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Stranded World Chapter 44: Route reader 2

What kind of ability was route reader, exactly?

Of his experience, Hotaru already know that, Route reader, is an ability which allow him to see a plausible possibility of his future.

A ‘what if’ occurrences which will happen once he took everything as it comes.

Once, he became an expert cook after assuming he don’t have the talent needed to became a ninja, as he lacks coordination with his teammates, low amount of chakra, and utilizing his technique. At that time, he dies in Pain’s assault, without even realizing it.

Every time he went through several world, in line with his path. Even the fact that chunin assault happen, makes it possible for him to overcome the situation.

What makes it different from before? Why would this future, let him alone…

Is it really possible because eh involve himself with Either Flynn or Izana?

Were the source of this abrupt change is those two?

He never sees them in the other future he sees after all, is they really the reason why?

As he muttering like so, he moistened his parched throat. Mumbling while thinking so, and somehow a person stood behind him.

“Oh my, there’s still a survivor from this barren island I see?”

Although surprised, he moves slowly since his body is malnourished. He can vaguely see the person stood behind him.

He had a black body, with a dot in his eyes. While the other half is white haired white skinned, donned in red cloud’s patterned cloak.


“Oh, you know me?” Squinting his red dots, he looks towards Hotaru “An amalgam? Or another kind of eye bloodline I don’t know about? Did you know about it, mother?”

A woman suddenly appeared above the pure lake, white haired woman, with rinnegan in both of her eyes.

“I see, you’re a singularity…” she said, staring dagger to the malnourished man.

“Yuck, this is he smell of corpse, how long since you’ve bathe?” Zetsu mocked

“Kagu…ya” Hotaru said, and then collapsed.



“Oh, it seems that the singularity has awakened mother” Zetsu said.

“Ugh… where am I?” Hotaru asked.

“hokage office’s… ruin”

“I see”

“Now then, I shall question you… why do you know about mother?”

Blinking, Hotaru stared the man in front of him. He then closes his eyes again, thinking that he’s not dreaming after all.

So, is it possible that I’ve went to another future?

No, that nigh impossible, since the futures are already…

Facing a dead end.

In his sleep, he unknowingly knows about his eyes more than he ever could. The fact that his eyes ability named route reader, and the fact that there’s no more future laid before him.

“The branches of future already closed off I presume?” Kaguya suddenly asked.


“There’s no need to be so surprised, it’s not like I don’t know anything about you… in Ootsusuki Clan, there’s a book talking about your kind… or, it should be, you… after all”

“What… do you mean about that?” Hotaru asked, confused.

“I see, you’ve yet to aware…”

“well, I don’t know what’s mother talking about too, so let’s talk about the other things for now… what do you know about that ‘Flynn firefly’?”

“… Right, I don’t know anything about him… sigh”

“Hmm, yep… you’re useless”

With that, Zetsu and Kaguya vanished from the spot.

While Hotaru sat there, still feeling the ache in his body. Looking towards the devastated ruin of the once great ninja village was.

“I… need to bury father and sister…” he said, trying to stood limply.



While limply shoveling the ground Hotaru uses his little bit of chakra left in his body, to cover the shovel.

As he moves the dirt, he creates a hole large enough for his father, and sister to sleep in.

After a long and arduous time, he actually succeeded.

“with this, there’s no one left unburied”

Hotaru said while looking at the uncountable mound of grave before him.

As each day passed, his body became skinnier. As the skins in his body became thinner, he actually just a moving bone.

A great sight to behalf, is his undead-like body, which actually can still move even after being starved for a year long.

Even the body of his father and sister, already decomposed. Until their bones left, Ayame and Teuchi at long last…

Buried under the ground.

“With this… it’s a farewell… Big sister, Father…” he said while carving the name on the mound.

Here’s sleeping the best Father/Sister in the world. Ichiraku Teuchi – Ichiraku Ayame.


As he’d already finished the business, Hotaru take a journey in this nearly destructed Ninja world. As the world, already filled with Corpse, and maggots in their first phase. In this 2nd phase it’s filled with bones.

As he took his foot towards the populated city, there’d be a lot of flies flocking like a cloud.

Then seeing the skeletons in the roadside, Hotaru only sigh, and scavenging whatever food he can see whether it’s rotten or not, moldy or not.

Sometimes he’d see edible mushroom, and inedible one. When he met with one, he still ate it. Even if he’s become sick after, he’d still ate it. Then write them in his journal.

As time passed, he never met with any survivor.

It’s all dead bodies or skeleton.

Those bodies he met, is a proof he’s not the only survivor, since if he’s one then the bodies will already be skeletons’ already.

In 6 years of his journey, his adolescence face already turned into a young man’s face. Albeit gaining some meat in his body, he’s still not fat enough to be called golden scaled body.

Even though he’s a handsome young boy, in this situation he looks like a hobo. Unshaven hair, beard, and mustache. Make him look like a middle-aged man.

“As expected, the only one alive is only them, huh…” Hotaru said while resting beside a clean water source he found.

After 6 year he met with Kaguya and Zetsu several times already, and each encounter makes him more mesmerized at Kaguya.

She talked as if know something about him, and she’s not as crazy as the 4th ninja war.

He could be said a wise one, even.

He believed that, if Naruto and Sasuke met with Kaguya in another event. They can be friends…

Well, the fact Kaguya is their ancestor makes them friend generations apart, but… oh well, who cares about it.

What’s makes him astonished the most is the fact, there’s no remnant of the deceased monster that Izana and companion’ fight.

While Kaguya said they’re digitalized Hotaru don’t know the words meant, but something clicked in his mind.

He somehow understands the words, but can’t remember where he heard it. Is it in another route? He wonders.

In the 6 years he spent, he also found several intriguing things about his eyes.

The fact that he ate those inedible plants also helping him in uncovering some secrets of his eyes, one of that is…

He can’t see what lies before him, a vision about the lines of evolution the mushroom will create, made of, even evolved to.

Astonishing enough, but, that’s not all.

As day passed, and more tasted. He can already write many kinds off recipe, potions, drugs, even medicinal soup out of the vegetation he ate.

He even tried to eat some flies, and resulted in more than one kind of recipe. Nowadays he even makes stir fried flies, and fly noodles with poisonous mushroom.

As amazing as it was, it’d kill of him if used without consideration. There’s plenty of reason why he played with his life, even though he already knew his lifespans decreased in every recipe he obtained, he believed there’d be one recipe that can increase his lifespans, even revive the chakra that already became so scarce in this world.

By the time he’s 30, he looks like in 50s. as each day passed he looks older because the eyes’ always calculating a new recipe after another.

By the time he’s 40, he already looks like a grandparent, so old that the visage of his middle-aged buried by the wrinkles.

Although old, he’s still energetic.

By now, his eyes act like an artificial intelligence.