Tensei Jinsei Tensei Jinsei Chapter 52 has come! AT LAST!

Tensei Jinsei Chapter 52 has come! AT LAST!

I mean… I fully know procrastinating is bad…  but… Damn! I’ve got too many excuses to utter and none of it deny me for being too lazy! I beg your pardon patrons! HERE  you go! know feel the wrath of the NOBLE!…’s outcast… lol…

Tensei Jinsei Tensei Jinsei 51!

Tensei Jinsei 51!

Sorry for the random drop off post, I’ll get a constant release of a chaps 3very 1 or 2 weeks for now, since I don’t know why, but the troublesome things keep coming onto my ways… and most of it, procrastination…   Well, let’s just keep it short! HERE you GO!

Tensei Jinsei Tensei Jinsei 49 – 50

Tensei Jinsei 49 – 50

I’ve been wronging you guys… I’m sorry that my hectic days just play around and make me too lazy to even touch my laptop and abandoned it for several weeks just to play some music for over 24 hours… even 120 hours without turn it off… just to wait for me making up my mood… …

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Only Me Only Me : Chapter 30

Only Me : Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Slaughter [8]   “why were there aren’t any signal from the Vanguards!? What has happened to them?” the bull-frog like alien shouted. “I don’t know sir! Until 3 weeks ago, there’s still the normal sequence of the report from them, however, suddenly, almost like being eaten by the void, they just went missing!” …

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Only Me Only Me – chapter 29

Only Me – chapter 29

Chapter 29: Slaughter [7] “Roar!!!” “Burn the skull face first! Then go to the death knight!” “NOOOO, Richard!!!” “Die!! You f*cking skeleton!!” “No! nooo, save, save meeee” The yell and cries filled the field surrounding the dungeon, the battle against anomaly, which has played for over 3 hours left no one stood unscathed, the angels, …

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Only Me Only Me – Chapter 28

Only Me – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Slaughter [6]   We’ve tried our best, however, we still on the losing end. No matter which path we choose, we’ll always in the wrong… okay then, I will answer your despair with hope… I wish this hope will bring light to you, O darkness creatures which seek warmth… yes, I hope we’ll …

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Only Me Only Me – Chapter 27

Only Me – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Slaughter [5] We’ve always seek the source of anomaly, but never were we thought that all of the anomaly source come from a point… The same point we choose to search for our slaves… -God of knowledge’s research #76 opening  “Noooo, Please! Don’t  kill me, your holiness! No, your majesty! Please! By all …

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Only Me Only Me – Chapter 26

Only Me – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Slaughter [4] 40 people, all in all, has failed to save their life and their classmates’ life… among them, 20 died in the within 2 years, 10 die under self-destruction, along with Juercols and its lifeform under them. However, now, the memory passed over, not to the summoned, but, a normal citizen… The …

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Only Me Only Me – Chapter 25

Only Me – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Slaughter [3] “Ukh… where is this…” utter the boy, who’s holding his head in order to relieve the pain he receives on his head. Standing up, and stood by his feet only to see the scenery, that could be defined as bloodthirsty. Scene of blood and gore, where, his classmates all had become …

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