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Only Me – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Slaughter [5]

We’ve always seek the source of anomaly, but never were we thought that all of the anomaly source come from a point…

The same point we choose to search for our slaves…

-God of knowledge’s research #76 opening

 “Noooo, Please! Don’t  kill me, your holiness! No, your majesty! Please! By all means! Pardon this puny king’s life!” the man kneels on the floor, begging the person in front of him to let his life.

The man, who’s holding a sword in front of the king only stare at with an icy gaze, ignoring all his plead like ignoring a dog barking.

In fact, it’s a funny thing to behold, a king being threatened in his castle, with a room full of soldiers and royal knights, he could only plead to be pardoned. Meanwhile, the other party is a mere teenager, a person which grew in a slum, an emperor without his subject, in a foreign land, alone…

“Have you never thought that my wrath will surely come to you? O Grußen’s king” utter the teenager.

“I.. I… Pe.pepepep, please! Pardon my mistake your holiness!” the king, Grußen’s king could only try to ask for forgiveness in front of him, without even dare to lie to the teenager in front of him…

It’s been 7 years after his rise as an emperor of the almost fallen empire, however, in his hand, the empire not only became stable… an exponential increase in their standing could be seen in his lead.

As an enemy, he’s a person who’s feared, while as an ally he’s a person to be doubted, as a human he’s a person that should be idolized, but… as a leader, he’s a person that needs to be looking up into…

Knowing the teenager, no, the young man, the young emperor in front of him, who branded as the god of war, and the deity of justice in the continent, even feared by the demons, the king could only have his teeth clattering.

Knowing nothing to say, the deity of justice, who’s always stood on the right side, never once make a mistake, even if he did make a mistake, he always makes the mistake into the right choice. Unmistakeably, he’s a demon that even scarier than a real demon in front if the king’s eyes right now.

“You should know the crime you’ve done Grußen’s king, by my decree, I’m condoning you with the immediate punishment for your crime, O sinful king…” the coldness in his eyes, transformed into killing intent, the king’s pale face became even paler, thus, he could only scream at the incoming swords.

“Gwaaaaa!!!” the scream was so shrill that even the maids outside the room tripped or even faint.

He didn’t feel anything on his limbs anymore, only the *thud* sound could be heard in the hall, the knights that spectate the occasion and the summoned that seen the scene all have a pale look on their face.

“huh? Is it not hurt? I’m not dead?” said the king that still on the ground, however, with a little difference.

“my… arms… my arms!!!” another shrill scream could be heard from the hall, the king’s scream right now didn’t have the same fright he felt before the sword chop on him, but, an, even more, heavier fear on the scene before his eyes.

“By the decree on the imperial’s rule of the alliance, the official on Grußen kingdom and the king will behead their trial!” ignoring the king’s which had his limbs dismembered with his slash, being faint with white eyes and bubble on his mouth the young emperor continued.

“Those who fled will have their selves executed along with his lineage before and after, without any trial. The custody on the summoned will be reined to the empire without any neither complains nor excuse. Thus the king shall now be imprisoned! Knights brought your king to the prison!”

Domineering, that is the only thing the summoned could think of.

Slashing a person limbs, without bleeding any require a definite accuracy which is impossible for them, and of course, neither the young emperor.

In fact, using heat magic on the sword’s main body right when he slashed, the wound burned so fast that even the blood being evaporated within the slash. Of course, the heat that is used on the magic is high in the degree that should unleash pain to the target.

However, the pathetic king’s scream is distracting his pain sensory, and the wound burned without even he himself noticed it, and the fact that he already in the ground crouching left him to feel no difference between having limbs or not, until he sees his limbs being torn off.

Now, the only thing the young emperor ought to do is talk to the 39 summoned students along with a summoned teacher. However, he ignored them and left the hall with only 1 line left to them.

“Do as you wish”



On the day of the event, the trial held, and almost all officials in the Grußen kingdom being handcuffed and kneeled on the podium on the town square, almost hundreds of them being held there, seeing pathetic in front of the citizen with only the king, have no limbs attached on him, thus he’s hanged on a pole, being ridiculed.

“Now, the trial will begin, as the judge, you will choose on their punishment, as the Supreme Judge I will choose whether the punishment is approved or not, and as the prosecutors and attorney, that would be left to the summoned and I myself. Now the trial shall begin” utter the young emperor.

“Recount!” Shout the young emperor, while swinging his right hand which held nothing, then, a magic circle envelops not only the town square but even the whole capital, which make the event the traveler and merchant outside the gate frightened.

Layer upon layer of magic circle lied and superimposed on the former magic circle, they have a different size between each other the later circles have slight differences in their diameter, as they’re smaller than the former.

After the 20th circle being laid on the land, on the hundreds of convicts’ head’s, the magic circle being drawn magically in a mere 10 seconds, overall, the event only played in a mere one minute.

The summoned all were flabbergasted, while the citizen only has their eyes widen as if thinking ‘so this is possible’ kind of eyes they were shown. Thus, the convicts’ memory over the crime being pried upon, and all of the black side of the royalties and nobility all cracked upon leaving only stain on the history of Juercols, upon the kingdom named Grußen.

Surprisingly, the most corrupt of them all wasn’t the king. Amongst the convicts, the lighter ones get punished were being freed as the person did have all clean history, although he did have unexplainable thing he do to his wife because of his adultery he’d done to the woman’s in the office he’s safe, well, he’ll get thrashed by his wife and lovers on the way home though~

Meanwhile those who’ve had the heaviest punishment were the person who deemed to be the kindest on the kingdom, it is the priest, arc bishop of the kingdom’s religion, being skinned alive and burned on the stake with regeneration magic put on his flesh, then thrown crap and dungs on him only to left him to die after the regeneration magic wore off, die painfully and miserly as he can…

Of course, the spectator can’t even have any sympathy for him, as his sin is too much, even those punishment deemed as too light for him.

The King, which is hanged can only stare at his aides, and most trustworthy friends of his, having betrayed by not only the aides and officials of his, he even get betrayed by his concubines and queen… many amongst them, have tasted his queen and concubines, only to see that the only person which didn’t betray him, is the person he thrashed the most…

Yes, it is his late queen, the queen whom he disposed of because her face which being disfigured by one of his concubines behind his back…

Step aside the tragedy which happen to them, after all said and done, there’s only dozen of official left alive, and unexpectedly, the king too was left alive, as in fact, by being stupid and see the tragedy itself already a punishment, with have his arms and legs chopped off, he lives his life in agony.

Thus, the summoned taken care by the emperor, and the young emperor let them choose.

“I won’t apologize the summoning of you guys weren’t my doing in the first place, however, in order to let you have a better life I will let you all choose. Do you want to stand in the front line and kill those demons alongside me, or will you all live as a commoner in my empire or another kingdom?”

“If you choose the former, I will train you as much as I can, while if you choose the latter, I’ll give 3 white gold coins which are the same as 3 million coppers, 30 thousand silvers, and 300 golds… that’s it…”

Of course many of them thought of coming back to Japan, however, the young emperor nonchalantly said “No, do it yourself” and hurry them up to pick…

Among the 39 students; 4 choose to live a life as a commoner, and 35 choose to be a soldier, as their potential is higher than those 4, while the teacher chooses to follow the 4 of them and life as a commoner. Oh, just for information that the teacher is a male. And other 4 have 2 male and 2 female, as they choose to life together and create their own shop, and do many things, aside from 1 person.

1 person, choose to adventure the continent, and be a bard which tell a tale to the village between his travels, he then left the empire and trod the lands alone in the wilds.

2 years after, the continent’s history which should be decimated in war, didn’t occur, instead, peace reining the world…

In the span of 2 years, the young emperor and the young bard face the world their selves and became the world enemy….



“Is what your report say is the truth?!” said the man in another side of the receiver.

“It is your holiness! Anomaly has appeared on earth! We need to move fast or the planet we invest on will perish!” answer the female angel, no, the female seraphim.

“Understood, I along with the god of knowledge will come there in 4 hours, no, in 7 hours! Contact the Satan’s faction and tell them about the occasion! We need to put the anomaly now, or we’ll be the one who’s get troubled of the 3rd faction which will be appeared!” utter the god of war.

“Triuel has done so, your holiness”

“Um, good job, now with my order as the god of war, Firuel, the Seraphim of Justice alongside Triuel the Seraphim of balance will have full authority on the 6th and 7th orde angels! Now, go and suppress the anomaly” with that, he shut the transmission, and the Seraphim of Justice herself hurrying to move and suppress the anomaly, lest did she know that the anomaly she feared right now is…



“Dammit! I’m losing again?! One more time! Damnit!!”

Losing in rock, paper, scissor against Ridwan…

unknown to others, Sitompul’s follower showing a delighted face seeing their master, look so childish, at the same time… happy…