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Stranded World Chapter 41: Cross over

Pounding the table, Flynn-san maddened by the sudden revelation he had.

“All this time! All this time, they’re fooling me!”

“Sigh… if you want to get mad, do it later…” Izana-san said while drawing a picture with chakra in the air, again.

“Wait… that… is Yggdrasil from Digimon! Damn it, you actually know it?!”

“Ah… this guy is the Time Protector the one beat me up when I want to rule the world…”

“This isn’t only a straight line! This damn place is a crossover! Damn it! How can they do this to me, with all my desire to make a harem blocked and being satisfied with having Yugao alone after Ntr-ing Hayate when he’s recovered! Damn it!” Flynn whined.

“What is Ntr-ing?” Hotaru ask.

“Netorare, it means cheating…” Flynn blatantly said.

“Uh… wait, I lost it… what is it again?” Hotaru ask.

“Argh… knock it off kid, it’s too early for you to know about these kinds of thing. Leaving that aside, oy, Izana…”


“Do you realize what it means?”

“My barrier didn’t work?”


Hotaru suddenly intrude “Eh, isn’t that mean, the outside still move normally?”


Hotaru then dashed out of the room.

“Geez, how rude of him… right, Izana-san?”

“Shut it. Let’s go after him”

“Sure, sure”

Flynn said while shunpo-ed along with Izana outside.




The situation outside can be defined by the words above, each and every ninja was tied by the trouble they see.

Not only the fact Orochimaru’s invasion, the Uchiha massacre and Sand village bijuu’s rampage make the situation on Konoha be dangerous as it can be.

Not to mention the fact Orochimaru had yet to summon the previous Hokage, even the act of him that can nonchalantly deal with the 2 leaders of Konoha alone can be said, Outstanding.

As strong as he might be, he’s not much different than Jiraiya.

Each of the team in Legendary Three, had their own advantages.

Jiraiya with his creativity and keen mind, Orochimaru with his intellect and nimbleness, while Tsunade with her Medical ninjutsu and power.

“Well, the brat moves towards the bijuu… Ah… That bastard goes to see his Great grandchildren eh… well, I shall head to the old fogies then…”



“Tighten the wall, don’t let those bloody shit come here!”

“Fuck it, we need to attack and kill those bloody bastards!”

“Then who’d protect the elderlies and children! Area you out of your mind?”

“I… I… Damn it! Where’s the higher up!”

“Dealing with those wretches b*tches!”

As the panic filled voice combined with furious one, the Uchiha still hold true to their basic personality.

They care towards each other and protecting one another.

Although they had battle intent inside, the caring side of them really make Izana see his little brothers figure inside them.

Having awaken for several years, he already received the information about Asura and Indra’s fratricide.

As painful as it might be, the only family he had in this ninja world is the Bijuu his father created, the one being feared for their ferociousness, and cold bloodedness.

The source of fear and Tragedy, Flynn depicted as.

At the same time, the hope the ninja world own.

As painful as he might felt, he can’t go and make his great nephews to reconcile as he still need to recover from all the last battle he had.


“I can’t move, else, the one called Yggdrasil will once again rises to suppress me…”

“It’s only you, which can’t move my lord. We, can still move…”

Without saying anything else, his aide come to help the Uchihas fending off the enemy, and lessen the turmoil inside Konoha.


“Shuu! What should we do!” Ginki Inuzuka said while fending the enemy in front of him.

“Go and sandwich them! We can’t fight him off man to man, they’re too strong for us!”

“Sure! I’ll take the left!”

“Ruu will take the Right, and Shuu can just giving order from there!” Ruu Shiraishi yelled towards Shuu.

As the time passed, more and more victim piled up, the invasion is taking more life than they planned to make, since the attack infiltrated by the Akatsuki, and from within the White Zetsu mimicking the Wind ninjas without anyone realizing it.

With that, even a civilian ninja like Furukawa Shuu and Ruu Shiraishi that leave the ninja academy after their graduation needed to compromise and take a hand compelling the invader away from the shelter.

Of course, behind them there’s plenty of ninjas that obstructing the other ninjas.

“Shuu! Aware of the enemy behind you!” Ginki Shouted

Hearing the shout, Furukawa shuu suddenly crouching his body and duck, only to be pressed by an abominable fat.

“Fuck! I’m done for, guys ru…” His yell interrupted by the mass of fat that suddenly shouted.

“Medic! I need medic! Help Shizu and Subaru! Please!”

The one yelled is Aruru Akimichi, in her hand there’s Shizuka Uchiha and Subaru Hyuuga bloodied, and had no eyes in their socket.

Gasping, they scampering their way in search for a medic in the shelter.

Met because of Hotaru, the 6 of them was once classmates in academy, although some continues to be Ninjas or police forces, and some became civilian. They still in contact with each other and bragging to each other, especially when Hotaru’s there.

They’re friends with each other, even though many ‘friends’ can be selfish, those in Hotaru’s circle are mostly honest to dumb people. Even his teammates in Hayate’s team area honest to dumbness, with Hotaru as the leader.

“What happened…” The delinquent Shuu asked.

“I don’t know, when I’m on my way to search for Shizuka and Subaru, I found both of them like this already, panicking I went towards the nearest shelter…” Aruru Akimichi breathes roughly.

“If only Hotaru’s here…” Ginki sniff

“Damn it, if only Ruu continue her medic training…”

“No one’s at fault, it’s seems that they are ‘plucked’…” Haku said while freezing the wound in them, especially their eye socket to stop the bleeding.

“Look at this, the great Konoha seems to not as safe as they said it to…” Zabuza said sarcastically.

“Nowhere is safe in this war trodden land, men…” Said Ichiya while throwing the aroma therapy perfume that can lessen the shelter residence’s mind, and help to increase the body’s regeneration.

Looking towards their surroundings, there’s many Uchihas and Hyuugas that being plucked, and on their deathbed already, it might be better for the Hyuugas since they had caged bird seal, which make the perpetrator being careful when ‘plucking’ them. But, there’s already deaths on the Uchihas’ side



“This earthquake again… what’s actually happen with this damn village…” Zabuza yelled.



“surely you jest…” Hotaru said looking at the fox and raccoon fighting one another atop the already sand-covered forest.




The loud yell and shout uttered by the beast deafening.

There’s plenty of surge on the chakra in the surrounding, there’s something wrong with the fox’s chakra, and it seems that Hotaru already figured out, that the fox isn’t actually the fox.

“It’s a transformation jutsu, using Frog chief as the base” Flynn said, appeared suddenly beside Hotaru.

“That’s why the chakra is less powerful than the raccoon…that’s amusing”

“You can see the chakra?”

“Yep, don’t know since when though…”

“Cool, my real body need to know this, but he can wait…”

“You’re a clone?”

“Sure, I am, not like the oldies can be left alone, by now my real body should already arrived and engaging a fight with the 1st an 2nd Hokage…”

“You already know it?”

“Heck, I’ve known the storyline better than you do, brat… well, the main storyline that is…”

“sigh…  really need to know the real story line, but for now… what should we do with them?”


As the clone said, Flynn already engaging in the fight of the predecessor Hokage, and Sarutobi and Danzo. But he’d never expect that there’d be another ally in his team, the one known as the Snake devas of the 12 deva, Sandiramon that is.

“Wow… seems that I’d miss an important scene somewhere…” Flynn murmured towards the inexplicable image in front of him.

Flynn realized that dispelling the barrier might be bad for the encirclement, furthermore, the fact that the one in disadvantage is Orochimaru make Flynn certain to keep the barrier intact. With that reason before, instead of dispelling the barrier surrounding them. He reinforced and taking over the control towards the barrier.

Coming inside the Barrier, Flynn clapped his hand and called the Hokage “Monkey gramps!”

“Ah?! How dare you call me that!” Enma glare threateningly.

“Ah, not you Monkey king, I call the Hokage there…” Flynn said while pointing towards the 3rd.

Snort, Enma continue to glare at Flynn while Hiruzen sigh towards the visitor.

“I don’t know what intention you have, but please do tell…”

“Hahaha, as expected of the great Hokage, you’re still as naïve as always…”

“For some wild ninja, you sure talk a lot…” Danzo snide

“Oh, you sure think I’m a wild one? I never a ninja in the first place… right? Mister almost became traitor Danzo”


“Sigh… just tell me what do you want, I already aware that your ability is at least equal to mine or even more…”

“Hah… Leave that aside for now, I’m here to…” Flynn then stopped.

“to do what?” Hiruzen ask impatiently.

Scratching his head, Flynn then continue “I was trying to help you, but…” Looking towards the incapacitated Orochimaru he continued “It isn’t needed anymore I presume…”

“Oh my, you need to tell me more about this ‘equal or stronger than you’ wild ninja, sensei”

“Shat yer trap, fucking snake!” Enma shout.

“Watch your mouth, monkey!” Sandiramon yelled.

“I mean him, not you”

“Keep the racism out of me! Snakes are better than human, obviously!”

“Oh right, oh right, Sandiramon… when did Digimon entered the world in the first place?” Flynn suddenly asked.

“Hmm? You aware of our existence, human brat?”

“Digi… what?” Orochimaru enter.

“Oh my, forgot there’s some prisoner here… well, not like I do care if he knows more… and, it’s a yes for you Sandiramon”

“As expected from Fanglongmon-sama, to see a deviant here… Yggdrasil seem to be injured”

“Yggdrasil… so indeed, the one Izana fought is ‘that’ huh…”

“Oh, you seem to know the one that able to injure that tree, huh?”

“Indeed, but the name is somehow a taboo here, you see… so we need to talk elsewhere…”

“Not until I swallow this scourge… hisss” Sandiramon said while slowly move Orochimaru to his mouth.


Kishaaa! “Who dares threaten a contractor of mine!”

The snake chief suddenly summoned from nothing, and leaving Sandiramon’s tangle.

“Now, shall we begin round 2?” Orochimaru smirk.


With a single clap, everyone viewpoint sent to a person.

That person stood in the mid-air.

“By the covenant, you shall abide the rule he gave, and the order already been sent…”

A clap he creates, reverberating in the ears and mind of those below him. Even the snake and monkey can say nothing to it.

Unknowingly the tapir summon Danzo had appeared before them.

The summoned Tapir, Monkey, even the snake kneeled before the person stood in the mid-air.

“We shall not abide the covenant, except for his decree. Please do tell us, the decree the lord has given us”

As if swearing their obedience, roar shake the world. Konoha alone receive the impact from the roar of the summoned beast throughout the village, be it Enemy or allies.

All of the beast summoned, or summoning itself roar towards the sky.

“What’s happen?” Danzo, Hiruzen and Orochimaru question.

“Oh man… that guy sure is angry…” Flynn face palm.

“Look at it, Monkey Gramps, even I don’t know what we can do… your disciple sure like to create trouble everywhere…”