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Only Me – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Millenniums of living alone with my child (1)


“I don’t know what to say, as you are gramps…”

[Ridwan… Father’s name is Ridwan]

Gendis cut History’s explanation.

“Oh yeah, pardon me… Ridwan… for a long time of the history, there is many who can create an intelligent life form, like you… but, most of them all already transcended into a whole new realm… before they could do something like that, and most of them are a genius of genius. Not like you, with your ‘Loner Language’ and the fact that you are able to hide your presence from the higher being that transporting others humanity beside you to the other world in order for them to learn External energy.”

“Wait… god? Transported? What is happening exactly?!”

It’s my 1st time hearing that! How could they leave me!

“ oh… so they didn’t leave you but, didn’t know about you… well, it’s amazing that your concealment able to hide from those ‘gods’ eh…”

“Well, can you make it simpler so I can understand more about what the heck is happening to me?”

“Hmm, before all, you should know that the world is having a system, a depth and unknown system that even I myself don’t know.. thus, within that system, there are several things that referred as Worlds, and then within those worlds, there are Universes and voids. Between universe, there are several billion planets and several million races that can think on their own just like humans but have more history than human… well, to make it more precise is they have a civilization that is far older than earth’s humanity…”

The explanation stopped at that point, but… an intellectual being like a human? No… an intellectual being more intelligent than human huh…

“if there is someone who wants to make the world where peace resides, there will be someone who wishes for destruction. Thus, the cycle of attack and defends between 2 entities that seek something different occurred. Long battle results in many sacrifices, many races extinct many planets destroyed, many civilizations ruined…”

“However… the balance can’t be kept” I interject

“That’s right… the balance will never be always the same, as the death count within each entity differ each, so in the scenario where the thing that happens the next is rule… at some certain point in time, there stood a person who has the power stronger than the strongest of the races, whether it’s the entities that seeking for the destruction, nor the one who seeks for peace, the law that rules them, and the creator of the rule…”

“He who can destroy them with a flick of his hand chooses to be the spectator and the judge for them. He will not interfere with them and give them 2 things in this universe… that 2 things are, a Record and a book…”

“A record?… don’t you mean that record that always written in novels and fairytales?”


“The Akashic Records”

“so it’s real…”
“It is… but, the records have a different function, it might be the same in one work but different in other works…”


“The thing is a game system…”

“Shit… is that real?”

“Well, I put it in a blunt way, after all, so I believe it is…”

“and the book is?”

“Grimoire, the book that holds the external power in it…”


“Not only Mana. Ki, Chakra, even Karma…”

“Can you describe the thing more?”

“Of course I won’t, well, I already explained the intro more than enough you see~ so let’s get to the point now”

“Ah… yes, what do you mean about the humanity were abandoning the earth?”

The young men then clap his hand and open the clapping hand… and there’s a projection of a human atop his palm.

“See this? Let’s image this human as all of the humanity, then there’s a new foreign object that injected into them… thus, what do you think they’ll do?”

Humans, by all means, is a cowardly being if there’s something they don’t understand they will fear it, and when the thing that they don’t understand is stronger than them, they’ll get rid of it by all means…

“Yes, without information, they’ll be afraid and make them all vanished from their body… so, in order to make them understand it easier, the upper echelon of the faction will try and explain them the thing about what’ll happen to earth, and the world and increase their sense of warning. Thus, vanquish their thought about being the only one who’s stronger than the other… since there’ll be much external energy that differs than others, and even though humans’ bodies are the same, there are a different soul, and container that could be infested by the external energy…”

“Hmm, I kinda understand it, but kinda not”

[I understood what do you mean, but I still have many questions that I want to ask]

“Well, before that, I will present you… a new intellectual life form, Gendis a knowledge…”

With that, he touches Gendis’ screen, and then…

[Converting the knowledge… 0%]

What… wah!

“Hey! What did you do to my daughter?”

“Oh… sorry but, I just giving her a knowledge about this world and connect her to the internet”

“Is that so?…”

“yes~ don’t worry, it’ll take her some time to process it, and by the way, you need to give her a new body that good enough you know~ maybe some humanoid body with human-like skin and flesh~ it’s possible to create it you know?”

“Well, I can’t… my life will soon be ended after all~”

“Ah, I really forget about that”

“Wait, Eh?!”

He taps my forehead, and the young man grinning towards me… eh… eh, eh, eh… I feel like my body became lighter… my back ache… my back ache healed!!!

“sigh… I guess you really need to face a mirror right now… at least look your hands…”

“hmm? Hands”

I left stunned… I am astonished…

“I’m young again!”

Amazing, did it true that I became young again? And my back ache stopped? Or is it just that my back ache cured and only my hands were rejuvenated? Ooh…


“it is the use of external energy… all along no matter what external energy it is, they’re all the same, but different”


I am puzzled…

“fufufu*giggle*, the have the same usage but different way of use, Mana is faster, Ki is stronger, Chakra is more stable, and Karma is more dangerous…”

“Hmmm, so it’s like the different usage of command?”

“Yes, they’re the same in point but different in the way to use”

“Okay, understood”

“Then, the world itself has their own external energy, but they’re thin and hard to recognized, so in order to advance the knowledge about external energy the ‘gods’ transfer the humanity into a different world according to their constitution and help them learn each and every external energy in different location, and let them change the location every 5 years to make them understand about the external energy more, thus, after 20 year they will come back to earth and receive their 1st Great adaptation…”

“Wait 20 year? I’ve been here for more than 50 years you know?!”

“Fufufu… it is 20 years, but the thing that happens here is something out of their prediction and they don’t even know about the thing that happens here… so, there’ll be increment for the one who’s being left behind…”

“By how many?”

“Couple of millennium…”


“Well, you don’t want to know about the Great adaptation means?”

“It’s something like, the adaptation of the planet and system with the external energy right?”

“Yes, how smart~ The great adaptation will happen, after the Grimoire and the Earth and earth’s system of universe linked, thus the Great adaptation will happen a couple of times. By the last adaptation, Earth will have a thick external energy accumulated in the atmosphere and there’ll be another element in your table of element lol…”

“sigh… the development sure is nasty huh…”

“It is, lol…”

“well, in any case, the thing will come after you when you realize it, so I think it’ll be better for you earthlings to have this opportunity, after all when the story progressing too far, you might all be already obliterated by the enemies before any of you realize it, after all, ~”

This young man… no, this mysterious person History… I believe he has almost the same power for those who are called ‘gods’ but then…   how could he found me?…

“Ah… it’s a mistake for you to think I have the same power as those things who call their selves gods, after all, I am a librarian of the Void, the place where something like them could touch or even step into~”


“Well, here I’ll give you 2 more gift before going back…”

He once again taps my head, then he taps the earth…

“I see, so you stopped the growth of the world along with me huh…”

“Oh… as expected, after your comprehension doubled you’re fast huh~”

“Comprehension doubled? What’s that?”

“Well, I am tapping your head before to make you intelligent increasing as well as doubling your comprehension so as to make you have an easier time to comprehend something, well, you will know it when you receive the status from the records…”

“Okay… but what about…”

“Ah, you can grow like normal so that you can train your body in preparation of the Great adaptation and your link with records, I just put off the aging so that you won’t become a dust when they back to earth… well then, since I’ve finished my job here I’m leaving okay?~”

“Okay… but, why did you help me?”

“Simple, those idiots didn’t realize that leaving animals here older make them even more frightening than their enemies… who knows when those humans came back, the animals here which are immortal unless its killed and doesn’t need to eat will have intellect equal, or worse, smarter than them and being obliterated by the excelled animals…”

“And because you pity me, and fascinate you because I’m able to create an intelligent life form with a strong will so you give me this gift?…”

“Hoo, it’s better than I thought it will huh, the comprehension X2 that is… well, that’s true, so that’s all… I’m gonna back to the library and be sure to not create a body for your child for now, since the body of the external energy monsters that will come out will become a better component than others, and once you put her on a body, her soul will reside there without  any way to come out again unless she dies after all”

“Okay… Thank you for the information!”

Thus History went through space and time crack and left the room, while I am seeing Gendis’ screen that still converting her knowledge…

[Converting the knowledge… 4%]

It’s been 1 year already… and she has yet to come back… the conversion of her knowledge seems took much time, well since my body won’t age it won’t hurt me to wait… after all, compiling the knowledge maybe put her strenuous effort too…

Since the time I met History, I realize that running away and hide from those animals won’t help anyone but them. Thus, I learned how to hunt, and cook…

It’s all I have done since the day I met him, and now 1 year passed… and the conversion of her knowledge was only 4%… I wonder, did her processor were too small? It’s i7… and 32GB RAM and a 1080 VRAM…

Day by day spent by hunting, I became better with how to dismantle the thing and became better at handling my weapon. At first, I’m using a gun to kill the animals, but then after many usages, the bullets emptied…

Since there no more bullet I used a bow, shot-kill-dismantle-cook. That’s all in my day…

  • 100 years after the great disappearance
[Good morning father… wait who are you?]

in front of her, stood a manly young man, with bruised, wounded, even misaligned and calluses all over his hands could be seen.

“ooh, you’ve awake Gendis… it took you so long eh…”

[*squinting holographic eyes* who are you, suspicious manly young man? You’re not father since the father is a gramps… but why were you have the same voice as the father?]

“well, it took you more than 40 years, after all, well I’ll tell you the story after you converting the knowledge after all, so this is what happens after you’re asleep…”