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Stranded World Chapter 45: The age of Emptiness

“AI, can you decode the structure of this talisman?”


“Use chakra strings to write them for me”


By this time, Hotaru already moves so slow. That he needed his eyes power to move the chakra around his body, even though only 5 year passed. He already had a hard time moving, even though he’s only 45 years old.

“Can you decode the reason why my lifespan being depleted every time I used you AI?”

[I can]

“Which is?”

[There’s a restriction on genetic code. I’m unable to tell you why]

“Then which side are you on? Homeostasis or Yggdrasil”


“I see…”

The artificial intelligence became his conversation partner, and there’s plenty of knowledge he received from it. However, even until now. He’d yet to found a recipe on any medication, food, or potion to increase his lifespan.

But he already found several for chakra recovery, increase, and reduction. Whether it was permanent or temporary.

Sadly, he had yet to meet with another human, and the fact that after 25 years long, he had never met that couple of mother and son anymore.

“it seems that, my lifespans reach the end…”


“You’ve become more fluent now, isn’t it, AI?”

[Yes, father. I’ve born from your lifespan, attached in your eyes. and moves along with you]

“Then, would you be human once I die? Like having a body from the dead body of mine or something?”

[surely you jest, father. None can do something like that. I just learn more, and when you passed away so do I]

“you sure love this father of yours isn’t it?”

[I deny that]


[I adore you, father]

“You make me embarrassed”

[why won’t I? even to this day… you still write the book over and over again, leave it in the place where a clean water source is… so can another survivor find it. In this barren place where chakra already so scarce… you share your knowledge…]

“Some might hog it though”

[but, it’d still circulate and save more life than you expect it would…]

“I sincerely wish so”

Unknown to him, AI already make a chakra circuit to prevent others. Chakra circuit is another kind of usage of Chakra invented by Hotaru, to seal a landscape, making traps, or something else, which fuinjutsu unable to do.

You can say, that it’s another division of fuinjutsu.

Reaching his sleeve, Hotaru pick a tiny piece of bone and caressed it lovingly.

It’s a piece of bone from tenten, which he took before burying her under the ground. He took it as a memento, and as a proof that there’s someone loved him and he love back.

AI which share the same sense of touch, didn’t share the same sentiment. Albeit an AI, it adores Hotaru, and feel envious of the way Hotaru treated that piece of bones, which already started to dissolve itself.

[isn’t it the time you bury it father?]

“it seems so… but, rather than burying it…” taking a scroll, he creates a fuinjutsu above the opened seal. Albeit shaking, he makes each stroke by himself without asking AI to do it. Several times he failed and AI asked to take over, but he refused.

After he’s done with it, he took the bone and seal it on the scroll.

“Now, let’s move”

[Yes, father]



“Fuahahaha! Never would I’ve though! Rather than increasing my lifespan, I’ve met something like this…”

Hotaru cackling, while shouting out loud.



For a long-long time, the world stayed empty, with the lack of human residing in the place. The world once again fell to a prehistoric era where the vegetation and insects took control of the world. The years passed is unknown, but after some time.

Human started to come back from unknown location.

It is written in a history book, that within the age of emptiness there’s a wanderer, writing his knowledge on every place where there’s water source. Protected by unknown technology, he, or she, or they, is a survivor of the apocalypse.

The day where those mythical being destroy the world.

Knowledge of Chakra passed on.

Plenty of archeologist, the survivor from the mystical and legendary place where the summoned beast resided in. comes from, and try to unravel the truth behind those knowledges.

Archeologist all had the same characteristic, they either became a half-monster. Or sage, rivalling the legendary sages written on the day before the apocalypse.

Which is why, aside from those ‘human’ there’s plenty of frog, snail, even snake and others animals coming from the summoned beast’ village.

Those seek refuge there stuck there, until the day they can come out. And plenty didn’t have the chance to survive there, and become the being their self.

Naruto and Sasuke were included within those archaeologists.

Sadly, they’re already old enough to forget many things.

As the sole pair survivor of Konoha, both of them cooperating in Nature world.

There, they understand that Nature world is the place where the summoned beast resides. A place connected from the Chakra in the atmosphere.

The place where those monster that destroy Ninja’s earth, governed.

As the highest leader, the man named ‘Izana’ is the forgotten 3rd son of Haguromo, the sage of the 6th path, and their ancestor.

In that place, they learned that they’re the reincarnation of his siblings, and together they learn the history behind their clan. At the same time, in that place, they learn about…

Flynn’s survival along with Yugao and Yugito. The 2 tailed beast’s Jinchuriki.

Although they say survived, there’s only both of them. Flynn did his best to save Yugao, but the orphanage children all dead.

At that time, he lost his right hand. With Yugao mentally scarred, became a mentally sick person.

When he tried to save Yugito, he lost both of his legs making him handicapped.

He can only live for several year after, and asking Yugito to take care of Yugao for him. While looking at both of Sasuke and Naruto to take care of his girls for him. Even thought the two of them reluctant to do so, both of the woman had connection with them.

And Flynn’s dedication towards his wife touched him.

Yugito is his first wife, and as the first she fully aware of Yugao and already accept her well. She took care both of them dutifully.

Zabuza, and Haku, sadly perished along with the other.

As they wandered along this world they once lived in, and will once again live in. Sasuke and Naruto cooperating in excavating more and more area they recognized. The most eye catching one is the graveyards in Konoha.

“This alone, put a fact that someone did survived I this barren world…”

“Dattebayo… “

It’s already been 50 years since they went here again, and they should be in their 60s already. Both of them are single dogs until now, since there’s no way they’d married some snakes or frogs. Not to mention the fact they can’t humanized anymore.

“The nature Empire, the empire which ruled a whole world… unlike in ninja world that being divided. That one empire alone stood in the highest place controlling many powerful monsters… even humongous existences like that is perished already… Dattebayo”

“indeed… “

“Sasuke, look at that graveyard…” Naruto suddenly yelling.

[here lies the best Father in the world – Ichiraku Teuchi] [Here lies the best sister in the world – Ichiraku Ayame]

“So… he’s still alive huh” While Sasuke’s astonished, Naruto drip her tears to the ground. Knowing fully well what’s the graveyard meant.

“Hotaru-nii is still alive… Dattebayo”

“Was alive… we still don’t know if he can survive until now or not… which is less likely to happen”

“I… sigh… let me dream at least… Dattebayo…” he already knew the fact that Hotaru isn’t possibly still alive all this time. Both of them already a sage and an advanced one at that, which makes it possible to open a gate to this earth once more.

It can be said that they are at the same strength as Hagoromo. The sage of the six paths.

“Well… it took us 150 years to reach this state thought…”

“But, based on the feeling of this grave, it only been 50 years here… which means Nature world’s time lapse is thrice faster than this world…”

“How is that possible in the first place? Dattebayo!”

“Heck if I know!”



Opening his eyes, he can see the light once more.

“Where… am I?”


END OF BOOK 1 Part 1 – The place where it all started, where I wish to have longer times…