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Seven Star Kingdoms RAW novel


Original Oriental Fantasy Novel. The best gift for readers who crave oriental fantasy. The story of the inevitable fate of the country of man and the kingdom of tigers. Seven years in the making, a grand historical epic unfolds in this novel. Zoara, the only original oriental fantasy novel. Authentic fantasy literature created by Seo…

The Legendary youngest son of the marquis MTL


After getting revenge on the Thulcaan Empire, Jack Valantier took his last breath. But just when he thinks it’s all over, he finds himself transported back to when he was 14! From his negligent and wicked family to his loyal servant and caring sister, it’s all just as he had remembered. But this time, Jack…

In This Life, The Greatest Star In The Universe RAW novel


A face is a face, a song is a song, a composition is a composition. Beautiful, talented and hardworking upcoming idol Sun Woojoo. One day, a miracle came to him! “I’ll become a star who shines more than anyone else.” His dreadful dancing wasn’t an issue anymore. At last, an idol with everything prepared. Now,…

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Stranded World Chapter 43: Turnover

The world suddenly shakes, the sky showing lines of green and blue whilst booming sound resounded within the sky.

Like a thunder booming to earth, the earth shaking hard. Tremor once again destroy the already finished building receiving yell from the woodworker and mason. But, Zabuza gave a thumbs up to make them silent.

Numbers filled the air, as the building destroyed leave nothing behind. Which makes the thumb Zabuza gave, disappeared with him.

Not only in Konoha, the same thing happens in all the other places in elemental nation and outside. Leaving uproar and mayhem in the path.

The numbers which comes off from the building remind the Hokage and Danzo the scene they saw when Sandiramon disappeared. Remembering the one clap and announcement the flying man once said. They shudder as goosebumps rising in their wrinkly old skin.

As scary as they can feel, even within their long history, there’re still more that they do not known. Even though they’ve already be said as the cream of the crops within their generation. It’s still not enough.

While in the Konoha orphanage.

“Okay, now let’s go to the safehouse… hurry, hurry…” Flynn said while stitching a seal one after another to the door outside the orphanage using his chakra thread.

“What happened?” Yugao asked.

“A conclusion… I wish…” Flynn said while sighing.

Ichiraku ramen.

“what the heck is happening?”


Hiura’s mutter receive no answer as the digital line, the greenish blue line appeared in the sky and earth so suddenly. Numbers showing up from the destroyed building and appeared from the sky, a mecha silhouette.

“Yggdrasil…” Hotaru said.

In front of them, there’s stood the man that clapped his hands just yesterday. He looks haggard, the hoods hid his face already obliterated. Leaving his countenance seen.

He looks handsome, although covered in bruise and injury. His steadfast face, and filled with nothing but confidence expression painted his sharpened brows. Looking towards the figure of Yggdrasil. Different from the already seen Devas from the homeostasis, the mecha stood before them is big. Even bigger than the Hokage building.

Surrounding it, is either the flying summoned beast or those with the same emblem in their body as the person named himself Q.

The appearances of the Divine Empire, those that called the stronger within the Nature world. The place where the mystical summoned beast linked to. The sole empire within the so-called world.

There stood their emperor.

Albeit smaller than Yggdrasil, his presence alone drawn the eyes of bystander.

“Never would I’ve thought, you’d give us some sneak attack even before the preparation’s completed…” Izana said.

“your presence is too disturbing, hence, need to be dealt with” Yggdrasil said, in robotic tone.

“Is that so?”

“Homeostasis, combined their strength with yours. You alone won’t be a threat, but, with them stood behind your back… we will need to partake, in the battle”

“What a wuss you are, look in your surrounding… there’s no one but my allies here, they’re my kin… not yours, there’s not a speck of this so-called homeostasis of yours…”

“Then, you can go and be obliterated obediently…” as he said that, the Royal knights appeared behind him.

Alphamon and Imperialdramon already wounded, their blade has been destroyed along with their arm. Flying using their wings, there the other royal knights digitalized into eggs.

“Pfft, never would you though, we’d dealt with you separately isn’t it? Yggdrasil…” Jesmon said, while playing with the eggs.

Alphamon and Imperialdramon stare dagger at the Digimon of Homeostasis faction.


At the unknown situation they see, they can only stare while having their mouth widen.

The size of the battle happen before their very eyes, isn’t something that can belittle. Hotaru even remember that the battle against Kaguya, isn’t as scary as this. Each and every one of them can defeat Kaguya.

That Yggdrasil, and Jesmon… can even defeat Kaguya along with Naruto and Sasuke cooperating…

The battle continues, each and every jutsu he sees. Isn’t something that even the great Hokage and Danzo can unleash.

Despair filled their face at the sight of unknown power, greater than they even imagine. Could the resurrected help them, in case, they fight against them?

I doubt so.

Killing them will be difficult, but not impossible. Given that he knows that Izana had yet to enter the stage.

As they share blow, the terrain changes.

Chasm and lake created by their powerful strike, skill, and unknown technique. Sometimes, it’s flood, then it’s scorching heat. As if the jutsu became more powerful, as the battle continued. More sight can be seen.

The never-ending winter stopped, and the sandy hidden sand village filled with water. The hidden earth village became scorched plain.

The blade slash became scarier as the axe and sword clashing in the air leaving impact in the sky.

The once disaster filled sky, cracked and gruesome end of the world suddenly filled with cries of tears and desperation.

Universe, the black and dark void space of the world seen through the eyes.

It can be seen easily, that, lies there isn’t hope…

But, despair.

And only despair.

The crack in earth’s mantle created a disturbing suction. Sucking everything in its way, lucky for them that, even whilst battling Izana still remember to put barrier surrounding the crack leaving the mobs below relieved sigh.

Hotaru clench his fist, his teeth gritted so much that it bleeds.

He can only stare at the battlefield in front of his eyes with bloodshot eyes. While being hugged by Ayame and Teuchi which crying their tears and saying some words he can’t remember. While stench of burning corpse filled his nose.

Never would he thoughts that, the sight before him. Even scarier than the massacre Pain caused, and the 4th ninja world war…

Kaguya’s resurrection seems like a child’s play in this gruesome scenery before him.

‘Ah… so this is the dead end, those guys talk about…’

He thinks while remembering the words, ‘he’ said towards himself, in that long, long dream of his…

As time passed, he can’t remember how long did he stand there, hugging Ayame’s and Teuchi’s… corpse, which already filled with maggots surrounding them.

Horrible stench filled his nose as the maggot move towards his body.

All he can see in his surrounding is either the maggots flying around his body, or the scorched land filled with scorched corpse. There’s no sign of his former teammates, nor his village mates. Even Tenten’s not there…

As he wondering the reason why he’s not dead yet, he dug the ground which is so hard that it can rivalling even titanium’s thickness.

“How desolate…”

He said as he stared towards the scenery surrounding him.

He could feel his parched throat hurting, looking around he moves his feeble and dry body around. Searching for the nearest water sources, he walked and leaving the corpse behind after telling the corpses so.

His mentality already scarred, so much that he sees those corpses as a living thing.

While he moves, he sees the corpse of Hiura and Erika holding their hands. At the sight, he smiled and tease the corpses “At last, you guys became a couple huh? What? Not answering me because you just became a love bird? Huft… alright, you ignore me… well, see you again…”

He said while waving them a goodbye, while he can see the other acquintances which already filled with maggots makes him forget about them and sees them as nothing… just nothing…

Not long after, he found a puddle of water, already muddy enough to be called gutter.

Of course, he ignores it, and search for another water source while feeling hurt at the throat. While walking staggering, he sees the already desolate scenery before him. The once prosperous Konoha became a village filled with corpse and bugs, the biggest living he sees in his surrounding are maggots and flies, so much you can say that this world will be filled by their colony sooner or later.

When he found the water source, so clean he can see his reflection. He gasps…

He looks towards that face which only bones and skins left, blood red eyes and dark circles surrounding that eyes. He sees no whiteness in his eyes, there’s only red and black pupil, so dark he thought it was the darkness of the space.

“What is… this…”

He said while ignoring everything else but his eyes.

What Hotaru sees in his eyes, are branches of light. It’s not like he’s crazy, but what he sees all before him, even when he sees Hiura and Erika…

All of them, is coming off from those branches of light.

His ability, Route reader…

Has finally awakened.