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Home Stranded World Stranded World Chapter 46: Number one under the heaven, martial arts gathering

Stranded World Chapter 46: Number one under the heaven, martial arts gathering


“Now that we’ve met once again in this great occasion! As your MC! I’m deeply flattered! Our King! 5 consecutive winning since the start of the competition until now! Will he get his six consecutive wins, and reach the emperor height! As the ultimate legend?!”

“Let’s cheer at his appearance!”






The audience cheered at the figure of the person. Holding a ladle and shuriken in his hand, he faced against the person before him.



“Goku, you want to fight again that man again?”

“Of course! Krilin, you should come too! It’s been a while since I see old turtle being defeated by some youngster”

“Eh… I can’t even beat master roshi, not to mention someone that can defeat him and his brother-disciple… coop even…”

“Hahaha! Even that piccolo defeated by him, and being under his tutelage, what else can you do?”

“You laugh too much, isn’t his last bout in Tenkaichi?”

“Yep, unless there’s another challenger that can have consecutive win, would they have the permit to challenge Ramen warrior…”

“Well, he’d be the judge hereafter, so he won’t be missing…”

The name Great ramen warrior did a great boom in earth, no one don’t know his title, and none don’t know that his ramen…

Tasted like crap.

“If only he can really make a great ramen, he’d be perfect…”

“Well, let’s leave that matter to his old man here, you don’t need to take too much care on that problem”

“Oh, you’re here pops!” Goku called to the man suddenly appeared. He had a chef’s hat in his head, and a bowl of food to give to the glutton.

“Oh well, you’re always ignoring me… unlike that ramen warrior, mine is a real deal!”

“Course I know that! You’re the best ramen chef in the down town! Even I always going here nowadays! Though I prefer meat than noodles”

“Oh… you wanna try some of my special ramen?”

Krillin suddenly shuddered at the words, and he remembered the day his stomach so sick he felt like die, and actually died and still felt sick even in his death…

“Crap… I will puke there first…” Krillin said while holding his mouth and run so fast to the bathroom. As his stomach still felt sick whenever he remembered the taste…

“As expected of the ‘death won’t let you run away from it’ special ramen… even after he’s been resurrected, Krillin still felt sick…”

“Gawd, that boy surely like to exaggerate things up…” the chef said while scratching his cheek.

“Oh, right! Hotaru-san, what do you think about Bulma’s dad offer?”

“That? Oh…”



“Where… am I?”

“Looks like you’re awake, young man”

“uh… what?” Hotaru blinked and look at doctor brief.

“hi there, my name is brief, most calls em doctor brief”

“Uh, hello?”

That’s the first conversation I had in this new world.

Later, when I asked the reason why am I here. Brief didn’t say anything, he just laughing awkwardly. As if there’s some ridiculous reason as to why am I here…

At that time, there’s a blue haired little girl, which you can say, look like Brief.

“hey, dad… is that person my brother?” she suddenly asked

“Uh… why do you ask so, Bulma?”

“Why not? I mean, he’s not that older than Tight, and he actually had a lighter hair color than me…” at that sentence hurriedly looking at the mirror.

“Wait… what do you mean…”

There, a young me in my teens actually can be seen… he still had the

“This… is…”

“You look astonished, what happened?”

“Well… even if I’m look like this, I should already be in my 50s… and my look should be older, which most likely, looking like a 100s…”

“Which means you should be bones, and skin only? *chuckle*” Brief chuckled

“Yes, I should be…”

My affirmation stopped his laugh.

Looking at me in my eyes, he can’t deny my affirmation. The strength in my gaze makes him look away, even.

“Sigh… this is why mystical things can’t be trusted… oh, well… let’s talk about business… sir”


With that, the belittling gaze Brief sent to me stopped. He then talked about the main point, precisely, but vaguely. I can still see, there’s something he hid. Furthermore, the fact that he actually explaining without giving me. this outsider, a background story make me realized…

“first, tell me the COMPLETE story from the start…”

“… sigh… Alright… as expected from an elder, you sure are keen”

The story started when his pal, Gohan, get a child…

This baby found from a spaceship, an UFO.

At first, he can see that the baby had filled with malice. An abyss like malice.

Gohan is a goody two shoes, so much that he believed that there’s no evil that can’t be changed. Although I agree with this ‘Gohan’ we can step it aside first since it’d make the explanation longer, and more roundabout.

With that, the child named Goku, Son goku.

Well, let’s summarize the story…

After some incident where Gohan let the kid fall in the head, the kid suddenly became docile and cute. But, there’s still the fact that the kid is amusingly, can grow to be a great ape. Well, a king kong to be exact, and rampaging around.

Well, Gohan already cut the tail to stop the kid’s rampage, but, then again… what’s the problem?

It’s the fact, there’s an extraterrestrial being out there that can destroy earth.

Hmmm, not exactly a new information since Nearth, it’s what I call Ninja’s earth by the way, is actually destroyed in a span of hours…

Well, not exactly destroyed, since Nearth is still there, but the fact that most of the life there decimated…

“Hmm… well, that’s not exactly a news…”

“Wait, what do you mean?”

“the fact that my world once terraformed so much that not a human being life there aside from me in just several hours by the extraterrestrial… is that a good enough answer for you?”

“… tell me more”

Then I share my knowledge about the mysterious world of Ninja…

“Well, there’s still ninja here, though not as scary as your story telling… woah…” he’s stopped his suspicion when I use a mana scalpel on my fingers, which materializing even better than it should be…

Flabbergasted, he then questions many things to me. there’s several, no, hundreds of interrogations barraged towards me.

Well, the fact that I’ve studied interrogation from Ibiki sensei makes me able to counter interrogating him, and there’s also the information which being acquired by cold reading, I can see that he’s telling me some lies.

I can see that he’s lied to me, but, oh well…

“Let’s go home first! There’s several things need to be taken care of”


“Of course, you’re homeless here” he snickered.

“That’s kinda hurt you know?”


“We’ve done already?! Yay! Let’s go big bro!” Bulma suddenly yelled, and hopping while grabbing my hands.

Well, there’s nothing I can do to change her way to address me, and the story about Brief which being pummeled by his wife because bringing a ‘son’ is another story to tell.

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