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Only Me – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: New World [5]

What is the meaning of points in the status box? It means you…

Status will show your numeral point of the relevant trait of yours; Def means your maximal capacity in defense, Str means your maximal capacity in attack power or strength, Int means your intelligence, Res means your resistance, Acc means your accuracy, and Agi means your agility or speed you can run per second…

However, status isn’t all mighty and invincible…

Because you might die in the hand of someone weaker than you because the Akashic records have no HP gauge and endurance which let you see how healthy you are

-Frieza, Seraphim of Integrity’s lecture no.1

                In the void, on the outer mantles of the Earth, there fly a spaceship of an intergalactic police. While in the middle of the meeting room, the occasionally cheerful atmosphere which always there on the spaceship was gone…

“The HQ has ordered us to stop the surveillance…” said the man in a space-police uniform, with black eyes, and black hair, wearing a patch on his right eye…

“Sigh… then? What did the HQ say?” reply a teen which look like in his later teens, wearing a space-police uniform, blonde hair, with green eyes.

“They want all of us to come back to the HQ… you should know what they thought right?… Anton…”

“Of course I did, Captain Line…” Say Anton in exasperated sigh… “I am, already 57 years in mental age after all…”

“Um… Well, it’s not like I do doubt you. But, you know… for some 40 years to pass without even our surveillance could detect is somehow…” (Captain Line)

“Sure… I understand, but, my prowess should be more than enough for you to understand it right?” (Anton)

“No… you are, after all, a person being chosen by Parents, so your change is not really that weird to have you become stronger… or so they say…” (Captain Line) “Anyway, there won’t be anything anymore to say. You, along with Suzumi were hereby commissioned to be on standby in the earth. That’s it…”

“Xiarz!” reply Anton, dejectedly.

Not long after that, Anton teleported back on earth along with Suzumi. He silently looks up, an expression of sadness and disappointed could be seen. Suzumi only looks at the crestfallen Anton beside her and didn’t say anything.

Anton pulling a communication device from his pocket, and call a person with it.

“Failed… I’m sorry, but I guess we need to Inform Grim and the others…” (Anton)

“Alright… Guess, we’ll face an alien before we face our 2nd outbreak huh…” A man’s sound could be heard from the communication device.

“It’s not even funny you know… somehow… facing my own comrade is a little…” Reply Anton

“Hey… In Riezet, don’t you realize how many of our comrades point their sword in front of our face? In the end, we even kill them…”

“Yeah… you’re right Grim…”

“Oh?! Hey, alert me when that thing attacks me, you good for nothing !@#” yes the man who Anton call is Grim…

“Hey, what’s happening to you! Grim?!”

“Oh, sorry… I kinda busy here~ call you later! Biip” the call closed, Anton could only sigh, and look at Suzumi in a bright smile.

“Let’s go…” chirp Anton to Suzumi, while the latter only nodded and follow him with a puzzled look on her face.

Meanwhile, in another place on earth, sit in front of the screen. Ridwan looking at the playback of the meeting between Anton and Captain Line, along with the meeting hall in the Space-Police’s HQ.
“Hmm, so the Aliens also want to be included in our games huh…”

[What should we do father?]

“Alright! Let’s go and travel the galaxy!” said Ridwan cheerfully without thinking that the Aliens could become a threat to him, unlike Grim and Anton, which already planned for the worst case of scenario, which is…

“Let me in on it too!” said Firuel, in an amused tone of voice.

“No! you’re too dangerous creep!” Reply Ridwan in a disgusted manner

[Yeah! Creep!] chide Gendis

“Kuh… you make me almost get org*sm here… anyway, there’s no way I’ve not come with you since there’ll be a possibility of another rival in love who join in after the annihilation of Space-polices’ army” said Firuel in a low tone, which is being heard by Ridwan and Gendis… but beautifully ignored.

“Anyhow! There’s no way you’d go and left me here since I am your overseer!” Add Firuel in a high-spirited way

“Do as you wish then… well, how’s the progress in our Cathedral Terra?” ask Ridwan

[The progress has been commenced since 1 week ago, after the creep’s meeting, so, there’s 50% progress increment. While there’s still the problem with fuel on our spaceship… after all, the super galaxy G*rren lag*nn is a massive space ship which almost at the same size of earth….]

“Wow… in just a week, it’s already half done, as expected of my daughter!” praise Ridwan.

“If it’s me, it’ll be done with my speed… after all, I’m faster than that space ship by a lot!” boast Firuel.

“Sigh… this stupid angel really don’t understand the romanticism of creating an amazing thing with our hands by our-self, right Gendis?”

[Yeah! Yeah! Anyway, there’s still another week until Cathedral Terra completed, what’ll you do in that time father?]

“Let’s see… alright! I’ve got a bright idea!”

The Gods’ Faction and Satan’s Faction were in a ceasefire. Although the Satan’s faction which was on the winning side grumble about the sudden ceasefire. Not many of them came and rip act mindlessly because of their disappointment.

Instead of that, the Satan’s faction started to use the animals on earth and train them to be a useful pawn for them.

Using dungeons as their training ground, and seek for the best of the best, as their ally to control Earth. Thus, the dispute between Gods’ and Satan faction was disappeared, at least in the surface.

The great bridge of Ra… it is an amazing spectacle which amazed every human on earth, not just human… Even the aliens, angels, and demons, of course, the intelligent animals too were all being amazed.

With a span of hundreds of thousands of Kilometer… the massive size of the bridge itself makes them scared…

Over technology… is what’d be described upon this bridge which has a massive size that equal half of Europe size, connecting an archipelago country named Indonesia as one country…

Water? Sea water?

The bridge of Ra is found 2 months after the outbreak, and the structure itself could be called as virtual, an augmented virtual building. It means that at a certain point the bridge can be a mass of hologram and at a certain time it could be a concrete that can handle 1000 ton truck atop it.

It’s a wonder, which makes the returnee amazed at this. The low leveled angels and demons won’t put their hands on this because they see this building as a mere fashion, a jewelry that has no real price on the war.

However, for those in the higher realm…

It’s a massive invention, which could make them win the war in a sweep. However, the truth behind this Bridge of Ra is unknown, and they left it as the Spectator’s gift for the earthlings… as the Spectator could make something like this effortlessly…

The Bridge of Ra, soon, became the connector between each island in Indonesia, and there’s many who choose live there… as the Bridge of Ra… is the only place where there aren’t any monsters reside in…



While the curtain of the new world being risen, the human choose to stand on their stubbornness and try to stand in the past, searching a way to live a life, which could make them be at peace…

living in despair for more than 20 years, and then, receiving a despair, so heavy they want to be dead more than be alive. feeling their powerlessness, and try to forget the painful past, the painful memory, and the despair they see when the day they need to protect, became the day they lose their beloved…

the world, the new world, gave them no hope, and only bring bitterness to their world.

the bitterness, which left no sweetness at all… stealing the hope they pick on the way back and left them no more chance to redo the past…

thus, the day they receive the despair they’re in…

ray of light…

ray of hope, once again, shine upon them…

The safest place on Earth…

The Bridge of Ra constructed out of nowhere and left no monster to dare to stand even stand behind the shadow of it…

thus, bring joy and peace to them, the runner… the one who runs away from truth and stay to be alive in lies…

Soon, the country of Ra will erect, and then… what will happen?

Shall the time, answer the question, and be the proof of human’s choice…

“Damnnnn, look at tha’ beach in heat there… so sexy…”

[Ei! father, it’s a cogwheel! why have your sexual preference degenerating… *palm face image*]