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Only Me – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Millenniums of living alone with my child (2)


[Father! I’ve completed the genetic mapping of the animals that reside in the local area!]

Say the laptop to the man that still dismantling the mountain of animals in front of him.

“Oh, thanks, Gendis~ I’ll check that after finishing with the flesh in this wolf~”

[but father… there’s still 20 more of that wolf…]

“What~ only 20… It’ll soon be finished”

Then, the man continuing his dismantling process like a wind, he’d done everything very fast and clean, not even a speck of blood splattered on his body nor his clothes. The piling up wolf dismantled one after another in a very fast pace; skin, flesh, inner organs, were all piled up in a different section, while the bones were all once again getting dismantled at an even faster pace, ribs, skull, joints, and it spine were all gathered in a different place.

“Alright, with this all is finished~ how long did it took me?”

[it’s a new record father! 10 minutes! Dismantling 40 wolf in 10 minutes, and without a speck of blood splattered to you!]

“ho ho~ that’s nice, I should be faster if I have a sharper knife though…”

[it is true, that knife already blunt after all  father…]

“But, others knives are already rusty my dear…”

[then why don’t you just create one father?]

“Ah… that’s nice, I need weapon too after all… using those whip to kill packs of 100 years old wolf is as expected, troublesome after all…”

[but… but… you were only spent 20 minutes to do that father…]

“Well, it’s better to use bow or gun but the thing already empty of its bullets and arrow after all… and the bows bowstring can’t be used after snapped too…”

[… are you really my father? ]

“hey… we’ve already talking about that 2 days ago…”

[I know, but I really can’t believe that my father, that Gramps can be this kind of hunk… and able to make me become mobile and create even better spec computer using several junks in the nearby computer after all… moreover, to make my coward father that only eat spoiled food, to became an experienced hunter in a mere 40 years is really something…]

“ugh… am I really that bad?…”


The man, Ridwan had a grimace hearing the speech of the PC atop the moving remote controlled car.

“ugh… really, that’s hurt you know, but if I don’t change I will die sooner or later so, yes I need to adapt to the new world I reside in… and, let’s start to cook then seek for the near smithing place…”

[There’s no near smithing place in this town father…]

“seriously… Can’t you search for the nearest place? It’s kind of troublesome if I can’t find one after all…”

[Understood father… Connecting to the satellite… searching for…]

The PC starts to process the searching while following the man to the nearest house. Meanwhile, inside the house, the man turning on the stove and pour some of the oil to the pan and start to fry the wolf meat, using many of the spices and herbs that he pick outside of the house he continues to cook, and not long after a nice fragrant pouring out of the house, however in the desolate town only the animals and the insects appeared, while there are no humans that can be sighted.

The animals that smell the fragrance come out of the house. However, looking at the location of the fragrance comes out; they all start to run away in a hurry and flurry manner, like their lives depends on their legs, while the insects all fly around as fast as they could or hide as soon as possible.

“hmm, this smell, it’s something that could make those chefs bow down to me! Heh! This is my prowess in cooking, fear it, and bow down in respect before me. Jyahahaha!”

[Father, you laugh like an old man again…] Retort the PC

“Well, I really am an old man after all…”

[but, you have a teens appearance so please act accordingly…]

“Alright, alright~ I understand, thanks for the food”

The men stopped talking and start eating. while eating “But it’s weird huh. At early years after cooking those damn thing surely attacking me and try to rob my food, but now~ none of them dare to get close to me…”

[Even I after 2 days looking at you already feel frightened father, even more, the 100 years or older animals and insects outside, at the very least they should be able to grasp what dangerous and what is not father…]

“In other words I am dangerous?”

[for the local animals and insects, I believe they do think you so, father]

“hmm. Anyhow, you seem to be more fluent in talking and showing your expression in your voice after the conversion eh~”

[Yes, Mr. History has given the basic input of human emotion and common sense, as well as connection to the earthlings’ internet access, so I more or less understand human way of thinking]

“*munch munch* *gulp* hee, that’s convenient, have you found the smithing place?”

[Yes father]

“Okay let’s go there. Ah, and don’t forget to save the database on the animals genetic maps and the records of their characteristic along the way okay~”

[Understood father]


“hoo, there’s a new book again huh, but this thickness how amusing~”

The teen grinned at the thick book in front of him that was created out of nowhere, he touches the book and stays silent for a moment, until he grins at the book. It’s unknown what he thinks and it’s unknown at what did he looks at, as there’s bandage surrounding his eyes, wrapping his eyes.

“Fufufu, so that gramps really did that in just a mere hundreds of year huh, how amusing…”

The smiles on the teens widen, and he chuckles.

“Well, it seems that doubling his comprehension only make him even better than he should be huh, still… those fools should already realize that there’s an inconsistency in the time flow surrounding the earth and dispatch some angels there… *grin* I wonder what will they do when they see the barren land that lack of presence on the surface huh~ hahahaha”

The man’s laugh became louder and louder, echoing in the hallway in the place that seems like a library with racks of bookshelves, there are only bookshelves in the surrounding no matter where you go and see. As the bookshelves seem like a whole world itself, the place like a maze created by the bookshelves. In those mass of books, there are only the teens that still laughing in front of the desk atop the chair he sat on.

“Let’s pay them a visit again at a later time, there’s still a long way to go since it’s hard for me to leave this place… new book keeps coming in a stream after all… Well, this in is the amusement I have after all, as my duty as the librarian I could read as much as I want too~ Oh, look here, another book I wonder what kind of story did this books tell me eh~”

The man opens another book in the pile of books that come out again without any sign, and open it and read it like it’s a normal thing to do. He sat there, and touch the books one after another only to see another book to be created out of nowhere like a never ending the stream of books.

His face looks amused at the book, and sometimes he frowns, sometimes he grins, sometimes he looks like a person that being touch. The looks on his face telling a story by itself, even if his eyes wrapped, the shine in his eyes can’t be hidden from the face of his. Until the time a *BAM* sound echoing in the large library, the teens stop his finger from scanning another book and look to his front, long annoyed gazes he gave to the door that seems soo further to his desk.

“Damn it! Can’t you at least be gentler in opening the door damn it!”

Shout the teen.

“Shut yer trap History! I’m bored… those pricks start to train yet another minion of their and hoping to gain the upper hand in their war…”

The unknown voice that tells no age and gender delivered to the ears of the teens without any echo from the hall. No form could be seen from the other side of the opened door, as the door closed and the voice once again…

“Those pricks think that using a place that looks like my earth could give them another me… how idiotic…”

“Is that so? But I got myself amused seeing someone that could stay hidden from those pricks transfer and create one thing after another~”

“Ah, that introverted person? he still alive?”

“Yeah, I gave him anti-aging that last until the time restarted itself, and double his comprehension~ as expected, you know about him huh~”

“Of course I know, I’m just too lazy to involve myself since I think it’s better for him to die earlier rather than later, and in a more gruesome manner… But, since you already help him I can see amusing story that will show itself eh~ how intriguing~”

“I will play there later, wanna come along?”

“Nah, I’ll pass~ too lazy to do that~ Anyhow, I’ll watch those pitiful thing training with their external energy again, so bye~”

The door once again closed with a *BAM*, and the silent once again prevails the place, while the teens once again touching the book one after another as if nothing has ever happened…