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Only Me – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: New World [6]

In the middle of the darkness, the sound of metals clashed echoes. The smell of Iron permeating in the air, and the screech of a being filled with agony and despair could be heard.

By the time the sound of clashing metal over, a sound of meats being pierced and enraged voice of another being could be heard. This time, the impacts of the tail of the being make a boom. Green blood and red blood could be seen splattered in the place.

Not long after, the sound stopped. A relieved sigh and a gasp of breath loudly echoed in the room.

“hah hah hah… Damn it! How could a mere sub-class boss were this strong?!” shouted the man which wielding a rapier, which being stabbed on the ground to keep him standing.

“Of course, what did you expect from a 3rd layered monster!” said the little thingy that flies around the man.

Of course, the man was Grim and the little thingy is Friteta in his chibi form of support angel. This time, he’s in the 1st layer of the Dungeon of Trist, a dungeon which being discovered on the northern side of England.

“This is bad… If this thing is having an overcapacity England would surely be perished… I mean, this thing located in the middle of Newcastle, Durham, Leeds, and Carlisle…” Said, Grim, while panting.

“Seriously, you’re really weak… only battled against a mere 3rd orde monster and \you’ve already gasping for breath?” mock Friteta

“Shut it! It’s 100 of 3rd orde monster with a Pinnacle 3rd orde monster damn it! A level 130 monster with the horde of over level 70 monsters, moreover, the damn thing has a metal skin!” Add Grim

“Hmmph! It’s just that you’re a weak person, with a weak weapon!”

“Grrr! dang, it! I would easily kill it if you don’t lock my re-write unique skill!”

“Hey! I’m protecting you, you know?! If you used it in your 0th orde, it’ll only give you a bad after effect like you did in Razor!”

“Sigh… Okay, okay! I won’t use that skill while still in my 0th to 3rd orde! So just stop screeching in my ears! I’m too tired to hear that explanation over and over again!”

After several hours of rest, Grim proceed to the stairs which located on the floor, a floor which suddenly opened after defeating the sub-boss on the 1st layer. Step by step he took seems to be soo long, that he sometimes gasping for breath.

The pressure being emanated by the last floor on the 1st layer from the 3 layered dungeons, the floor where the real boss resides in.

It’s the first time since Riezet, where he’ll be facing a monster that has the power of a 4th orde level 200 by himself… being alone really isn’t fun at all… is what he thought of…

Thus he faced the 4th orde level 200 monster alone.

The monster has a hard as diamond’s skin, along with claws that could tear a tank apart easily. However, each slash it makes weren’t able to create a mark on neither the dungeon’s wall nor floor. The impact, however, creating a screeching sound, enough to make a person bled their ears on hearing the screech.

Hearing the screech, of course, Grim’s bled his ears. It’s lucky that he’s still standing no matter how many injuries he receives, otherwise, if he, in any case, drop down and roll on the ground when heard the screech, he would already be squashed by the paw of the monster.

[4th orde] [Chimera] [a monster which had the head of a lion, along with snake, and the tail of a dragon. Some say, that the monster isn’t a being created by a human, but a toy the demons create… be aware, that the monster is a jack in the box which has many differences between each other.]

A chimera, the enemy which normally shouldn’t be there yet, there… guarding the 1st layer as the boss, of the 3 layered dungeons…

Now, the enemy which should be easy to defeat became something that’s can easily be exterminated…

“Damn! My ears hurtin like hell! Let’s run!” (Grim)

“No! you shouldn’t run! If the thing is following outside will be decimated!” (Friteta)

“Damn angel! This thing is as strong as a lower 5th orde monster! How can I defeat it?! Moreover, isn’t you say that there should be only a monster in the earth? What were outer-earth monster do here?!”

“How should I know?! It’s a probability! Anyway, if you run without defeating this thing, you will lead it outside! So, better not run!”

“Sigh… so, it’s either die here or die outside along with others… alright!”

“Status! Activate unique skill!”


While running, Grim quarrel with his support angel, the dungeon, the more layer it has, the stronger the monster is… thus, the intelligence of the monster will, too, deeper… some may even smarter than a human, while some… may even be more stupid than a human, but stronger by fold…

And, the chimera he fought now is the latter, which won’t go out unless he ran, and attract the chimera to chase him. It’s either hides in the dungeon, which is not possible because the snake head the chimera had enabled it to search him using it’s searching ability. While the other choice is…

Defeat the monster…

Thus, leaving without any running path…. Grim choose to defeat the monster, and… use his unique talent… Re-Write…


“Idiot! What shall I do?!” the support angel grumbling while using a barrier to surround Grim, which is in agony of his rewrite.

The rewrite he chose was a rewriting of his gene, in order to be faster. Each and every one of the strands of muscle surrounds his lower and upper leg, which were in constant destruction and heal… and risen by… 100 point…


The barrier destroyed by the constant slashing and bite of the chimera, after all, the enemy in front of them is a specialized chimera in… prowess…

The force of the chimera equal or even more than a normal 5th orde monster, which meant… 1300… a point in Atk of 1300, is the chimera’s surprise, while others are on their 3rd or even 2nd orde of status…

This is what made a chimera only a 4th orde monster… the inequality in their status…

Normal 4th orde monster will either has status point in between of 500 and 1000, those at their highest level will vary between 800-1000, however, such a case won’t happen in chimera… as they have no constant status in theirs…

While Grim, on the other hand…

[Grim Sherlock] [LV-10] [UQ ready – 1st orde Paladin]

[Ki] 30/100[Mana] 50/130[Chakra] 100/200 [Karma] 20/120


Atk: 300  Acc: 235
Agi: 510 [up 110]Def: 440
Int: 250Res: 360


Unused point: 190

Exp: 0/X



Sword art            LV 11

Run                     LV 14


Unique Skill:

Rewrite [no.999]


Upgrade Quest:

Hunt 3rd orde monster               340/455

Collect 1200 2nd orde monster core   900/1200

Conquer 3 layered Dungeon 0/1



The rewritten status meant that the rewrite has been completed as a success… and his agility has increased to the point of… the same as a lower 4th orde monster…

Now, the crumbling barrier has been smitten to dust by the power of the chimera…

However, Grim and Friteta… able to run at the right time, and safely stood behind the chimera that still looking at the barrier under its paw.

“Are you an idiot?! Damn, you should inform me first when using that skill! We almost crushed there you know?!”

“Well, sorry, I need to do that fast and done fast after all, anyway~ let’s continue our attack!”

The battle against the Chimera continued… thus, their battle constantly increases in intensity, Grim will avoid the onslaught of the chimera with his agility, while the Chimera will nonchalantly receive the attack of Grim.

Their battle spent over 4 hours, it is a battle which the one who’s tired first will lose their life, a battle of attrition… however, the chimera still energized… only, Grim who’s breathing hard…

Their battle soon ended…. With Grim as the winner, using Chimera’s arrogant, and the gap which the chimera left, he cut the snake’s head, then cut the tail, last, Grim used all his power to cut the chimera’s head…

Now, the battle’s over…

“sigh… let’s have a break first… *thud*” said Grim, and faint…

“Sleep well, ” said Friteta in tender expression, looking at Grim wit a glad face, and put up a barrier to surround him.

After 5 hours of rest, Grim woke up, atop Friteta’s thigh… and flustered at her face, which could be said as beautiful. Although he isn’t a virgin and has many experiences in love, and separation, he still enchanted by this support angel of his…

A beauty which could be defined as a world class, a beauty that could enchant the world, and left them to kowtow in respect of her beauty, if she stays silent that is…

“Oh, you’ve awake! Then, let’s go and explore further!” said Friteta.

Grim just stay silent and stood, while walking further along the path… looking pale, he turns back and ran as fast as he could…

“Damn it!!! Why were you lying to me?! That thing is fucking dangerous!?” said Grim while running away from the horde of monster that clouded the vision.

“Why should I know that?! I mean, the angels only tell me that there’s already a 3 layered dungeon in the area of the earth!”

“Damn it! Killing 1 thing already put me in near death experience and look that!”

“sigh… this is why the earth is such a… jack in a box…”

The cloud of dust lessen, and the horde of monster could be seen…

“Damn Chimera!! Don’t follow us, and come back to your territory!” shout Ridwan, while ran as fast as he can at the horde of Chimera behind him…

He ran, and ran and ran until he reaches the stairs… there, he found a wall… hindering the way to the stairs… it’s an invisible wall, which can be touch, couldn’t be passed… a wall, which left him no way to escape through anymore…

Grim turn back and face the chimeras… he takes a look at those monsters, which suddenly stops and see him from a 5-meter distance, look slightly anxious, and screaming, brattling and roaring many unknown in their voices.

Of course, Grim didn’t understand what the heck did the chimeras talk, and didn’t realize the anxiousness. He shut his eyes, reminiscing all that happen in his 60 years of life, all this time… 20 years in earth another 20 in 4 different planets and 20 years in Riezet…

The day the outbreak in Riezet, and the day… when he died for another time in Riezet… the scene resurrects as if the memories of his is a movie….

He braves himself and activated another Re-write…

Or so it should be…

Before he even opens his eyes, the bloodcurdling screams of the chimeras reverberated. The shrill scream, as if, they want to say ‘Kill me’ were being tragically understood by their, should be prey.

Grim opened his eyes, and see… a scene… which left him… completely flabbergasted…

“Oh, you’ve to open your eyes eh? I’ll take these chimeras for me anyway, so you should just go on and continue your journey to the deepest part of the dungeon~”

Say the man who’s being nonchalantly stripping the chimeras body, piece by piece while the monster still alive and screaming…

A dungeon is a place where we train our future slave.

It should be a place like that, until the day, the spectator is shown itself.

He nonchalantly recreates and take over the dungeon, and materialize it here and there with a brand new system, which left even me flabbergasted.

Now, even though the dungeon still ours… it’s becoming an over technology for us, the Satan’s faction to understand….

-Satan’s Lament

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