 4th order, it’s embarrassing but we lost to a wave that lesser than yours… *cough*”

Grim, coughed up blood. The wounds on his back expanded, and the overflowing blood in the ground tell the tales of how dire his situation is…

“It’s funny that me… the holder of the contrasting title were losing to the person that linked to the Akashic Records and Grimoire, however, it’s even more funny that the holder of contrasting title… the one whom able to destroy the planet of Karma losing, to the monsters of the 4th order…”

“.. hmph… how laughable… only a place that filled with a monster from the 3rd and below order that’s still fledging…”


He’s unable to finish his laugh, and then dropped to the ground.

“It’s alright Grim… you can just go, and protect your world…”

Lynn that seeing his friend on the ground sat and hold Grim’s body, even though he also covered with blood and wounds, he feels sore and hard to breathe, he still holds Grim with a composed face.

“I’m sorry… that I can’t help you anymore… and… I’m sorry that I can’t protect the country…”

“It’s alright… the one who rules already choose for us to be exterminated, so… we shall abide his will…”

Grim’s face distorted by hearing his reasoning.

“… FUCK! You were all dead! Not like me and the others like me who will be resurrected back to earth! Lynn! All of them are all…*pu chi*… why?…”

Grim look at his friend’s face, he who stabs him that already in his death throes, without even a shred of hesitation, looks at him, eyes to eyes.

“You all already did enough… no need to feel sad for us, because even if we can stay alive we will all be cowering in fear, and day by day waiting for our death to come… that’s why… our death shall be the fertilizer that nurtures you all, and let you see what happens to the loser… now please, leave and protect you home… Grim…”

The words are the last remark he says, Lynn then stood, leaving Grim that already stabbed and waiting for his end alone, in the ground.

At that time he starts to reminisce about the past 20 years that he spent with this Braves of a friend of his…

“Hey Let’s go and explore the world Grim! Don’t just sat and read a book like that!”

“NOOO, I don’t want to!!”

The two of them at 8 years old, Lynn pulling Grim out of the chair, while Grim grabbing the chair and his book, until he lost against Lynn and dragged to play with the other children.

“Hey… Let’s play Grim! Don’t lock yourself inside the room!”

“NO! You will drag me again if I don’t lock the room!”

“Haha! You think that you can hide from me behind that room?”

Kraak, the sound of the door being opened echoed within the room. There the 9 years old Grim look astonished at the look of Lynn, that grinning ears to ears and look at him playfully.

“Now let’s play!”


Once again, Grim grabbed to play with him outdoors.

“So, you’ve remembered about the past huh?”

“You’ve to know that already?…”

“Of course, we all know that, since the appraisal is used that way. It’s the reason your parent spoil you, you know?”

“Sigh… they’re really a nice family huh…”

“They’re yours Grim… they’re your father, mother, and big brother… so don’t act so distant like that and see them as yours and only your family…”

“Hmm… I guess you’re right, they’re all my family…”

“It’s not guessing, it is right!”

On his 10th of age, Grim remembered what happens to him the day before he is reincarnated to this world, including the day he killed his friend at the same time the day he lost consciousness…

“Grim! What the situation?”

“Bad! The walls have all been erected! This time’s horde of monsters is dangerous!”

It’s the time when they’re all 15 years old, the day that the war between the monsters and the humanity in Riezet took place, all in all the battle is steadily occurred, from the millions of horde of 1st and 2nd orde, in a year time many have been exhausted and many have lost their lives… no matter how many they stand tall, facing millions of 1st and 2nd orde of monster every day is an exhausting task. The first to fall is, of course, the citizen of Riezet.

“This time there’s many of 3rd orde command the lower orde Lynn!”

“Yeah… I fear that there’ll be no end to this swarm of monsters…”

“It’s been 3 years already… other worlders’ casualty has increased by hundreds of thousand…”

“Sigh… Let’s stood tall! The war soon will end…”

“I hope so…”

Then, the outer walls break…

“NOOO! Father! Mother! Brother!”

“Grim! The enemy is there! Don’t waste your parents’ life!”

“But! They’re all should still inside the inner wall if I’m not being wounded!”

“Clench your teeth!”

*Bang!* with that, Lynn Punch Grim in the face to not allow him to use the unique ability of his. And brought him away, with a word ‘I’m sorry uncle, aunt, Fred… I’ll take care of him in your stead…’ and left the place that is ravaged by the beast…

Sadly, their 5 years of fight comes to an end… in this day, the only survivor of this world’s human in the great walls is Lynn himself… the strongest of the great wall…

Soon, Grim’s body turns into light and dispersed. While Lynn stood and walk unsteadily to the world outside the ravaged wall…

“Goodbye my dear friends… let us seek each other again if there is another time for us… I’ve fulfilled my promise…”

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