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Revision | Lonelyheart RAW novel


Kim Un-hee’s delicate love report on love and marriageLove, innocence, fantasy, romance……. And marriage. Like a combination of words that seemed to never be united, Gun-il and Si-eun became a couple. The artist speaks of the harsh reality with a cold gaze within the framework of the archetypal romance of contract marriage. Is marriage the…

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Stranded World Chapter 37: Scrapped

The room was dim, and the scenery seems to be filled with passion.

It’s their night of love and passion, for the young ninja couple that falling in love and fluttering in the battlefield killing the enemies.

In the dark and dimly lit room, there’s a bed and a couple sat atop.

“to have marriage in the midst of war, really feels weird”

“Is that so? For me, it’s normal, as you don’t know if you can be alive tomorrow or not… so, it’s better to die without regret”

“Yes… husband”


The man and woman sat atop the bed, while looking at each other’s eyes in happiness, and some fiery lust hid within their body.

“fufufu, say it again… husband”

“my dear wife, wife, wife, wife, wife”

“… husband”


“Ah… how I wish to have this moment stay forever”

“No can do, I want to be called dad soon, after all right, mother?”

Blushing deeply, Tenten know what Hotaru meant by the word.

In short, he wanted to have a child of their own.

Have a s*x that is.

Their face draws on, and desire filled their expression.

After years of war, and time spent in the battlefield. They all had done enough, and now is their time to rest. At least, for tonight, Hotaru want to spent the night exclusively for the woman that always stand before him.

Waiting patiently for him, and search for him years in this dreamscape of Infinite Tsukuyomi.



Their lips unite, and slowly their tongues invaded others’ mouth alternately.

Zeal filled their gaze, as their lips break apart and thread of saliva connecting their lips.

What happen after is NSFW.

After their round of passion that spent hour until it ended. Hotaru and Tenten exhaustedly stare at the ceiling and grab each other’s palm, they then cuddling in the bed and fall asleep.

“It’s been years already… right?”

“Indeed, Hotaru… it’s been a long time…”

“No, Wifey, it’s not Hotaru anymore”

Giving him a slightly embarrassed smile, with a whisper Tenten said “Hus… husband…”

“Can you repeat it for me, oh dear wifey”

“Don’t tease me, husband…”

“Of course, it’d be some time until this husband of yours became daddy, and wifey became mommy”

With a deep blush, Tenten could only nod and hide her face in Hotaru’s chest.

Answering her, Hotaru only hug her head while patting her head with a smug smile in his face.

After years inside the illusion, at last Tenten can see her ideal dream, where she and Hotaru can marry each other, and in each other embrace.

It’s a dream come true for her, if the war between Zetsus and ninja could end, then it’d be the best possible outcome she can expected.

For her, the real world without Hotaru in it, those years she spent without him in the real world felt like hell.

Regret washing her, and sadness filled her.

Even her father felt the agony of losing his future son in law, and best disciple he had, while occasionally waste his time in Teuchi’s place.

The place that should be his in laws.

Akatsuki attack that took him from her, and the other greatly scarred Konoha, not only by the time in the Chunin Exam where hundreds die, even the fact where many can’t be resurrected already change the revengeful hatred towards Akatsuki make them hate the opposition ninjas more than necessary.

The news that Hotaru’s being resurrected by Edo Tensei is like a beacon of hope for her, as the only wish she had was to meet with him.

However, until the end…

She never once met with him…

In the end, she’s enveloped by the infinite Tsukuyomi, and live her ninja lives again without him being there.

However, it’s not really that bad, since this way…

She can marry him, and have him as her husband.

Even if it was only an illusion, she doesn’t want this dream to end…


After years of their battle against the Zetsu, she and Hotaru isn’t able to get offspring, while she’s depressed by the fact, Hotaru comfort her by saying there’d be time when they have a child.

Well, that only make Tenten wilder in their night thought.

After years of their bout against the Zetsus, Kaguya, at last come out…

While seeing so, Hotaru’s expression became unsightly for a moment and then sighing, while hugging Tenten and kiss her in the forehead.

“The 5 Nation’s ninja, and Daimyos will start their assault in the morning. The sunrise will be our starting signal…”

Leaving his hand from Tenten, and looking at the map in front of him.

“Tomorrow will be our last battle, this enemy should be our last boss! Defeat or Win, it shall be determined by our battle tomorrow! That’s why… Ten…”

Stopping his words at the end, he shut his mouth and looking at Tenten sadly…

“Please remember, no matter what… I’d always love you”

Hotaru said while having his palm on Tenten’s cheek.

“Of course, so do I… husband”

Tenten said while giving Hotaru kiss on the lips.




“OOy! Hotaru! Wake up -zo!”

I hear a voice called me, when I open my eyes, I see Hiura there shaking me while looking at me in concern.

“Oh, thank god -zo, we need to wake Erika and the other up, get yourself together already, Hotaru” He said while whispering to me, and pointing at Erika and the others.

“Tell me the situation, Hiura”

“It’s the chunin exam stadium, the battle between Gaara and Sasuke stopped, and many unconscious -zo”

I feels like I’m forgetting something…

I can’t remember it, but, the crisis is something I need to take care of first.

Rather than wondering about some unknown thing, I need to help Hiura waking others up from the Genjutsu first…

However, I stop Hiura from getting away from me.

“What is it? -zo”

I grab his arm.

Then, a surge of memory come little by little like a piece of puzzle completed, little by little.


“no, nothing…”

Thinking more about what to do, it’s easier to make Hiura help Teuchi and Ayame outside.

However, even until now, I didn’t know whether this ability called ‘Route reader’ were the truth or not, it’s possible that the memory of his can help me more.

“Well, let’s wake up the jounin first. You do know how to do that Hiura?”

“Of course -zo”

After the last attack he did to Kaguya, there’s nothing else happen aside from darkness.

As if, I am being cut from seeing the future development, all I can say that.

I am confused.

[you are me, as I am you] [we might share the same past, but we share not the same future] [my path end here, but for you… me, you have the Route reader ability that can let you see the failure you’d do in the future, and warn you about it] [no, it’s not just warned you, but letting you experience the time till the last day we die] [that’s why, choose the right choice] [do not fall into the wrong track, and choices…] [I pray for your success…] [Myself, that had yet to choose the wrong path]

His sound reverberated at the end, when the puzzle solved, and my memory from that time gathered.

My ability increased, I became more adept in controlling my chakra, and feel the usage of it.

It’s amazing.

Even so, I can also feel that my sense of self being quenched.

It’s faded away.

However, as I move my body and feel the existence of myself while running around solving the Genjutsu inflicted towards the Jounin and Genin along with the Chunin surrounding me, I can feel them again.

The sense of self, that fade coming back.

While my small amount of chakra makes it impossible to use too many of Genjutsu release.

“Thanks Hotaru, you can get some rest. We’ll take care of the other, you can go and help with the evacuation after”

Nodding at the Jounin words, I take some breathe and think more about the development.

Months after the tragedy of Chunin Exam, there’s many investigations that deployed here and there.

Not only have I read all of the report, I even create the chronology of what happened systematically along with Danzo-sama and root’s special ops.

All of the plan Orochimaru played from the start of the Chunin Exam, no, it might be longer but the Sand also being deceived by the fact that their leader already changed to Orochimaru.

Killing the Kazekage, he blatantly using the identity after failing in the 1st stage of the exam, while so he used the position to sneak attack 3rd.

Lucky for the 3rd that Danzo always being wary of the Kazekage, and when the Kazekage attack he can counter the attack beautifully.

At the same time, found out that the attacker isn’t the Kazekage but Orochimaru.

Not all Uchiha had the eyes, furthermore what Orochimaru want to research of isn’t the Uchiha’s Sharingan but the Doujutsu itself.

Using the commotion, he tasked his sound ninja to hunt for the eye user.

So, the plucking tragedy commenced.

And, the first place the incident started would be the residence area.

Standing up, and controlling my breathing, my chakra reserve already filled to the brim.

You can say that having a small reserve of chakra can also be an advantage since my chakra regeneration is faster.

“Let’s start by visiting the orphanage”

I said and shunshin’d out of the stadium.