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Only Me – Chapter 17

Chapter 17: New World [2]


The sounds of the rattling metal echoes in the warehouse, there sat on the ground creating a mechanically complex-looking thing, Ridwan.

[What’s the progress father?] ask the Laptop in a curious tone artificially created voice, atop a multi-purpose remote vehicle.

“hmmm, it’s hard to create an intelligent armor… I guess it only 3% since I started doing it…” answer Ridwan while working with the complex thing, and focus on it without even looking back at the laptop.

To continue our conversation, there are several things that needed to be known… that is:

  1. All of his accomplishment, all of his creation of a little less than 3 millennia all have been rewritten into a raw material after the world starts to revolve again…
  2. Out of all, only 3 things that aren’t rewritten. Which is;

– Gendis (R.C 06) his daughter and a miracle that is created by his desperate attempt, a life-form which had not yet have a physical body.

– All of the data, knowledge, and memories he accumulated over all of the little less than 3 millennia.

– Space box, and all that storage inside it. Although it’s normally should be reversed back to the raw state, in order to make Ridwan willing to save millions of humans in Indonesia, the Angels faction make it as a prize, which could be said a threat to Ridwan.

Thus, leaving aside the other thing that already reversed back to the state of the raw material, Ridwan only have 3 things in his not so amazing space box that could only store several things. A space box, which has space of 30m2, by all means, not that amazing…

However, the fact that he’s able to create this all by himself is the most astounding aspect, which could be said, even more, amazing than an Ultra-rare artifact or weapon by itself…

The reason that is… the damn thing ain’t using any external energy in it, it’s all purely using a fuel which Ridwan created himself out of some mix of air element with a little bit of electricity… a fuel that could be more hazardous than a nuke, and a fuel that much more tame than a nuke, a fuel which can make the world advanced by more than an era of knowledge and progress…

“Infinite Stratos aka IS, Hundred, Valkyrie, wyvern… the name of the machine in the Light novel and anime, even in manga vary each other. However, the fact that the thing is the same armor is intriguing… a mobile armor, which could be controlled using external energy, an item which allows human to have equal strength to a monster in a different orde… an armor, which could be stronger than a gund*m… kukuku… it would be awesome if I could create one, but combining circuit of mecha and artifact is indeed not so simple huh…”

[Ah… when you did upgrade Friteta’s artifact you’ve seen and learn about its circuit too, father?]

“Yes, and the thing isn’t that difficult to understand… I can even make one, with the right ingredient in hands too you know? Sadly, I presume the ingredient to create one has yet to emerge…”

[Oh… that’s sad…]

“Anyway, have you found out about the Dungeon that suddenly emerges from out of nowhere these days ndis?”

[From the new chatroom the sovereign create, they seem to call it a training ground…]

“Created by the gods’ faction?”

[No… it’s created by the Satan faction… they, created in order to train the animals and make them one of theirs…]

“that’s why those rulers of each region keep wary to the dungeon…”

[Father, the satellite which you sent to space just yesterday has finished orbiting the earth a time, and ready to give the report…]

“Ooh, that’s sure is fast… so, how?”

[Based on its calculation, a month after the outbreak… more than 12 little countries, like maladewa has been erased from the earth along with its citizen…]

“The damage count is?…”

[over 1 billion human decimated in the outbreak]

“That’s… a little less than my estimation, but I think it’s because the spectator interference in increasing the time of training the returnee did for another 20 years in Riezet, am I right?”

[Yes… the angels’ faction train them for 20 years in a 4 different world, while the Spectator heal them and let them learn of what will happen to the world which loses to the outbreak monster in another 20 years, along with the abandoned which already dead in our time father…]

“World of Ki, Zion, they learn to be a soldier there. World of Mana, Magus, they learn to be a student there. World of Chakra, Fried, the place they learn crafting and countryside like of feeling, in a world where civilization isn’t progressing that much…”

[And world of Karma, Razor. where they learn about the feeling as a livestock and their life as a battle slave which the sovereign of theirs control… A life full of trauma and pain…]

“I feel like if the Spectator isn’t let them take a breather and psychological healing in Riezet, I bet the humans would be left with less than a quarter of survivor… a place full of mutated monster…”

[There’s 80% that your prediction is true father, while 20% of the prediction showing that the earthling will be left with a little more than 100 million survivors separated by the sea…]

“sigh… I sure am puzzled whether the gods want the earthlings to extinct or survive…”

“We do hope for the humanity to survive child…”

The voice made the laptop and the teenage there surprised. There, stood angel without any presence, and body… only their voice which echoes in the surrounding. This, make them in alert and ready in their battle position.

Eh? Why could they know it’s an angel? Because, even if there’s nobody, the feathers hovered here and there.

The laptop, atop the multi-purpose vehicle, standby everything it had. Every weapon it can let out. Even the surrounding mechanical device hacked and became its detection device.

While the teenager just stood there, without any stance by itself, no… he has no gap in his stance, by stood itself and readying his muscle, he already ready to move in a flash; be it offense or defense, it is all his fruit of knowledge after eons of training his body without any break, and his hunt to exterminate all animals in earth…

“hoho~ what a neat stance you have there” the voice echoes

“Isn’t it rude for you to not show yourself?”

“Letting you hear my voice is already a blessing for you, mortal… so, don’t expect more of it…” in a slightly eerie tone, the voice replied.

Moving his body slightly and counter the attack from the unknown entity, Ridwan thrust his knuckle and twist it, the sound of the wind which being twisted by the fist is so loud that it’s reverberated in the ears, even some of the glass around the room cracked, or even shattered by his fist sonic boom.

“You are getting more and ruder don’t you? To attack me in your invisible form…” says Ridwan in a threatening tone, which implied he will not hold back next time…

“You… what are you?…”

“It should be my question… miss angel… no, perhaps I should say… Miss Seraphim?” answer him in a slightly interested tone.

*Vwooosh* the wind in the surrounding twisted, and let the world see a tornado which envelops the barren of humans location, unlike the normal tornado, this twisting wind doesn’t suck anything. It only shows the world that it is there, however the sound itself betrays the spectacle.

The angel appearing itself, and they are met with each other, without animosity in her eyes the angel, no… the Seraphim look at Ridwan, the human that capable to understand that the one in his presence isn’t a mere angel.

“To realize who I am just by a slight touch… as expected of a person which History perceive… how keen your sense is, missing era’s creature… with the name of Ridwan…”

“Hoo, so they call me Missing era’s Creature now? Not a millennium?”

“As expected, you are keen… less than 3 thousand years, how that could mean a mere millennium?”

“You believe the thing? Just by a mere angels report? How intriguing, for a Seraphim to believe an angel’s report without further investigation”

“No no no, by all means, we have completed our investigation, and the proofs have been received… for a mere human to be able to live for an era… how intriguing…”

“Hoo, that’s fast huh, as expected of the gods’ faction…” says Ridwan with a hint of sarcasm

“Watch your tongue human… although we did have a high regard for your ability, it doesn’t mean we will allow your sarcasm to us…” say the seraphim with glare

“How could I respect someone whose don’t even respect me? Do you realize O esteemed Seraphim? That you yourself rudely come to my base and rudely attack me? You weren’t even introducing yourself? Isn’t that mean you look down on me, O high seraphim…” reply him in a monotone, a mocking tone which looks down on his interlocutors.

“*Glare* be overjoyed, you low-class human, my name is Firuel, 8th orde angel, Seraphim of…”

*BOOM* the jarring sound which reverberates in the surrounding, strong enough to create and earthquake and disintegrate the tornado that surrounds the place, stop Firuel’s speech.

“I don’t care anymore, just go to sleep… bitch”

The source of the sound is Ridwan’s fist, a fist that contained an essence of Karma, unleashed the truest power and enters the Seraphim’s body. Without even a chance to defend herself… no, even if she did know that Ridwan will attack her out of the blue. Moreover, with the item, he created out of accident being activated… she’s even more vulnerable than a baby in front of Ridwan.

Firuel, the prideful Seraphim whose govern Justice, will not take a stance in order to defend against a puny human which hadn’t even received their 2nd orde upgrade attack. She believes no matter how old and strong the human is… the being wouldn’t be able to bring her harm…

In truth, not even a 7th orde angel able to harm her… that is the truth which she knows…

To be exact, that is the world truth. No matter how strong a person is, they’ll never be able to deceive the records, and they would never be able to defeat someone which is several orde above them… however, she forgets… that this world isn’t revolve around the orde…

Furthermore, she forgets that she… is not invincible…