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Stranded World Chapter 38: Singularity

Sneeking a peak outside the window, he can feel the eeriness outside.

“The singularity point is here…”

Flynn muttered while looking serious, while Yugao hold the edge of his shirt while looking worried.

“Is outside really that dangerous”

“It is, the Sound and Sand village are attacking the village. There’s no way they’d be here but, just in case I already camouflage the manor. Go and hide with the kids inside the basement”


Following Flynn orders, Yugao led the children of the orphanage to enter the bunker in the basement, hidden with complex structure and fuinjutsu only Flynn knew.

The seal he used is different from the usual chakra method ninja often used, the method it’s based off is something which used line like an electric board inside a machine.

“I’d never thought the intensity of the attack is higher than the canon, I guess a bug like me and Izuna isn’t that rare huh…”

“Anyway, I need to think of what to do. Since it’s impossible to interfere with a singularity point, because it’d shuffle the time of event more and bring more catastrophic change, it’d be better to leave it be…”

“I guess there’s a need for me to go back to Nature world, and ask asylum to Izana until the promised time come huh…”

While saying many mysterious things, Flynn move to the basement and unsealed the fuinjutsu he used, at the last seal he’d unseal in order to hide the place.

“Mother, Flynn-san, are you inside?”

Hotaru entered the place, and flabbergasted at the complexity of the unknown fuinjutsu method he sees.

“Ow crap… I’m busted”

“Ah… u… um….”

“What is it, Hotaru? I know you come here to ask me for help, but I can’t help you”

“But why?! You’re stronger than the Hokage Flynn!”

“And where do you know about it?”

Can’t answering Flynn question, Hotaru’s face became ugly.

“A guess?”

“Oh dear, you need to think more before talking to an older man like me, Hotaru… I can see that you already know something you shouldn’t know. You’ve read a confidential document in Hokage’s office? But, that shouldn’t be possible unless you’re some extremely amazing ninja that can trespass the security inside the Hokage office. Since I know your capability, I bet you don’t”

What how can he know about it? Hotaru thought

“You’re too transparent my boy… look at you, you can’t hide your expression and you’re too honest with them”


“I don’t expect more of a brat that haven’t live longer than me…”

“Can I ask you the reason?”


Of course, Flynn know that Hotaru’s question meant that ‘why can’t you interfere and save the village? Even though you’re that strong’.

Flynn, however, staying silent, refusing to answer the question Hotaru ask.

“Anyway, if you want to hid, I can help you. Any more than that is something I’d refuse to do”

Hotaru stay silent, even now Konoha village is in dire need of help. In this time, he can’t think too much and say.

“I don’t know what you want to hide from, Flynn-san. But, the fact that even Akatsuki will come here later, and Gaara’s wreaking a havoc making the situation worsen… without you, the sound village will surely ‘pluck’ the sharingans…”

“Wait… where are you get that information from?”

Flynn stared, while looking shocked.

“Eh… I thought that ability is something Izana-san gave to me….”

“Izana only gave a trigger to awaken an ability, while the Hyuuga girl and Uchiha boy awaken their doujutsu, I think that you’re able to gain at least higher chakra repository and potential out of it…”


While thinking more into it, he already has the ability even before the gift Izana gave him. However, the effect of it, isn’t as clear as this time.

The experience he felt from the day he almost failed to enter his Genin team is vague, however it’s a fact that after that his skill in Ramen cookery increased by a lot, even astonished Teuchi.

Ramen making including the noodle creation isn’t something a kid can do. Not even if the kid has the muscle to do it, the same skill including the patience and tenacity used sometimes even higher than a ninja skill.

That’s why a chef is a hard job, where not everyone can do it.

“So that’s why…”

“What? You know something about that?”

Flynn fully believed what Hotaru said to him.

That’s why he felt that something is wrong.

“You’re not a Transmigrator, nor a Reincarnator. I can vouch on it however, I can feel the nostalgic feeling from you… what is it, what kind of ability you have?”

“It’s something called ‘Route reader’…”



While Hotaru ran towards Flynn’s place, the situation outside became more hectic, and chaos filled the village.

More and more of the villager killed in that day, by either the Sand or the Sound village ninja, but most of them happened inside the stadium. While the chaos happened outside is something created by the stupid thugs hired by the ninjas from the said village.

“Damn it, X we need to take care of these rats!”

“Surely do dog, leave none alive!”

The Anbu even need to get their hand inside, and acting in the shadow to lessen Jounin burden.

The riot inside the Stadium creating turmoil outside, thus the ninjas that still in the village had their hands full evacuating the citizen to the safe place.

The bunker inside the Great hokage wall.

The thing which further intensifying the turmoil is the fact that the plucking incident happened while evacuating.

“Damn it, these guys crazy!”

“Fucking sound ninjas, I hate them so much!”

The ninjas that plucking didn’t care who it is, as long as they’re someone from the Hyuuga or uchiha, and as long as the insignia behind their back, or the caged bird seal were seen in their forehead. Their eyes would be stolen from its sockets.

Grotesque indeed, many civilians throwing up at the brutal sight.

Some might be unlucky that they’d still be alive when being ‘plucked’, and their shout blood curling. Rising goosebumps on those that hear it, and some eerie laugh of insane ninjas from the sound village will soon follow.

Well, those ninjas won’t live long though.

The temperature will suddenly decrease, and the laughing ninja will be frozen not long after also followed with the frozen body being crushed under the blade.

“Be careful, Zabuza-sama! The eyes need to be frozen well the same for the eyes sockets of the patients also”

“Sure, sure, you can do those, I’d kill some pest along the way”

Zabuza and Haku which being home-jailed helping with the rescue of the victim of the ‘plucking’ incident.

“But, what can I say… these people are nuts”

Zabuza murmur.

“Can’t agree more”

“Well, Konoha will get some debt they need to pay after this. So, I don’t mind increasing their debts, HAHA!”




While some helping the rescue, more helping the evacuation.

“No! my lala still inside the house!”

“Aw, brat! Stay still, we need to evacuate fast!”

“No, Lala! Lala!”

While dealing with some raucous brat might not be something pleasing, each and every live they save within this evacuation is vital for Konoha.

The fact, that, the great village suddenly attacked is startling.

Something like this isn’t expected when the world is at peace.

The world is never actually in peace, as turbulence underground always happening. For now, the lid of the ground hiding those are cracked open.

This event will start another unavoidable war, and scar just like several years ago when the 9-tail was wreaking havoc in Konoha.

Victims fallen one by one, and the survivor will hate those invaders.

As the circle of revenge continues, the hatreds are cultivated.

In the canon, however, all of them were being centered in Kaguya war. While, at the same time, centered against the Zetsus.

The fact is, Flynn which already know about the fact trying to do the same thing.

He tries to straighten the line of fate, the fate where the hateful Jinchuriki Uzumaki Naruto became the adoration of many villagers.

A hero, that lead masses in the fight against Kaguya and the unknown entity which Kaguya fear.



“What’s the meaning of this, Kazekage” Danzo question the man in blue Kage hat, while pointing his blade at the person.

The man, however, keeping his silence.

Meanwhile, a ninja from root walking behind Danzo and reporting the situation outside.

“Dispatch all the roots member, and quell them. This is the time for root to make their appearance”

“As you wish, my lord”

Snicker, the Kazekage giggling at the statement.

“You… what are you trying to do… Orochimaru…” Hokage suddenly said

While Danzo glare deeper at it, and slash his blade towards the kazekage with bloodthirst.

“you’re still as perceptive as always Hiruzen-sensei…” said Orochimaru while undid the kazekage hat he wore “why did you slash at your former allies, Danzo-san”

“Cut the crap, what have you done? How dare you attacking Konoha”

“Why, I’m only here to gather some material for my research of course”

“You… still thinking to attack the Uchiha?”

“And you don’t want the eyes anymore? Danzo” at Orochimaru’s words, Danzo held the left eyes of his.

“Bastard! You blasphemous student!” Sarutobi rage, and call his trusted summon



“I’ve come Hiruzen! What do you need me for?” The monkey king, Enma appeared within the smoke of summoning jutsu.

With Konoha headband in his forehead, white fur, and long hair like Jiraiya he stood behind the Hokage.

Without a doubt Orochimaru is a big fish, an enemy hard to deal with. Although he’s not as crazy as Kaguya, well leaving aside Kaguya, he’s not even as scary as resurrected leader of the enemy village.

However, that’s not something which can be used as a comparison.

Orochimaru excels in scientific progress, where as he develops and control his creation.

At the same time, he’s an intelligent ninja that can use myriad of jutsu.

Although he’s not stronger than Tsunade he’s more dangerous, while Jiraiya is stronger Orochimaru is more lethal.

The title Sannin that Sarutobi’s received from ninja war is something earned from the trio’s cooperation, the fact that the 3 of them can battle against the famous Hanzo is something Sarutobi’s proud of, heck he even went to root’s base only to brag about it to Danzo.

“See, your bragging made your student had his legs over your head… this is why I always said that you’re a bad leader…”

“You say that now?! I know that you have an alliance with him for who knows how long already… damn it, you, old fogey…”

Spectating the bickering old man, the first thing Orochimaru felt is shock.

He never knew that 3rd have a relationship this good towards Danzo, since the time he taught the Sannin, Sarutobi and Danzo always hate each other, stabbing one another in the back even.

While the old man duo encountering Orochimaru, in another part of Konoha…


“Damn it! Since when did a captive helping out an evacuation of the villages he’s captivated in!”

Zabuza moaned

“Haha…” Haku can only laugh awkwardly.

“It’s not mannnly, for a gentleman to grumbling while doing his work!” the man with a big head and small body said, while throwing a bottle after another to the attacking ninja.

“Who’s this weirdo’s Haku?” Zabuza ask while slashing towards the approaching ninjas.

Swish, swish.

“he’s Ichiya-san from the neighboring perfume shop, beside Ichiraku, Zabuza-sama”

“Crap, that store where Teuchi said we can’t approach it?”

“Indeed… he’s someone that corrupting Hotaru… it seems…”

“That’s not mannnly, gossiping about someone beside you *throw*”

“Damn it, big head, what’s this perfume! Its stink!”

The perfume evaporated and blanketing Zabuza, Haku, and Ichiya.

The vapor surrounding them soon vanished along with them, the attacking ninja confused by the vanishing enemy and wander around while throwing their projectiles around the area.

“What is… this?”

Even though they’re still in the same place, the kunai’ and Shuriken thrown were heading slightly off course, and the enemy seems unable saw them. As if, they’re being invisible.

“Perfume art, Misdirection mist… you… are you the missing nin, Ichiya… no, you’re the SS Grade missing nin, Lord of Scent…” Zabuza astonished by the sudden enlightenment.

“I’m not anymore, in this place I’m your kind and mannnnly, neighborhood perfume shop owner!”

“What the heck is wrong in this village… Am I safe here?”

Zabuza Complained, while moving along with Haku and Ichiya towards another location.