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Revision | Lonelyheart RAW novel


Kim Un-hee’s delicate love report on love and marriageLove, innocence, fantasy, romance……. And marriage. Like a combination of words that seemed to never be united, Gun-il and Si-eun became a couple. The artist speaks of the harsh reality with a cold gaze within the framework of the archetypal romance of contract marriage. Is marriage the…

The Legendary youngest son of the marquis MTL


After getting revenge on the Thulcaan Empire, Jack Valantier took his last breath. But just when he thinks it’s all over, he finds himself transported back to when he was 14! From his negligent and wicked family to his loyal servant and caring sister, it’s all just as he had remembered. But this time, Jack…

In This Life, The Greatest Star In The Universe RAW novel


A face is a face, a song is a song, a composition is a composition. Beautiful, talented and hardworking upcoming idol Sun Woojoo. One day, a miracle came to him! “I’ll become a star who shines more than anyone else.” His dreadful dancing wasn’t an issue anymore. At last, an idol with everything prepared. Now,…

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Only Me – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Slaughter [6]


We’ve tried our best, however, we still on the losing end. No matter which path we choose, we’ll always in the wrong… okay then, I will answer your despair with hope… I wish this hope will bring light to you, O darkness creatures which seek warmth… yes, I hope we’ll receive what we seek. Oh you leader of human race, I hope you too will receive blessing on your end… and have warmth in the end of your journeys… I too am hope so, O ye darkness creature…



“Has you receive the quest?” said the man in his late 30s let’s call him Old man A.

“I’ve received it! Hell, no way I’ll miss this!” answer Oldman B.

“What are you talking about? Tell me more about it man!” ask the teenager in mid-teens nonchalantly to the 2 guys in their late 30s without much respect, not even look at them like a children look at their older person…

“Ooh! Ryuu! It’s about Europe’s humongous Quest, it’s being given by the 2 factions of the upper people” said Oldman A.

“How can I not know about it?! So, what’s the reward” ask the teenager named Ryuu.

“Don’t be surprised but, the rewards are…” Oldman B trying to put suspense in his dialogue.

“Dangit Oldman A! just say it already!” shout Ryuu

“Hey! He’s B, I’m A! why do you forget our nickname damn it, you damn brat!” Shout back Oldman A

“… ey! How could I remember every Oldman there are! You’ve got a serial number by yourself you know! Like that Oldman there! He’s old man A87 if I’m not wrong right?! And the Oldman there he’s Z102 right?! This damn pub is full of Oldman! Damn it, even the pub has an Old man in its nickname!!”

“well, the 2 you point is Oldman E23 and R3 though, but well… let’s just say yes, since this pub is our guild house after all…” said Oldman B

“Yeah! Our Guild Oldmans’ base house!” reply Oldman A

“ahh, just shut it! And answer the question!”

“Oh, right! It’s an orde upgrade without Upgrade quest and several Rare-class weapons” said Oldman E23 from their back.

“… what did you say?” said Ryuu with wide eye

“See, he’s surprised! Hey! Gimme the bucks! You’re losing! The lil ancestor gets surprised!” said Oldman A to the people behind, and those who lose the bet dejectedly making a noise, while those who win cheered.

“Damn it! Where can I sign for the quest?!” shout the already awaken Ryuu to the old mans in the guild…

Several chats, Q&A, and slapstick happened here and there across the globe. Well, slapsticks aside, there really did many Q&A between those whom called themselves hunters between the returnees’ over 3 hours…

The angels and Satan’s faction, unexpectedly having a truce and spreading a Quest that makes those hunters flabbergasted.

Emergency Quest!

I call thee, those who seek for power, and those who seek for rich

Join our war against the unknown which come through the 3rd layered dungeon!

Thee shall be given rewards which are the upgrade of thee orde just by the sign in, as the warrior who shall be the vanguard.

Thee shall be given several of Rare-class Weapon by participating our war, in order to protect thy beloved earth!

Cometh now, and we shall protect the earth against the unknown!


“Whoa!! The heck is this?!” shouted the man who’s still playing rock-paper-scissor along the skeleton.

The man uses rock, while the skeleton use…

“At last I’ve won! Hah! See that?! I’ve at last won!” shout the skeleton in glee

“Ey… enough with that smelly toes… hey, stupid angel! The heck is this quest! I mean, how long have we been here again?” said the man

“I dunno…”

[It’s already 18 hours since we’ve come to this place father, and it’s already your 1234 win 1 lose] said the palmtop with the synthetic voice.

“dang it, smelly toes! Look! It’s been 18 hours already! Just stop playing this game! I’m seriously bored!”

“Heh, okay, I’ve to win, after all, so let’s stop it…”

[… oh, look here father, there’s already 2 billion humans outside the dungeon… and more than 210 thousand angels, 123 thousand devils from Satan faction with 60% of the factions’ 6th orde and others 7th orde…]

“Wow… skeleton, isn’t they too overkill?” said Grim, while roll around the floor in boredom

“Well, not exactly, you know that smelly toes have 9th orde? He even in his late 9th orde… the same as their factions’ leader…” said Ridwan

“Woo…w… how did you know Pro?!” reply Grim

“… what did you say?!” shout Friteta in astonishment

“It’s an instinct of mine~”

“I’m telling you that several minutes ago though…”

“sst, shut it smelly toes!”

Ridwan asks the skeleton to shut up, and hear the vibration of the air, although they’re inside the dungeon, and have their position deep underground. The air-flow indeed came from above ground, thus, when the vibration in the air occurred above ground, he too can hear it. Of course, the vibration needed is at least has the same vibration as a 20 kg liquid bomb exploded though…

[father… Gru has completed the inspection, there are approximately 20 million humans outside the dungeon…]

“Is it? Isn’t that too low?”

[yes, it’s only several hours, after all, I guess the next wave will come after several hour or days even]

“hmm, now it’s interesting… right? Tompul?”

The skeleton which heard the conversation between the machine and human, only nod with his glowing eyes, at the same time, the undead dragoon, Dullahan, and the fallen angel stood beside him.

“I guess our playtime has been over eh…” said the skeleton in a melancholy

“Guess so… it’s all because of your stupidly long story you know?”

“Haha! I know you like that story”

“Can’t say I hate it~”

“Well, anyway, let’s met up above ground…”

“? No, I’ve another task to do, so it’ll only be you alone my dear friend”

“Hoo, is it? Then I’ll enjoy the appetizer first then…”

“Ah, see ya~”

Soon, the skeleton departs along his aides, while only Friteta, Grim, and Ridwan co. stood there…

“Uh… pro? You don’t follow the quest!? Why? I mean, it’s an orde up you know?” ask Grim

“Simple… because it’ll be boring and bloody” nonchalantly Ridwan said

“Now then, I’ll go first~ my cathedral terra await me~ HAHA! Let’s go gendis!”

[aye aye cap’n!] said the monitor in a heavy voice exactly like a pirate in a cartoon like voice

Not waiting another words come out of Grim’s mouth, Ridwan too, disappeared along with Gendis. Leaving Friteta and Grim, alone in the deepest part of the dungeon…

“Oh, look, you’ve orde up, Grim!”

“… I somehow feel my powerlessness, even though I’ve already orde up…”


The man and the angel stood there for several minutes, then, lazily walk to the stairs, and walk their way out of the dungeon to enter the bloody battlefields, where the skeleton and his army of undead battles against the returnee…


“Triuel! Has every preparation completed?” ask Firuel, while hovering in the sky.

“… it’s not, the earthlings have yet to come”

“sigh… it seems there’ll be no time to wait for them anymore…”


The sky covered by the angels, while the ground is covered by humans… those who see the spectacle, without a doubt, will be astonished…


“My, my, my… what a bad manner you have, my guests” the voice reverberated in their ears, as if the person which has the voice stood right beside them.

“Damn it… he’d come eh…”


From the dark entrance of the dungeon, tapping noise could be heard; clacking sound comes out, soon…

“Now then, my dear guest… let’s start our party…”

The anomaly, with his army of undead and his 3 aides, come and open the curtain of the bloodiest fight, which the Satan and God’s faction alliance has ever had…



Within the darkness of the room, in a chamber-like room, a fog unveiled a human’s shadow, from within stood beautiful persons; stand tall with their naked body…

“… at last, we’ve awake…”

“yeah… after hundred years long… we’ve awakened in our body huh…”

“It’s sure is long… I wonder, what happened outside?”

“Shut it, our mission should start now! We’ve no time to play outside, Father has given our task”

“Eh… but big bro! we’ve just awake yet! How could mother be so cruel!”

“We can play later 012, let’s go and do the task father gave us first”

“sigh, understood, sister Stella…”

“Now then, let’s depart…”

“”“YES! To England!””” said them in harmony…

“eeeeh, but I still want to laze around for a bit…” said the smallest among them, which still lay in the pod…