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Stranded World Chapter 34: Ootsusuki Kaguya


Regaining his consciousness again, Hotaru can feel the fuinjutsu surrounding him. The coffin of sealing the alliance created to seal the resurrected ninja, used on him.

Although, usually a ninja that being sealed unable to regain his consciousness, unlike others he’s able to make a form which he called soul form, and study the seal. Knowing the path, and the way the chakra moves along the seal, he quickly makes a hole from within, and let a surveillance thread out of the seal.

In the surrounding area, coffins ninjas were busily working about,

there he met with many ninjas he once acquittances with or closes with,

But, knowing full well of his inability to control the Edo Tensei control, he does nothing and enjoys the sight.

The camp progress could be seen as a white paper, the ninja from Konoha blatantly contempt the sand ninja,

since the invasion on the chunin exam leaves a deep scar to them. While the sand ninja could be seen being somehow arrogant enough to ignore the contempt.

If this continues, the alliance will soon lose to the Akatsuki, and thinking about the information he gathered in a day, from the time he’s still in the Akatsuki camp, even while being controlled.

Hotaru can understand how bad the situation is…

He hates the sand ninja, so much he wanted to pulverize the seal and mass slaughtering them all he cares.

Still, that’s not something he’ll do…

As the world has a common enemy this time, they have the White Zetsu and Akatsuki as their common enemy, and there’s a must for them to do their job.

After all, he already understood that even until now,

The seat of Kazekage still empty since the last time the kage killed in Leaf-Sand war, along with the 3rd Hokage and Orochimaru’s hand…

The fun fact, that…

After the battle in Chunin exam, all along, Kazekage’s a puppet controlled by Orochimaru…

Which mean, both Konoha and Sand were victims of Orochimaru’s show…

Then, how could Orochimaru die?

He was killed by…


Wandering in the laboratory, she along with an Uzumaki Karin, Yugo, and Suigetsu wander about for several years. She didn’t think of coming back to Konoha, and she was able to be released by the caged bird seal on her forehead.

However, knowing Hiura can’t be saved, and already dead…

She cries her tears off, bringing the eyes Hiura had from some laboratory in Orochimaru’s hideout, she killed, kill, and massacre those in the shelter until the end of her life, being killed by Karin, Yugo, and Suigetsu, along with Kabuto…

Those three leave to side with the Akatsuki in this great war…

Hotaru learned about it from Naruto, how could he do that?

“hey, Hotaru-nii…”

Naruto suddenly approached his coffin and put his hand on it, while act knowingly, and tell a story.

“it’s funny that the only Jinchuriki left is me, Killer B, and 2-tail… that’s why we can hold the Akatsuki, since they’re unable to get all the tailed beast, thus disabling them from complete the preparation…”

“I don’t know what they planned to do -Dattebayo…”

“However, based on what Erika-san gather, and gave to us via his ex-teammates, Yugo, Karin, and Suigetsu which turn their leaves and act along with Sasuke, they seem to want to resurrect something which called 10-tails…”

“Making that Madara be the Jinchuriki of that almighty 10-tails…”

Naruto then tells Hotaru about many things, about Ichiraku, about Konoha, and the alliance…

The world is in chaos,

It’s been three days since the war occurred, and the enemy still had the upper hand,

Suddenly, 4 Hokages from the past come to Hotaru’s sealed space,

Only 1st and 2nd Hokage smiled at his coffin,

They snickered after making eye contact, and laugh out loud puzzling both 3rd and 4th Hokage.

5th Hokage, along with Naruto suddenly barged in, and look at 3rd and 4th questioningly.

“Ah, sorry, sorry for scaring you all… we were just astonished by the undercover spy hid among the coffin…”

The 1st said while 2nd continued “haha… for something so blatant yet, so hidden can fool the jutsu I create, I really am impressed by what the brat hid there do…”

“Indeed… his control is so profound we can’t feel them unless being this close… Can you come out already, you know? The controller already being taken care of…” 1st said while knocking Hotaru’s coffin.

The coffin the cracked,

Showing Hotaru’s Which is inside smiling while lowering his body, respecting his predecessor “it’s an honor for me, to be able to meet you past Hokage…”

“Ooh, if it isn’t Hotaru… you are resurrected too?”

“It’s been a while 3rd… I’m sorry for your death…”

“Don’t be… I should be the one who’s sorry… not being able to save you, even though we still in the same village at that time…”

“they attack us while you’re out after all, after knowing you later killed by Orochimaru, I can say nothing… but, curse my luck…”

“But… this compound should be filled by mass slaughterer resurrected… you….”

“fufufu… I can only say being resurrected is a blessing in their own way… 3rd…”

“Indeed, for you to be able to get this much chakra… and even still growing this much, and almost touching the limit… I am impressed…” 2nd Hokage suddenly chimed in

“It’s possible to touch the limit? It’s my first time seeing someone able to touch their limit in Chakra grade… are his vessel the stronger one, or is it his?” 4th ask

“I presume it’s his own power,”

“knowing full well someone that able to touch the limit won’t be killed easily like that, and be used as a vessel of Edo Tensei on someone with only this much of history…” 1st said,

“well, I don’t mind extending our discussion, but… as a ninja from Konoha, I’d love to offer my hand first…”

After saying that, Hotaru release his thread, and create his own clone on the thread, he creates more than 10 of them and move along the camp…

Many that seeing him, still remember the thread which cut many of their teammates, even Mizukage being in guard all over…

However, Hotaru suddenly became a god hand which can save the surrounding ninja, showcasing a skill which also makes Tsunade flabbergasted…

Each and every thread he makes, whether it’s his or his clones recover the ninja that being injured mortally or lightly. Although the mortally wounded can’t enter the battlefield once again, they still able to help to support others in the logistics division.

In merely two days, after Hotaru enter the fray, the casualty’s alliance receives lessen by 60%…

Of course, in effect the war progress increase, while so, being put in a corner Akatsuki activate the Gedo statue and rapidly cornering the alliance.

Forced to use the Gedo statue, Tobi needed to awaken the ten tail further. Focusing his offense to Killer B and Naruto to get the power from them deemed to be impossible, so…

He can only call the ten tail without 2,8, and nine-tailed beast chakras…

Akatsuki had a reason in their raison d’etre, which is…

To create a better world…

However, what they do is to make all of them fall to a limitless illusion world. Each and every person will fell to a world where they’d be the hero, the main character even their dreamed world…

A world, where they always idolized in…

And even with him there, as a super medical ninja, Hotaru can do nothing but seeing the sight happen.

The real Uchiha Madara resurrected, the person hid behind the mask is an Uchiha named Obito Uchiha, former teammates of Kakashi and 4th Hokage.

Their battle last for some time, and the struggle itself killing none but crippling Gai.

Using the 8th inner gate, Gai able to injure Madara heavily, and create an opening for others to seal him.

Still, they failed in doing so,

As Black Zetsu resurrects Madara and using the 1st Hokage, Hashirama Senju’s wood jutsu to increase his regenerative ability, Uchiha Madara successfully retain his living body.

Unlike before, he’s able to use a real-life body, without another vessel, which is lower than his own real body.

Different than Hotaru which have a low-potential body, Madara Uchiha had highest grade potential body, which already beyond the limit.

While Hotaru has already touched the limit in his body, and that is a body which only slightly better than Rock lee’s own body…

Which means, even in the end-limit potential of his body, Hotaru can never achieve a Chunin-grade chakra.

Meanwhile, Madara Uchiha and others Kage had a potential body which can get themselves in a Kage level chakra that is, more than 40 times a normal Chunin had…

Even saying them 40-fold of a normal chunin has isn’t an exaggeration.

Then, what about a Tailed beast? They have 100 or even more fold chakra than a chunin is…

To make it simpler, we can compare a chunin as Goku with kaioken and a Kage as Goku Super Saiyan 1 form.

While Jinchuriki is Goku in his Super Saiyan 3 form…

And, adding Madara Uchiha’s Doujutsu, which enables him to control a Tailed beast?

Means he’s too strong to be defeated… Like Goku with Super Saiyan plus kaioken.

However, defeating Madara isn’t an impossibility.

The alliance had 2 Tailed beasts theirs, further including Naruto’s Sennin-power, defeating Madara is possible.

Watching the scene of war, Hotaru can only seat in a spectating seat along with others…

While the Uchiha can still help, others can only support them.

He knows full-well that only several Uchiha left after the massacre in the chunin exam. And, in this war, only Sasuke left, with an eternal Mangekyou Sharingan after Itachi dies while trapping Kabuto in Izanami.

To awaken the eternal Mangekyou Sharingan there’s a need for an operation to combine both eyes of brothers. Left with only him and Sasuke alone, and with Hotaru there, he can increase the operation time.

Successfully awaken the eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, at the same time the ten tails awakened, and Obito became a Jinchuriki for it.

He knows nothing about the doujutsu ability, but his medic ability increased tremendously in this war.

Being a background character like always, he can only tend others and let them back in the battle. While Hotaru might be strong, his ability excels in healing, not killing, at least that’s what he has shown to the others.

Killing others, and helping others, of course helping others is way better…

Amid the battle, suddenly Orochimaru came back and became a better person than he was. Of course, Hotaru tries to kill him in the first sight he sees him, but, knowing his ability full well, he failed in killing him. Thus, leaving Orochimaru alone while eying him while in a guard of his betrayal.

Knowing that he’s deceived, Obito suddenly changes side…

Naruto can turn enemy into allies, and it’s something he only knows while in this war. Naruto has charisma on his own, that’s different than him. Which means, there’s a future where, without him, that Naruto own…

In the peak of the battle, Madara successfully starts the jutsu and awaken the tree 10-tails changes into.

Thus, the infinite Tsukuyomi started…

And a woman, named Ootsusuki Kaguya, unsealed from her bind…


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Stranded World Chapter 34: Ootsusuki Kaguya

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