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Only Me – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: New World [4]


Orde has a different layer, those who has overcome their 1st Upgrade Quest will be deemed as a 1st Orde. Those who’ve already overcome their 2nd UQ will be deemed as a 2nd Orde, and so on… Orde is a barrier which will leave you full of hope or could even shatter your hope. The limit is another name for Orde. A person that has overcome their limit will break through the orde and able to raise their level cap. The level cap is a limit of a person, it is a wall which stopping them from getting stronger. And those who stop being strong area prey for those who want to get strong.

The first orde will be held at the time once get to level 10, which is the limit of what a normal human can reach without the help of Akashic Records, and the pinnacle of their maximal capability in increasing their strength.

While the 2nd time they’ll face an UQ is at the time they reach level 30. Many said that 2nd orde is a line between a monster and a human. Those who reach their 2nd order, in a normal civilization that doesn’t use their External Energy will be in awe at how amazing a being that already breakthrough their 2nd orde and refer them as their god… while those who already used External Energy in their civilization will deem 2nd orde user as a higher being than theirs…

A human can increase their power with the help of External Energy. However, with the guidance of Akashic records, those users of the 3rd orde and lower can only be seen as a fodder. The faction will only see and deem you as a mere fodder IF you were all can’t pass through the 3rd wall which obstructs you.

0th orde will only last for 10 level, 1st orde will last for 20 level, 3rd orde will last for 100 level, 4th orde will last for 170 level, 5th orde will last for 200 level, 5th orde will last for 300 level, 6th orde will last for 50 level, 7th orde will last for 40 levels, and 8th orde will last for 15 level…

They say that it will be easier once you reach 6th orde and so on; however, only a fool could say that, because once you reach the 6th orde, experience from those of the lower orde will stop and only the experience gathered from killing another 6th orde or higher will be counted. Furthermore, the experience is too small, that it didn’t even satisfy the need to level up from level 0 to 1 in the 0th orde…

-Seraphim of Knowledge’s Banter

            In the wide hall, there stood 4 projections of Seraphim, their face was all in blurs, while the only visible faces there are only Triuel the Seraphim of Balance and Firuel the Seraphim of Justice.

The Seraphim of Justice, Firuel; a blond woman with a beautifully glossy hair and deep red-amber eyes, which glow in the already bright hall, while the Seraphim of Balance. Triuel is the person which had a green hair, with penetrating blue eyes which were glowing with intellect.

“Our plans to eliminate unneeded earthlings are all being disrupted by the Spectator. Moreover, the human’s intellect and experience has all been increased by the spectator’s interference”

“However, the balance between ours and the Satan’s faction has been re-established… by his words, the time for peace will last for at least…”

“5 years”

“Yes, the ceasefire agreement was being held by the Spectator the offender will receive heavy punishment…”

“In these 5 years, Firuel and Triuel will be in charge of Earth and its universe… while we will be in charge of the frontline”

The projection talks one by one, alternately continuing each and every statement the other says.

“Understood… Then, I’ll leave the Otherworld to you all…” reply Triuel the Seraphim of Balance.

“Of course you guys will, this universe isn’t a place which has abundant external energy! Not like the otherworld which could make you easier to level up!” shout Firuel the Seraphim of Justice.

“Take it easy Firuel, your shout only rang on my ears, not theirs…” reply Triuel whose shut his ears with his hands, to lessen the sound of Firuel’s shout.

While the others in the projector could be seen to have a cold sweat upon hearing Firuel’s shout.

“Humph, you guys were all not here because your own selfishness and weakness, don’t you dare to state something like you’re hella strong! Damn sissy!” continue Firuel… “you wanna take some of my fists?! Don’t act mysteriously and idiotic like that and just show your damn f*cking face already! Or should we just change our jurisdiction, ah?!” shouted her in a thug like act.

“Sigh… you guys hear her… I don’t wanna get myself in trouble so I’ll stop my hide function…” the man in one of the projection says, and not long after, his face could be seen…

While the others also follow.

“Now it’s better! Let’s talk then” (Firuel)

The room started to buzz again, and the real meeting of the Seraphim has begun itself…

Meanwhile in the warehouse of Jayapura’s Harbor, sat there a man along with a laptop. Watching the drama that happens the meeting of Seraphims…

[Father, do you really think they won’t realize that you spy on them?]

“well, seeing their interaction with that pervert, I believe it’ll be okay…”

[What if the God show himself at the meeting…]

“There’s that possibility too, but I doubt that will happen since based on her information. The Gods never put their hands on the Seraphims job, since it’ll make them look bad…”

[Oh well, let’s continue to watch…]

“Okay, let’s see the drama that’ll happen there~”

Back to the meeting room.

“So, what do you think of the Missing era’s human? Is there any change in him Firuel?” say the man in a black garment with a black framed glass, the Seraphims of Knowledge, Griblats.

“I will say, he’s evolved into a new being which I had no understanding of… I presume the Akashic record also deem him as a new species…” Said Firuel

“Impossible! Akashic records know all, there’s no way he’s from an unknown race!” Shout the man with Green hair and long ears with leaf-green eyes, the Seraphim of nature, Rilelf.

“Silent Rilelf, you’re being too cocky in front of Firuel, Brown haired,” said a man with a stern face and a deep voice, the man named Frieza, Seraphim ofBrown-haired with deep dark-brown eyes which glowing eerily even in the projection.

“I will ignore this for once Rilelf, know yourself… or I will act in accordance with your attitude…” said Firuel in an emotionless voice.

Rilelf who’s heard the voices; stop his impudence and bow while apologizing. However, he grits his teeth and strengthens his grip on the humiliation he receives.

“Now then, let’s continue the talk” Continue Triuel while ignoring the attitude of Rilelf that could blatantly be seen by other Seraphim. “Ludricus, you don’t have anything to say?”

Ludricus the Seraphim of craft, a girl with a petite body that could be seen holding an artifact with interest in her Light green eyes, could be seen in the last projector, which is on the leftmost side of the room.

“Do you really say that this artifact is upgraded by a mere human? Moreover, in less than a month?” said Ludricus in a doubt.

“I don’t know, the report from your most beloved disciple even saying it’s being done by mere hours… what do you think about it?” (Triuel)
“I will say, that he has equal… no even higher skill in craft than me if that really is true… and by no means, we should make him our enemies… well, if we should make him our enemy, then we must kill him before too late… that’s what my opinion is…” The former statement she voiced in a cheerful and somehow envy-full tone, while the latter part she says it in a cold and determined voice, which gave Ridwan a cold sweat in front of the screen.

“I agree with Lud…” (Rilelf)

“Assume that I too agree with her” (Frieza)

“In my opinion, we should just brainwash him, and make him our loyal slave which will not betray us, and always provide us with more and more artifact…” (Griblats)

“Denied, a good craft will never be created by that kind of scheme… moreover, I won’t allow a good artificer became a slave… it’ll put disgrace to our artist disposition…” Growl Ludicrous in a heavy tone, which left other feel threatened by her…

“I believe we will reject Griblats opinion and goes along with Lud’s proposition…” said Triuel.

“No objection” said by the other Seraphim along with Griblets, and Firuel.

“Alright then, how about the investigation Firuel? Do you believe we can use him as our ally?” (Triuel)

“I… don’t” said Firuel thoughtlessly, which make the others stunned in disbelief along with Ridwan and Gendis… “However, I believe I can use him as a pawn, after all, he’s already in love with me” continue Firuel.

“Bah.. wahahahaha” laughter and cackling sound echoing around the room, not even Gendis and Ridwan whom in another place in front of a screen left calm.

Although they’re all laugh, they’ve all different though…

‘Of course! She’s so smart! I don’t believe she can contrast what happens, and make a lie like that’ Ridwan thought.

‘Another fool fall on this witch palm’ is what other Seraphim thought because there are many angels whose already fall and used to death by her, even before the time she became a Seraphim. This angel of Justice has a wicked mind about others whose fell for her…

While they might laugh at her, they’ve all think otherwise… although it is funny, it’s also terrifying.

Less you should think whether what she says is truth or not,  the more you’ll get caught in the quagmire.

Firuel isn’t a mere idiotic fool who thought of Justice all the time…

The meeting soon over, with Firuel as the one who’s taking charge of the unknown entity called ‘Ridwan’.

Meanwhile, in England…

“Hey! Lizzy, you cheated again! You can bring another card from your sleeve and make it a pair!”

“Don’t joke with me Grim! I win! That’s all you need to know!”

“Damn old hag! Can’t you play fairly?!”

“Hey?! Don’t point your finger at me! Even if I’m old, I’m still Queen Elizabeth you know!”

Queen Elizabeth # and Grim have a quarrel inside if the Buckingham Palace, while the guards only sigh and let them do as they want to…

Being unseen by others aside of Grim, Friteta can only sigh at the person he takes charge in and receives a notice from the HQ…

“Alright Grim, stop playing and let’s go to the 3rd layered Dungeon!” said Friteta, and disturb Queen Elizabeth # with Grim.

“Eh? What’s that?” ask him directly, and make Queen Elizabeth puzzled by his sudden question.

“HQ has found the 3rd layered dungeon, so we’ll go there directly since we don’t know when the thing will go boom…” reply Friteta.

“Where is it?”

“North of England…”

“Alright, let’s go…” his countenance changed. This sudden change caused Queen Elizabeth to frown, however, she didn’t ask him anything and just let him go directly…

“Pardon me your majesty, but. Is it alright to just let him go away like that?” asked the guard, who’s in charge of her safety…

“Tell me your average point in your status?” question back Queen Elizabeth #.

“It’s already at level ten and 70s in all your majesty” reply the guard proudly

“Then even if you want to hold him off, you can’t… he’s a monster with an average of 300 points in his status…”

The guard just stays there and has an astonished look on his face. An expression which filled with disbelief and fright…

“Well, he’s my friend too after all, so just let him be…  you must be a new guard, right? You should ask more from your senior, so please step aside… I want to attend the meeting up floor…”

“Well, even if you’re a new guard here, you should know the devil of Razor… yes, he is the devil of Razor…” whisper Lizzy.

Thus the guards step aside and follow behind Queen Elizabeth, which has a stern face in her expression. As if, another calamity will befall the world…


“Hah… Now, the quest should be done~” said the man while looking at the Green-lantern-like drone 3d printing a thing atop the Hindi sea and Pacific sea, which divides the archipelago country of Indonesia.

[Well, the thing should be done before the Psycho come back right, father?]

“You’re the one who calculated it gendis… why were you asking me the question then?…”

[it’s just a conversation topic, oh, my dense father…]

“Well, okay then…”


awkward air surrounds the father-daughter combi.

“Oh, right, how’s the progress of the thing?”

[Will be completed, well, the thing already created, it’ll wait for a little while after the Bridge completed… then, after some maintenance here and there, they’ll come out]

“Hmm, then we can see them after our adventure in the spacious galaxy…”

[According to the calculation that is… several days after our departure in Cathedral Terra, father…]

“Hmm, I just need a L@gann then, make a G%rren, thus creating super galaxy G$$#@ $#@nn will be a reality!”

[Sigh… up to you, my dear father!…]