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Only Me – Chapter 4

Chapter 4:  Millenniums of living alone with my child (3)


“Hey Gendis, have you found the genetic change in the animals and insects?”

[Not yet father, it still in the process of searching genetic change]

“It will be something if we found the difference”

[It did father, it’s been 500 years since they’re stopped growing after all]

“Hmm, well I’ll go train there, call me when you’ve done okay!”

[I will father]

It’s been 500 years since the great disappearance, I wonder what did my parent do right now… well, I’ve had already forgot how their face looks like 440 years ago though~

In these 500 years, I am doing many things in fact, like completing the genetic mapping of all animals in the world, and insects too of course, with the side of exterminating those pests, though I still not completely exterminating the insects they did stop growing after all, so I will take my time in the extermination.

If you are asking me why it’s simple… do you think a 500 years old insects and animals aren’t dangerous? Look at me, 500 years is all I need to create a 500 Geopbyte of VGA and RAM… in case you don’t know, 1 Geopbyte is the same as approximately 1024of 1 Terabyte, it is over quintillion Terabyte…

Of course, I used the processor too are upgraded, since I already use almost 400 years of time to advancing the thing and increase the amount of thing that Gendis could process, and eve able to safe in her memory.

Well, anyway that’s the story, and in 500 years I almost have done exterminating all of the insects and animals that reside in Indonesia, using the mineral and ores that had yet to be excavated here and there to use it for my research and experiment…

[Father, what should I do with this titanium weapons here?]

“Melt them. I want to create another vessel for the fuel that I create”

[But… these weapons are beautiful…]

“They’ll be brought back into their ore form after the time restarted, so just melt them~ I can make others again if I want to, after all, ~”

[okay father]

By days, Gendis became more and more like a human, the visual she could create with ease and the RAM that could process all thing almost as fast or even faster than the human brain is really amazing, the voice and the expression she creates in that humanoid robot form too are good.

Right now, I create her body in 150 cm in size and using LED screen as her face she’s able to move with legs, even though I had yet to create her real body, it could make her easier to control the bodies when she receives one after all, so it’s better for her to adapting with her human form, moreover it’s cute~ NO! Gendis herself is cute no matter what she did! Yeah! She is cute! She is my proud daughter after all!

[Alright father, the process already completed!]

“Okay! I’m coming~”

Hmm, as expected the genetics changed… this x chromosome and this y chromosome, not only the animals became clever they too are received some change in the hundreds of years that they don’t age and ate…

This could make the things become more and more troublesome… especially those Insects… I’m hoping by the time humanity back, we won’t be battling against insects like those starship troopers movies~

“Alright… now we need to deploy insect extermination plan!”


“The thing was too dangerous as the time restarted the life form won’t be restarted after all… so We need a time limit of 200 years! In that time, insects should all be eliminated!”

[We just need 130 years father, according to my calculation that is…]

“Nope, I want to sightsee in the way too, so let’s take more time~”


Hmm, after I’ve done with packing here it’ll take some month so~ let’s search another place to create a multi-purpose vehicle that could be used in air, sea, and land~ It may take me some more time but maybe faster~

Then a month later, Gendis says to me.

[Why did you create many things even though you know that everything you create will not usable when the time restarted again father?]

“What are you talking about? History says it will take several millennia that the world will be restarted again, and by that time I will be able to create something better than this…”

[I don’t understand…]

“Let’s just say this is my hobby~ after all, even though the world may be losing my invention, I can make it every time I want to, after all, ~ So, it’s better for me to create many things and satisfy my curiosity~”

[Understood father]

Then, my voyage to the new world started…

“I will become the Pirate King!”

Shout me to the vast sea, that extends to all of my vision.

[Even though there’s no other pirate beside you?]

“Ugh… then I’ll be their ancestor!”

[What kind of ancestor that didn’t have any descendant…]

“I know that I am just a hundred-year-old virgin… so please pardon me my lady Gendis…” her sarcasm really stabs me through my heart… I know I am a loner, but at least let me have a dream… ah… who make my adorable child became a demon…

Thus the voyage steadily transpire, while I do occasionally play with the sharks dolphins and the whales that we found in the way, I too don’t forget to fish and BBQ-ing them~ seafood didn’t taste so good without many cleaning, but something like sushi is good too~ O could smell fishy at sometimes too, but it’s not bad having a voyage with my daughter.

[Father! The grilled fish was done! Stop playing with those sharks herds and come back here!]

*big splash* along with my jump out of the surface of the sea, and steadily having somersault in the air, along with some sharks that I brought from the sea in my hand.

“We have a dinner of shark fin soup tonight!”

[Clap clap clap! That’s an amazing somersault father!]

“Of course! Let’s eat!”


Of course, Gendis doesn’t eat, she just looks at me eating and driving the boat.

Days passed, and we reach our first destination, that is Japan! Well, it’s not the first foreign nation I reach as Indonesia already has Brunei, Singapore, Papua new guinea, and Malaysia as our neighbor after all, ah don’t forget Timor Timur too, it should be called Timor-Leste internationally now~ Anyway, Let’s go to Akihabara!

Then I’m playing here and there looking at the plentiful g*ndam plastic models and sight see in every book shop in Japan, of course, I’m already able to proficiently and fluently talk in Japanese, I might be better than some of the Japan’s citizen~

“hah, hah, hah, *heavy breathing* is this… is this… the.. the sacred book of Doujinshi!!!”

[Father! Stop looking at those books! You have a perverted look on your face!]

“*Gulp*… sigh… I really need a breather for some time, don’t seek for me Gendis!”

Thus I dash out at a nearby room along with some tissue pack and a bundle of Doujinshi in my possession.

[Sigh… Father became hit his puberty huh…]

—->><<>><<>><<>><<>><>><><><><at certain point of time… after Gendis awaken>><><>—–

[Father, what’s wrong with these areas? it’s desolate…]

“Yeah, I’ve exterminated all possible threat for the humans when they’ve come back from their conscription, I don’t want to be bothered by their unexpected low-levelled body and mind after all…”

[Huh? won’t they became even more Professional than you father?]

“They would if they didn’t face any of the already highly intelligent life-form…”


“I really wonder what kind of information implanted in your memory my dear… you can’t even think something this simple anymore?”

[Well, not really, I do know that they’ll face against a monster which had a higher intellect than before but, wasn’t the mutant be easily killed if they do being conscripted over there…]

“IF they do, and you think too little of these immortal animals here, it would be good if they’d only live for over several hundred of years… however…”

[Oh… now I understand… for animals which have no definite sense of hunger anymore, no more exhaustion, and no more aging, they would definitely learn about more intriguing things right?]

“And they have…”

[What did you mean?]

“Society… they’ve already created it…”

[… it’s impossible, they should be able to create them only after several centuries, father! no, my calculation won’t even reach a conclusion of them being able to create a society in a mere century…]

“But they do… and that meant…”

[there’s another variable which wasn’t included my calculation…]

“And… if the variable indeed were there, it means…”

Speculations after another come in their discussion, walking on the path which already deforested, with grass growing here and there, leaving nothing but animal trails after decades of being forgotten, eaten by time…

[” There’s another survivor which being stranded here “]

said the human-machine combination….