Stranded World Chapter 48: Son Gohan

  Weeks after running away from home, bringing the Dragon radar. Bulma already sick enough and able to use the survival knife Hotaru threw for her. “Uncle! Give me the food! Food!” She’s yelling like that several times already, but ignored by Hotaru. Instead, he threw her the survival knife, and bring her an already […]

Stranded World Chapter 47: Capsule corps’ owner

There’s still an enigma for Hotaru. The reason why did he called here… if there’s Flynn, he might know something, sadly Flynn isn’t here. Even his wellbeing is unknown, there’s higher chance that he’s already dead. More than enough chance than he’s still alive… Heck, even Naruto and Sasuke had higher chance to live. The […]

Stranded World Chapter 46: Number one under the heaven, martial arts gathering

  “Now that we’ve met once again in this great occasion! As your MC! I’m deeply flattered! Our King! 5 consecutive winning since the start of the competition until now! Will he get his six consecutive wins, and reach the emperor height! As the ultimate legend?!” “Let’s cheer at his appearance!” “The” “GREAT!” “RAMEN!” “WARRIOR!” […]

Stranded World Chapter 45: The age of Emptiness

“AI, can you decode the structure of this talisman?” [Completed] “Use chakra strings to write them for me” [Acknowledged] By this time, Hotaru already moves so slow. That he needed his eyes power to move the chakra around his body, even though only 5 year passed. He already had a hard time moving, even though […]

Stranded World Chapter 44: Route reader 2

What kind of ability was route reader, exactly? Of his experience, Hotaru already know that, Route reader, is an ability which allow him to see a plausible possibility of his future. A ‘what if’ occurrences which will happen once he took everything as it comes. Once, he became an expert cook after assuming he don’t […]

Stranded World Chapter 43: Turnover

The world suddenly shakes, the sky showing lines of green and blue whilst booming sound resounded within the sky. Like a thunder booming to earth, the earth shaking hard. Tremor once again destroy the already finished building receiving yell from the woodworker and mason. But, Zabuza gave a thumbs up to make them silent. Numbers […]

Stranded World Chapter 42: A clap

The man stood in mid-air, without knowing anything the other can only open their jaw and see the spectacle of the Monkey, Tapir, and Snake chief bow down under the personage. From his shadow, it could be defined that the person that stand there is a buffed man, with horn in his temple. Even from […]

Stranded World Chapter 41: Cross over

Pounding the table, Flynn-san maddened by the sudden revelation he had. “All this time! All this time, they’re fooling me!” “Sigh… if you want to get mad, do it later…” Izana-san said while drawing a picture with chakra in the air, again. “Wait… that… is Yggdrasil from Digimon! Damn it, you actually know it?!” “Ah… […]

Stranded World Chapter 40: Singularity point changes

“That’s how the story goes” Flynn end his story. Based on his story, I can say that times I fail Hayate’s test I died in the Akatsuki attack, while the same also happened in revenge route. But I am resurrected in 5th ninja war. “Do you know a singularity is?” Flynn suddenly asks, I shake […]

Stranded World Chapter 39: Route Reader

“Route Reader… R.R… indeed, a nostalgic name huh” Flynn said “You know about it?” Hotaru astonished “Of course, I know about it… though not as much as you do” “Never heard of it, tell me more about it” The sudden voice astonished Hotaru, while glaringly looking at Flynn, Izana threw flags towards the surrounding area […]

Stranded World Chapter 38: Singularity

Sneeking a peak outside the window, he can feel the eeriness outside. “The singularity point is here…” Flynn muttered while looking serious, while Yugao hold the edge of his shirt while looking worried. “Is outside really that dangerous” “It is, the Sound and Sand village are attacking the village. There’s no way they’d be here […]

Stranded World Chapter 37: Scrapped

The room was dim, and the scenery seems to be filled with passion. It’s their night of love and passion, for the young ninja couple that falling in love and fluttering in the battlefield killing the enemies. In the dark and dimly lit room, there’s a bed and a couple sat atop. “to have marriage […]

Stranded World Chapter 36: The path is…

“Halt your step, trespasser” The young man said to the ninjas from Konoha, while drawing his bow, and pointing the arrow head towards them. Along with others hiding between the trees, he stood valiantly while showing blatant hostility to them. “Tell us what you want to do, trespasser” Said the young man, donned with a […]

Stranded World Chapter 35: What happened after?

  With a stab, the woman’s hand coming through off Madara’s chest. Shocked, Madara which already in his sennin form, look just like the woman behind him having a shocked look. He was astonished, scared, even feel betrayed at the same time. The woman looks at him like he’s someone that worth nothing for her. […]

Stranded World Chapter 34: Ootsusuki Kaguya

  Regaining his consciousness again, Hotaru can feel the fuinjutsu surrounding him. The coffin of sealing the alliance created to seal the resurrected ninja, used on him. Although, usually a ninja that being sealed unable to regain his consciousness, unlike others he’s able to make a form which he called soul form, and study the […]