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Stranded World Chapter 48: Son Gohan


Weeks after running away from home, bringing the Dragon radar. Bulma already sick enough and able to use the survival knife Hotaru threw for her.

“Uncle! Give me the food! Food!”

She’s yelling like that several times already, but ignored by Hotaru. Instead, he threw her the survival knife, and bring her an already binded animal. Forcing her to slay the animal in order to survive.

“How cruel you are, uncle!”

Even though she said so, She’s still butcher the animal mercilessly and drain the blood like a pro after reading the book Hotaru threw her.

Several times she’s been doing so, and fully believe that Hotaru guard her. She didn’t even feel a slight of scaredness, and pompously hunt more than needed animal in euphoria. There’s a time Hotaru sighed and let her be chased around by tiger to let her know that over hunting is bad.

Still didn’t learn, he let her be chased by a T-rex like beast for days, only to be saved by a tailed child.

The child looked at her with curiosity, thinking that she’s a new animal.

“Are you a female monkey? Wait, but, grandpa never tell me that there’s a blue haired monkey, you’re too thin to be a gorilla, and too white to be a baboon…”

“Baboon?! Monkey! Damn it brat! You’re the damn monkey!” she said gritting her teeth, while Hotaru chuckling from the shades.



Looking at the brat with tails in his butt, I feel that this world really is filled with the unknown. There’s more than a species in this world, nad the words Tights said might be true.

“There’s aliens outside…” I said while having my eyes starry.

“What is it? Bulma”

“I don’t talk to you, Goku, Anyway when’d we arrived at your place? There’s the dragon ball there right?”

“Droagon? if it a ball there’s 2 in my crotch you see?”

“Argh… just led me to your place, the radar showing it on the direction we’re going”

Following him, I can understand why Uncle Hotaru always say to not rely on technology, however, I can still deny that, since a better technology can makes lives easier!

In the first place, what the heck did the government do? To abandon this place’s development, and let the place be forsaken…

Well, I know that this might be a preserved place where the flora and fauna are being left alone, so that it can preserve their natural environment.

But, to left it alone…

Oh, there’s a ranger… it’s just me after all, they still keep the place in a lookout, aside from the wasteland outside that is…

“Gramps!” Goku yelled while waving his hands.

“Oh my, where did you get this female monkey from goku? She had a nice bosom, and a blue… wait, is she a human girl?” said the elderly while squinting his eyes.

“Gawd… I do am a human! Elder, don’t think that this fist of justice will avoid hitting an elder!” I said, fuming.

“Ohahahah, pardon me, it’s rude for me… to think that a girl will be guarded by a hidden master in the shadow…

At this place, and at this location.

Never, would’ve I thought that, the future would be changed, and forever be…



“It’s been a while isn’t it, Hotaru-san…” Gohan said towards me, while gazing at the kids that played over the dragon ball, with 4 star within.

“Indeed, the alien has grown splendidly isn’t it?”

“I can only be thankful towards you, as the one who break that kid’s havoc is you…”

It’s happened years ago, Brief which befriended the old man, gave Hotaru an errand to visit his friend here. Which is, son Gohan.

Knowing that he’s in peril as soon as he arrived, Hotaru comes to the rescue and save him from a giant apes trampling. The world is vast, some of the thing that can rival Jinchuriki can be found here. The first thing he realized, though. The monster in front of him is weaker than the beast such like Kyuubi and Ichibi.

They can at best had the same power as the Frog Chief.

“Still, it’s an astonishment for a that beast be some brat like that. They really do make me feel nostalgic…”

“Hmm? You do know another person that have the same trait as Goku?”

“There’s a little bro of mine that have almost the same trait, though the beast inside him is strong it’s not something born out of him, but something given to him. A vessel to seal a monster, what is he…”

“How… scary is that, I wonder what kind of hometown you had, Hotaru-san…”

“Chuckle, it’s a nasty place I can say… but, it’s still a peaceful one…” Hotaru said longingly.

Bulma, that seen Hotaru looking melancholic suddenly silenced. Even though all this time, Hotaru hide from her, she already knows that he’s there. But, knowing that even that uncle of her have that kind of expression really make her feel some twinge in her chest.

Feeling her chest, Bulma murmured. “What is this pain I felt?…”

“What? I only feel the bounciness… you really are a girl huh… I mean, I don’t have that bounciness’ on my breast…”

Goku rubs Bulma’s chest and makes her fume, spinning her arms to hit the brat. And the brat senses the danger, running away from her.

“it took us 2 weeks to stop him wreaking a havoc and return back to normal isn’t it?”

“I… indeed, thanks to your wood jutsu? We can bring that form of his down…”

“Well, I’ve seen plenty of those monsters being tamed by that jutsu, but the first time I used them…”

Remembering the time lines he passed, the world seems so distant from him. It’s as if, the world s once again, being replayed in front of him…

His eyes ability is unusable for more than decades now, since the time he arrived in this world, there’s never been once the route being seen to him. However, the light of route suddenly appeared, when the radar and the balls close to each other…

The glowing and radiating route, which he never once seen in this decades…

Once again opened the path that he never thought off to thread again…