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Stranded World Chapter 42: A clap

The man stood in mid-air, without knowing anything the other can only open their jaw and see the spectacle of the Monkey, Tapir, and Snake chief bow down under the personage.

From his shadow, it could be defined that the person that stand there is a buffed man, with horn in his temple.

Even from the distance, the aura he gave is as scary or even more intimidating than the Kyuubi which ran amok in the village years ago.

Not to mention Hiruzen, even the already filled with bloodthirst Danzo can only tremble in the aura the man resonating.

At that time, every skirmish in the village stopped.

Even the already transformed Gamabunta, the frog chief, revert back to his frog self from his Kyuubi figure.

Still, the aura is infuriating the one-tail even more. But a glare from the man, even from the distance unmeasured suppress it.

As if being a joke, the tragedy that being replayed over and over by Hotaru in his route reading ability stopped.

“What is that thing…” Hotaru questioned Flynn’s clone.

“Heck… even I don’t know…” He answered and poof-d to white cloud coming back to the main body, while Hayate and Kakashi put Naruto and Gaara to safety, while giving the later an instant seal for now.

In the shelter, the assault from the other ninja stopped, giving the defending ninja a rest. While the injured seems unaffected by the aura the person emanate.

Everyone hears the clap.

And the person standing before the stadium can be seen even from the distance, as if, at only that time that their eye became better.

Though the medic ninja ignores the person to treat the injured, there seemed to be no one that utter a noise at that very moment.

“The Lord of Reisin has cometh, with this decree he announced his survival and commence that thy who run away from the invader may go back. Disobey will be allowed, as the decree isn’t mandatory. Peace has already cometh, as he already back. We shall pray for Reisin be always in peace”

“I am Q, the one hailed as the number 2 in Reisin. O Human, you might be the ruler, but you never once be the strongest! Only the Lord is the best, and the lord already said to put your conflict off. Anyone that dares to continue the conflict shall bear the brunt of The Mighty Nation of Reisin’s force head to their door step, and fear not, that I will be stood there as the Vanguards in order to obliterate you and your lord even stomp your nation to the ground!”

AS he said that, he turned his body and vanished.

Even Sandiramon, gasped for breath after the person vanished.

“Hahahaha! Who’d thought that even King Drasil, the Yggdrasil is failed to obliterate that man! Hahaha! Lord Fanglongmon will be happy to hear it, another ally to add!” He said, and leave behind trails off light and vanished from the area leaving Orochimaru shackled by Flynn as soon as Sandiramon go.

“Care to tell us what’s the meaning of that?” Hiruzen asked, but ignored by the Monkey King, Enma.

The Snake, Tapir and Monkey poof-d without answering any of the question they make. Leaving their eyes trailing towards Flynn, which sealing Orochimaru.

“What? Am I too handsome or something?” Flynn answer the stare given to him.



“Sigh… The man refuses me yet again…”

“It’s already more than 5 months since then, and he still refuses your call?”

“It’s not like he’s affiliated with Konoha, or something… even now, he’s still branded as a civilian, not to mention his ability is too much powerful for us to handle, you want to lose another arm of yours again, Danzo?”


The situation in the office is gloomy, the elders and Danzo, along with Hokage and Nara-clan’s head sat there. Looking for a way to uncover the mystery hid in the clap happen in the tragedy, which ended abruptly that day.

Since then, it’s already 5 months passed.

However, the damage it makes still had yet to be repaired even now. The fact that mental scars from invasion is bigger than the property damage did induce headache.

At that point in time alone, Konoha receives more dead than they can count over the years of peace. Not to mention the loss of most in the Uchiha, followed by the Hyuuga. It’s lucky that there’s still several families survived in the Uchiha clan, but only 2 families had their eyes intact, and the other?

Either had their eyes lost for good, or crippled for good.

Scary as it may, it brings sincerity at the same time. The villages that wary of the Uchihas unknowingly open their heart and gave a helping hand towards the Uchihas, making the village more harmonious than before.

The police force that already accepted outsiders finalized their decision and there’s already more outsiders than the Uchiha, given that the Uchihas almost decimated.

“At least, if the missing eyes can be found we’d not be this stressed…” Danzo sigh

“Even though the invasion failed, the important eyes already missing by the time we realized it, even Orochimaru shocked by the fact…”

“Ah, that snake bastard really put a headache in our head… can’t we just kill him already?”

“Sigh… I’m sorry…”

“your stupid naivety will shoot you in the back someday…”

While the higher-ups being dizzy, the village is still noisy as always, since the repair and modify still undergoing below.

By calculation it’d take another month for them to be done.

Each team and Genin can be seen, helping here and there. Learning more knowledge in either smiting, woodworking, or masonry. The one that being eye catching is as expected.


Even though he looks scary, he’s indeed scary. He’s being avoided by the others but seen as the god of woodworking.

His delicateness while working, and ability to cut things through beautifully make the mason hate him. Just by his woodworking alone, can make the masons looks like prodigal.

Even the woodworker and lumberjack calling them the prodigal that makes Konoha lay in poverty.

Although the masons gnawing their thumbs, they can’t forget the fact that Zabuza makes their works more relaxing.

The assault opened more lot in Konoha, at the same time. More orphans and mentally problematic villagers.

Albeit the already filled to the brim orphanage, Flynn still did his best to make more children in bed along with Yugao. Well, the children in the orphanage tries to overlook it sometimes, and gone to Ichiraku to help. While also a bit disgusted with the couple.

“That horndog dye mother with stain… sigh…” Hotaru said, while patting Hayate’s back.

“But, you can actually target the daughter if they ever had one right? *Smack* Hey, that’s hurt!” Hiura suddenly uttered, and getting a smack on the head.

“There’s plenty of fishes within the sea! You need not to mind it too much, since there’d be plenty of girls lining up for you, just take your time on choosing the right one even better than Yugao!”

“Thanks, pops…” Hayate answered Teuchi’s wise words.

“leaving Hayate-sensei’s problem aside, what’s the reason of the sudden demo from those summoned beasts?” Erika asks.

“There’s no further replies on the occasion, it’s as if, even the higher ups don’t know about it…”

“Indeed, even my dogs won’t respond to my call”

“Woah, you scare me, Kakashi-sensei”

“how’s about Naruto’s frogs?”



“You know something, hotaru?” Erika said.

“I don’t, but, it MIGHT be linked with the man that sent us the gift”

“What gift?” Kakashi ask.

“Erika acquire her byakugan, and I get Sharingan…” Hiura said.

“a bloodline awakening item?”

“Is that for real?”

“I don’t know, but, once I open it, I get some dream or hallucination or something that trigger the awakening of my bloodline limit… not like I remember that much thought…”

“then, what did Hotaru’s got?”

Both Erika and Hiura shake their heads, and look towards Hotaru.

“I never tell you guys?” Hotaru said.

They shake their heads and waiting for Hotaru’s answer.