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Hello Guys ^-^ This is my first time to translating some Novel. I hope you guys enjoy it. Here take a Look my first translated novel : https://www.fortuneeternal.com/world-game-universe/  

Translation Works World Game Universe

World Game Universe

World Game Universe Author: Mayhard205 Translator: Choctea Synopsis The year 2025 is a period in which the popularity of a game made by Energy Corporation exploded in various parts of the world. This game is called Universe. Do not miss Indonesia where this country is the distributor country of the game. A normal college kid who …

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Tensei Jinsei Tensei Jinsei 54!

Tensei Jinsei 54!

Somehow, the sites gets fixed… Well, I really am thankful for the one who did it, Thank you very much~ My deepest thanks given to you! Without further ado! HERE YOU GO! chapter 54! (it’s been published months ago in my patreon :3

Tensei Jinsei Tensei Jinse 53! and patreon link!

Tensei Jinse 53! and patreon link!

It’s obviously delayed, but it’s not the ED fault~ I just try to search for something to fix the sites and it’s unexpectedly spent over 2 months~ lol, I get myself busy with something or another, and the sites still blocked by the GOOGLE… welp, anyway, for those who prefer undisturbed by the warning, you …

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Tensei Jinsei Tensei Jinsei Chapter 52 has come! AT LAST!

Tensei Jinsei Chapter 52 has come! AT LAST!

I mean… I fully know procrastinating is bad…  but… Damn! I’ve got too many excuses to utter and none of it deny me for being too lazy! I beg your pardon patrons! HERE  you go! know feel the wrath of the NOBLE!…’s outcast… lol…

Tensei Jinsei Tensei Jinsei 51!

Tensei Jinsei 51!

Sorry for the random drop off post, I’ll get a constant release of a chaps 3very 1 or 2 weeks for now, since I don’t know why, but the troublesome things keep coming onto my ways… and most of it, procrastination…   Well, let’s just keep it short! HERE you GO!

Tensei Jinsei Tensei Jinsei 49 – 50

Tensei Jinsei 49 – 50

I’ve been wronging you guys… I’m sorry that my hectic days just play around and make me too lazy to even touch my laptop and abandoned it for several weeks just to play some music for over 24 hours… even 120 hours without turn it off… just to wait for me making up my mood… …

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Only Me Only Me : Chapter 30

Only Me : Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Slaughter [8]   “why were there aren’t any signal from the Vanguards!? What has happened to them?” the bull-frog like alien shouted. “I don’t know sir! Until 3 weeks ago, there’s still the normal sequence of the report from them, however, suddenly, almost like being eaten by the void, they just went missing!” …

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