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Office worker listening to memories RAW novel


Memory, the retention or recall of previous impressions and experiences in consciousness. One day, I heard that the memory of others began to begin with objects! Listen to other people’s memories of things and act one step ahead! 『Office worker who listens to memories』 The story of Won Ji-hoon, who is more human than anyone…

The Legendary youngest son of the marquis MTL


After getting revenge on the Thulcaan Empire, Jack Valantier took his last breath. But just when he thinks it’s all over, he finds himself transported back to when he was 14! From his negligent and wicked family to his loyal servant and caring sister, it’s all just as he had remembered. But this time, Jack…

In This Life, The Greatest Star In The Universe RAW novel


A face is a face, a song is a song, a composition is a composition. Beautiful, talented and hardworking upcoming idol Sun Woojoo. One day, a miracle came to him! “I’ll become a star who shines more than anyone else.” His dreadful dancing wasn’t an issue anymore. At last, an idol with everything prepared. Now,…

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Only Me – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Slaughter [2]


That is what we call them, a monster that comes out of the Dungeon, and a monster which has the power lower, equal or possibly… higher than ours.

Once the thing detected, there’s death count on the higher being… once the extermination mission comes, we of Satan or God’s faction, will stop our fight and focus on killing the monster.

Anomaly, they didn’t stand on either side, nor it’s stood on the Spectator’s side. We, indeed scared of them, as their existence, have the same mystery as the Spectator.

They’re powerful, ruthless, moreover… smart…

Their existence in itself was a bane of the worlds, as they have no significance towards life… those, who defeat them, will get a prize… some get unexpectedly good artifact… some get many fold experience, and some could resolve the secret.

However, the sacrifice and the prize were unbalanced, as the anomaly, could kill a god by their self…   what can mere seraphim like me can do, to that kind of anomaly… that have no orde and level… but stronger than us, Seraphims….

–Unknown Seraphim’s lament

BAM! The ground is shaken by the spear of adamantine the Dragoon had. She brandished her spear an inch less than the position Grim’s in.

The tremble, frighten him. Without being able to do anything he’s standing still and set eyes at the crater in front of him with his back drenched in a cold sweat. Almost dead, he can only gulp his dry throat.

“Stand back you idiot!” shout the angel beside him. Thus, without further ado, he steps back… no, to be exact he runs back, with his eyes set on the crater he ran towards Ridwan.

“That’s close! Pro! Help me!” shamelessly asking for Ridwan’s help, he grabs his sleeve only to receiving a little shake-off with his sleeve, that threw him to the wall.

“Shut it fucktard… stop playing an act and activate your unique skill already…” spat Ridwan to Grim.

*rubble* “… damn it, you know that my Unique skill took too much burden on myself! Even in Razor at best I can only be a 6th orde with my unique skill with at most overall 2400 points! And that skeleton pair is at least higher level 6th orde! That fallen angel and no-life king were might be 7th orde or higher! Damn it!” spat Grim while cleaning the dust in his clothes.

“Oh, thanks for the trivia! But, I too need to converses with the undead over there you know?  Just play along with that support angel of yours…” answer Ridwan, while keeping his sight on the no-life king that still sat on the throne along the Black feathered angel beside it.

The no-life king sighed and shrugs his shoulder, then say “alright, Cyth, Ares, stop playing with those 2, and get back here”

Without anything to reply, the Dullahan and the undead dragoon swiftly stood beside the no-life king and the fallen angel. Thus, the no-life king opens his mouth and closes it again…

Ridwan which observing the man, see the no-life king that looks quite puzzled, as if, don’t know what he wants to say. Ridwan only stands by, silently looking at the puzzled skeleton in front of him, being vigilant, no one says a thing.


“Pervert, what you thought about these floor bosses? And quit hiding your presence…” said Ridwan…

“Sigh… can’t you at least call my name?” the seraphim, that stay in hiding the moment she sees her subordinate, let out her presence, and make the support angel, Friteta gape in shock…

“Firuel… highness…” whisper the angel…

“Okay stay silent Friteta… keep my appearance and presence here a secret to others… and, yes… I’m his observer, not support angel, so less gossip, and more work…” said the seraphim.

“Never will I expect that an anomaly will occur here… a place with less than half a year in ages, to give birth a dungeon which has an anomaly in it… this world is seriously a jack in a box eh…” continue the Seraphim

“Alright, give 5 words to explain what is an anomaly”

“a freak of nature”

“… sigh… continue” being speechless at how vague a description of the Seraphim was…

“ Let’s say that in the explanation the internet has, the dungeon is Satan’s faction’s belonging, and generated by the Satan’s faction, let’s say that’s not the truth, as in an ounce of billions of possibility there’ll be a dungeon, which being generated by the nature of the world and them… at least will have  a power equaled the Seraphims…”

“In other words, you guys don’t know anything about him…”


“sigh… okay, undead… we’re done here, can you start your explanation?” said him nonchalantly.

The no-life king, which has been silent since the start when Firuel showed herself, however, looking at the angel’s complexion, well, since the no-life king has no face, it’s just all skull… so, we talk with the angel’s complexion, so, the fallen angel has no surprised expression. With that, we can see that no one is surprised at the appearance of Firuel as if…

“They already know you’re here huh…”

“As expected… the no-life king… a being that has reached 8th orde…”

“Oh boy… I’ve got no suppression stone anymore…”

“you mean that stone you used on me before?…”

“Yup… Gendis, prepare for recording, and… that item’s activation”

[understood! *homage motion image*]

Then, no-life king gave them a smile… although it can’t be seen, the expression on the no-life king saw, as if, being delighted…

“Since the charade over, let me explain the situation now…” said the skeleton on the throne.

“But, well, I get bored, so *swish*” the skeleton sweeps his hand, then… dozens of undead resurrected from the ground… attacking him…

“Let’s dance first… my old friend…” said the skeleton in a heavy tone…

However, without any more than a second after he done with his words, the skeletons all obliterated to dust.

“I’m not really in the mood to dance, so could you go to the explanation ASAP?” said Ridwan while whirling his spear, which suddenly just come and hide again after the whirling done.

“As expected, you’re amazing…” said the skeleton.

While others like Grim and Friteta gape at the spectacle before them.

“Less the chit-chat, more explanation, please… they’re only a 4th orde undead so, I’m not really that eager to fight them…”

“Well, there’s approximately 50 of them, that could even hunt 4 of the chimeras on the layer above alone, but, you say it like that make my heart ache a bit… okay, I’ll stop the chit-chat.”

“That’s good”

“So, what explanation do you want?”

“hmm, let’s start with the reason you’re here, and what are you guys exactly?”

“Fufu, hahaha! As expected of you, my old friend! Alright, it’ll be a little long so, bear with me…”

“It starts a long… long time ago…”