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Home Stranded World Stranded World Chapter 47: Capsule corps’ owner

Stranded World Chapter 47: Capsule corps’ owner

There’s still an enigma for Hotaru.

The reason why did he called here… if there’s Flynn, he might know something, sadly Flynn isn’t here. Even his wellbeing is unknown, there’s higher chance that he’s already dead. More than enough chance than he’s still alive…

Heck, even Naruto and Sasuke had higher chance to live.

The fact that he’d dug a grave for his siblings in the orphanage makes his face sour, but, there’s still some chance that the couple of Flynn and Mother still alive, if he’s still in Nearth he can search them… but, looking at the condition he’s in, there’s no doubt that, it’s near impossible to do so.


What he knows in despair, in an unknown land is to learn.

The more you learn, the better the probability will become.

What’s near impossible, can be possible once you learn more about the place. Which is what he spent, at the end of the Nearth’s age.

“Well, it’s not like this is the end…”

For Hotaru, this is a new beginning. Just like the day when he arrived in the orphanage, he’s already old enough to think more.

“the more you learn, the vaster the world will be… right… gramps…” he murmured.



After spending the time with Brief and his family, Hotaru learnt more than he already did. About the world, the era, and the technology, especially.

Calling him smart is underwhelming, a monstrous genius, is all he can say.

From a normal way, he can imitate how fuinjutsu works. Although he call it capsule, Hotaru can say that it’s an even higher standards than the sealing scroll.

A sealing scroll can at most bringing an object, not a food. But a capsule can do both, it can even store a bigger thing!

A vehicle, and houses. Who’d dare to say Brief as smart, a monstrosity is what he can only call him as.

Not to mention his daughter bulma, which isn’t 5 yet at that time. She already understands plenty of things, so much that she alone teaches more than half of Hotaru’s knowledge by the time she’s 9 years old.

Even his oldest one, Tight already smart enough to had doctor degree… well, Bulma and Tight had a 13 years difference, so, by the time Bulma 15 years old, Tight’ already started to become a freelance journalist and sci-fi novel writer, because of some unknown experience she had when she’s 16, it’s the time Hotaru had yet to with them.

Hotaru and Tight aren’t really that close, since he barely met with her. They only know each other.

Though, both of them know each other existence and sometimes had a small conversation. They had yet to clicked well together.

“What kind of brain should I use to study these knowledges so well… damn it! Not even those jutsus are this hard to understand!”

Hotaru shouted in the Capsule corps’ library.

Although he can do plenty of things, it’s unknown why would he be stuck in the knowledge… not to mention the eyes of his isn’t working.

He can’t see the route to reach the future anymore, he don’t know the reason as of now. But, he definitely still had the skill as a ninja, as they’re rusty since he hasn’t use it since the last day before the age of emptiness.

“Well for someone that learn it DIY you really did better, if you want to, wanna try to learn in college?”

“nah, I’ll pass on that.”

Entering the college meant that he would gather around brats, which won’t hurt his pride but it definitely will make some inconsistencies with him… as he is ageless…

For 10 years, he had yet to grow older.

As scary as it may, the already 15 years old Bulma is almost older than him in looks, not to mention Brief which already hunching, well, let’s not say anything about panchy, since the last time Hotaru asked the question, he was beaten black and blue by the great black butted pan, panchy used to cook…

Woman’s secret in her age…

In addition, ever since Hotaru makes his ‘Special’ ramen, he’s forbidden to enter the kitchen. Though his normal ramens are their favorite dish, they can’t deny that ‘special ramen’ would kill them.

“Hey, Uncle Hotaru, make me some of that sweet ramen…” Bulma asked.

“Aish, you don’t know that panchy forbid me to make them anymore? Since some brat here didn’t brush her tooth and make plenty enough cavity to make her toothless?”

“… There’s the good medicine of yours that can heal my cavity after all! So it’s alright if I get one or two cavities!”

“You want to have a taste of a full month tootache? Better brush your teeth before I make you can’t brush it anymore” Hotaru said menacingly.

Hiding her mouth under her palm, Bulma face paled and back away while running away from Hotaru’s room, while screaming “Damn it uncle! Just you wait until I find the cure of all! I know my sweet tooth will be invincible!”

Chuckling, Hotaru continue to tinkering the device in front of him.



“Capsule corps make a new breakthrough!”

Which are the headlines of the story, another one of the inventions from the Capsule company. Which make it became the leading, heck, the number one company in earth. No one can deny its existence is vital to the world.

Even the famous group, red ribbon, unable to defy the order and jurisdiction of the company. A mistake and they’d be banned to use the capsule, which not even the famous scientist, dr. Gero can hack.

Even though the technology is already applied on the patent, the encryption which hid the most crucial device’s program deny their right to crack the device. Not to mention the price is so low that it can be said, even if they are able to hack the thing, you can’t make a profit at all.

The ribbon did create their own capsules, but, the fact that the thing is only had 10% of the corps’ capability and the cost is more expensive than the one being sold sadden them.

None of the earthling know, that the usage of Chakra imbued by Hotaru within that technology make it break the wall over and over again, since most of them only at the stage which touching the word of ki.

Ki, is something Hotaru learned in this world where martial arts is something more renown.

“I bet Guy-sensei and Lee would love to be here” he said as he reminisces the pair of teacher-student couple, while looking melancholic remembering tenten while he couldn’t care less about Neji.

As day passed, Hotaru didn’t grow older. Heck, even Bulma look like his older sister now, which make her mortified.

“I left on a journey – heck, your daughter sure is something… Brief” Hotaru said, while Brief facepalm.

12 year, is the time he spent along with this family.

He already thought of them as his own, they’ve been together even longer than Ichiraku after all, and the fact that Bulma is his teacher at the same time someone he took care of leaving a deep memory towards Hotaru.

He can even say that he care about Bulma more than he did with Ayane. Since he is her nanny.

“oh, well… you can leave her alone, she’s smart enough to take care of herself”

“No can do, I’ll look after her”

“Suit yourself, you need to bring phone though, so that when there’s an emergency we can call you, Head…”

7 years is all it took for Hotaru to stuck in the knowledge, and 5 more years? He took leaps and bound and became a head researcher, creating plenty of invention. Even astonish Brief with new knowledges he can’t understand even until know.

“Sure, Chakra concept can only be tinkered by me after all”

“Well, we already had another concept named ‘ki’ though it can’t be used as easy as chakra ones, that thing is too stern to be adapted in a technology concept…”

“…” Hotaru can’t say anything since he didn’t delve too much into martial arts, and the fact that he didn’t really close to Guy and Lee thinning his knowledge about Ki in and by itself.




But this place sure is odd.

I should have learned about this ‘Ki’ more, and the fact that I forgot even the fact that Guy-sensei can defeat Madara that immortalized by edo tensei.

Not to mention that Lee can make Gaara serious by his marital arts alone… sigh… I really didn’t observe my surrounding carefully eh…

“Crap, this, damn it! How can this place be this filthy!”

Oh, look at that brat, thinking that life is easy. She didn’t even bring provision with her… sigh…

“Oh, look at this suddenly appeared food… damn it, uncle! You better hide, or I’ll smack you! You think I’m that stupid to be deceived by these sleep drug induced food! You won’t be able to catch me!”

Look at her running, she can’t even see me. yet, she actually believes that she can run away from me using her own leg? It’s not that long since the capsule motor running out of gas… sigh… so, stupid…

This is why, she should at least life more like a nor… scratch that, no one normal in this world life like a ninja… sigh…

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