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Only Me – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Millenniums of living alone with my child (4)


Decayed corpses, along with the maggots which already eat away the meat which had already spoiled could be seen here and there, a grotesque scene could be seen, as the maggots only live there without doing anything on the spoiled meat.

“As expected… from the bodies’ age, it’s already more than 600 years old… without decomposition by the microorganism, the process seems to not advanced, and the corpse only spoiled huh…”

[Yes father, the approximate age after the organism death is 20 years after the great Disappearances. Furthermore, not only this batch of corpses is discovered still intact, in others advanced country like the USA, Canada, Japan, there’s too many of death we’ve found… while in other developed countries aside Indonesia, there’s much flesh that after being discovered is, in fact, a humans’ meat…]

“Sigh… so, the truth is…”

“The truth is, you were not the last human on earth. There’s many that have the same thing happened to them but not as lucky as you, to have the possibility to survive after a millennium in this forsaken and barren planet…”

The voice startled the men that talk to the robot, of course, the man and the robots are Ridwan and Gendis. 900 years after the great disappearance, the him which already done with exterminating the world’s insects start to fully explore the world, and found corpses of humans here and there. This truth astonished him, and then in order to fully comprehend what’s really happening to the other’s corpse, he gave the order to his children, that are the AI predecessor of Gendis, to fully search the earth of any meat that was not from animals.

Thus, 50 years after his order, the meat scavenged from the wilderness, and the empty house along with the corpse brought back by a million of drones that are guided by his children.

Another 50 years were used for him to fully diagnose the flesh and corpses that he discovered, therefore, by now it is already millennia… and the truth that he found amazed him…

When he found the truth, the voices that startle him make him look at the source of the voice, and he found that the voice resource is from his acquaintance of his. History…

“History, it’s been a long time huh… and what do you mean by that?”

“Is it really that long? it’s not really that long for me but, well, anyway~ the truth is, you don’t have an amazing concealment that is able to deceive the ‘gods’… but, you’d a thin presence that’s equal with those humans that already on the verge of dying my acquaintance…”

“My lack of presence? Is that also the reason why the animals ignore me? stop saying gibberish, I don’t have those if my hypothesis is correct then, I’m not the only human left on this earth…”

“It is, at the same time, that is also the reason the higher being forsake you… just like the other hundred thousand of people that forsaken because they have a disability in neither mental or physical… while others already in the verge of dying… you understand the difference between those that already died before the disappearance and after the disappearance right?”

“Yes… those that already died before has maggots inside of them, or maybe microorganism that already working on their bodies decomposition… while those who died after were either spoiled only with the intact body, or…”

“Have their body in pieces… and stay in either the ground or beasts’ stomach”

“In other words…”

“The ‘god’ deemed you the same as them, and chooses to leave you behind…”

“If I choose to travel faster could I be able to safe them?”

“Nope, even if you choose to travel in the early day they’ll all be dead or on the verge of dying already, after all no more food that’s not spoiled, and they’re not good in the head or in body… within the decade they’ll undoubtedly die”

The words that exchanged between History and Ridwan is the truth, the truths that make Ridwan feel sad. If by the time they almost die he can save them, then he would not be alone on this earth, and able to die peacefully isn’t it?

“Don’t think foolishly, as in the case you aren’t able to create Gendis, I would not come to help, and you will die in 100 years at the most or even faster by always eating those spoiled foods…”

“Sigh… aren’t the ‘gods’ too brutal? To leave them alone like that waiting for their death…”

“Then I will ask you, how many corpses that you’ve found either buried hastily/covertly or unburied before the great disappearance?”

“How many is it Gendis?”

[11 million and 350 thousand father]

“wow… so many…”

“In this kind of peaceful time, there’s that many who died in humans’ hands, while the thing that you all will face is not the small scaled war anymore with weapons and object like guns… even though it is still usable, it’s only used by grunts…”

“While the battlefield that soon you’ll be faced is a gruesome one that using external energy… my acquaintance… in my opinion, their death now is still better than the life you had right now you know?”

“Well, they’ll be revived as the time restarted after all, or so I think…”

“It is, isn’t that the reason you exterminating the insects first?”

“I did, that’s using many chemicals that could kill the insects, and after that checking them again and again until I did am sure that they’re really exterminated…”

“Hoho~ and only using 100 years, how intriguing…”

“Anyway, to make it simpler, you can say that those ‘gods’ only see us as a consumable that could be used or thrown as they wish for right?”

“Some of them, not all of them…”

“Well, I’ve understood the gist of it… then, can you tell me how long the time will stop?”

“Approximately 2451 years”

“Seriously?… that’s so long that it’s even enough for me to create another civilization on earth you know?…”

“I sure am… well, there’s a little change along the way, as the ‘spectator’ try to bring the balance to the game… and he’ll do something that’s able to increase the power of the transmigrated people~ after all, you don’t want to be the only one who deemed as the strongest right?”

“well, I don’t want to trouble myself with others problem… So it’s a yes”

[I feel like being forgotten…]

Utter Gendis in a depressed voice.

“Why don’t you create Zo*ds with your siblings or maybe some Gu*dams, we can pilot them and exterminating the animals on the north and south pole, then after that killing some underwater fishes or something there later~”

[Sigh… I’m more than 900 years old already you know, father? But, sure I’ll create some psycho Gun*am or something~]

“Don’t wreck the place~”


“How funny, it seems I am seeing a different person”

“Well, you could say so… as the older I am the better I think~”

“Adult’s wisdom?”

“At first I think so, but I guess it’s simply because I’ve learned about the wider world… as even a 6 years old could be wiser than an adult after all…”

“Exactly! The word ‘Adult’s Wisdom’ is some gibberish that the adult create to make them look cool, but as long as you’re able to widen your scope of vision, it’s something that everyone could have, it is one of the reasons human can be an intellectual animal after all”

“We’ve getting side tracked here…”

“It seems so”

“So, what do you want to do here?”

“Well nothing~ I just want to sightsee~”

It’s unknown where and what kind of being is this ‘History’ person, however, the fact that he is an unknown acquaintance of Ridwan and at the same time, his life saver will never be changed… as he already understands, that each of the corpses, that he found could at most life until 20 years, as there aren’t any that live longer than that… as such, he already knew, the reason why those who aren’t needed were all left behind is one… that is…

“To reduce the power needed…”


“I know, what are you thinking, and I can understand why my lie was detected from that… how truly amusing… for a human that only live for a little more than 1000 years… if those cultivators knew this intelligent they sure will feel jealous of you, ah… my ac… no, I would say, my friend, for now, ~”

“Oh… my first friend huh, it’s my pleasure to be your friend… and is it true?”

“Yes, they won’t waste their power to transfer someone that can’t even be used as a war slave, so they just left the unneeded here to die~ I think the early days you are reading too many novels and have a late disorder of 8th-grade syndrome…”

“Ugh… still, isn’t you were the one who says that I can hide from the ‘gods’ yourself?…”

“pfft, I just want to amuse myself by saying that~ hahaha”

Looking at the laughing teens in front of him, Ridwan feels annoyed and embarrassed at the same time… because reading too many novels he got himself embarrassed…

“Ha… that’s a nice acting, right? I’m too good that I should get an Oscar for that~”

“Sigh… anyway, isn’t it true that I have a concealment skill?”

“You did, but no matter how OP your concealment skill, it won’t be stronger than a real assassin and ninja so, it’s a not that strong~ at most you’ve got the same smell of the dead in the early days and the presence of the ghost that make you looks like astrals”


“It’s something you call djinn, and others in earth”

“But… but, that’s a skill too right?…”

“Well, yeah it is~ anyways, rather than that, it seems that you were improving after our meeting huh…”

“what do you mean by rather than that… sigh… well, While training martial arts I could feel some slight fluctuation is that ‘Ki’?”

“Ohhh, to feel a Ki in this world that have a speck of external energy, how many martial arts did you learn?”

“hmmm, it should be… almost all… all of the martial arts that could be learned, and the thing I found while traveling, some of them being found in a hidden place, I guess it’s to train their agents huh, a martial arts for specialized agents? like savate, karate, taekwondo, silat, muay Thai, boxing, mixed martial arts, even some kung-fu, Wing Chun, and ninja arts”

“Hmm, no wonder… you did train them in a real life and death situation too after all, so it’s not really weird for you to be able to feel it…”

“can you tell me more about the thing that called as external energy?”

“I won’t, you will know it sooner or later anyway, but that won’t be from me~ the only thing I will tell you is the same as the thing I tell you hundreds year before; Mana is faster, Ki is stronger, Chakra is more stable, and Karma is more dangerous. With an addition of; all of them is the same except their usage and output…”

“hmm, is that so… okay, I won’t ask anymore…”

“Well, since I’m done talking I will enjoy my reading once more in the library~”

“Hey~ can I contact you?”

“You can’t at least until a certain point of time, adios~”

That ‘adios’ is his last word as his body engulfed by an unknown power, which probably the external power, and the thing that certain is the ‘gods’ is lower in power than History… that much is certain, or probably that History is one of the powers that’s come from those ‘gods’, is what Ridwan think.

However, his prediction mistaken, as the teens’ named history ‘energy’ wasn’t a mere energy he can understand as he didn’t even touch the real stage of external energy usage…

[Father! It’s already the time to practice!]

“Okay! I’ll do that!”

Ridwan has a schedule of his own, as he is someone that thrown by the ‘gods’ he train and train and train as much as possible to make his body understand and change or even evolve, as to make it easier for him, to live and battle the world that will soon thrown into war, a war that involves a power that could easily smash a planet or two…

[3 hours of reading – 3 hours of sleeping – 3 hours of researching – 3 hours of smithing – 3 hours of hunting – 3 hours of creating – 3 hours of cooking and eating- 3 hours of training. All in all 24 hours schedule for this century father!]

“sigh… I know it’s for my good, but you know… sometimes this kind of thing make me want to cry…”

[don’t worry father, I still here along with you~]

“I know… that’s why you are my dearest child…”


Laugh Gendis with an embarrassed and proud voice mixed.

——><><<>>>><<><><><>>><at a certain point of time, in the Angels’ headquarters><><><>—–

“How’re the progress of the earthlings?”

said the 7th orde angels, the higher echelons under the banner of Seraphim of integrity.

“Sir, the humans’ progress was too pathetic, under over 11 billion human, only 3 billions of them could be seen as a potential which can reach the 5th orde, while there weren’t that many which had the probability of 6th orde, there even lesser probability that they can reach the 7th orde within 100 century!”

“Sigh… continue your surveillance… and, what’s the Satan faction do, on the other end?”

“… We don’t know sir…”

“they still stay in their dimension even after several eons?”

“They should be sir, unless, they do know another way which we can’t detect…”

“Argh… How could those satan be able to advance so quickly! just continue with the earthlings’ business! I’ll inform the seraphims about this!”

“Yes Sir!”

Normally speaking, the enemy and the bad guy would, take the statement of the 6th orde angel as a positive thought and take it as the other faction, will take their time on doing something else… however, this God and Satan faction indeed different, as…

“It’s weird for them to stay hidden, as in fact, they do… have the higher hand on the battle…”

“Exactly, it seems that we need to further our investigation on what they do huh…”

“Indeed, we shouldn’t put a cart before the horse after all…”

with that, the Seraphim of Knowledge, Integrity, and Craft, walk on the vanguard, on the battle against factions which obliterate planet after planet…